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January 30th 2008
Published: January 30th 2008
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so the day began rather interesting, kids singing, no power, no water....and a pig being slaughtered! we had hot dogs with lunch? i hope it wasnt that piggy..lol power and water came back on after a little while.
after breakfast Me and Ali got to hang out with 12 kids till lunch..just 4 of them at time there between 2 and 5 yers old and then we whent down to the main house for lunch the food isnt that bad. and then we had one babie each at time for just over an hour we sat with them out on the balcony under the warm sun!.. i got a nice burn because one my twins decided to have a nap so i napped too and woke with a burn!..lol
a few of us volunteers and a baybie each whent for a little walk the people around here are really nice, we got some snacks from a little market thingy, the view is so beautiful when its really clear if you look down the valley you can see the ocean faraway!
we got to meet all are children today except for one little baybie who is quite sick 😞 hopefully she will be better tomorw. one little boy past away this morning when we arrived yesturday he was on iv and everything but was up all night really sick they found he had namonia and a few other things so when we came down for lunch the workers there were all a little upset, and then later in the day another boy got sick he has aids and has had a bad fever all day so he was jsut snuggling up with one of the volunteers. Everything else is pretty good here..
i have not scene one bug at all!! well actually i think there was a mouth or fly in the house erlier but thats it no mosquitos or roaches!!! yay!..lol
some of the workers were talking about possibly going up to the property this weekend for a fire where the new orphanage is being built , apparantly the construction crew they have building the walls are very good but very slow!!..lol
After being with the little kids inteh toddler house adn given a translation book ive picked up a few creole and some french is coming back to me..lol i get alison to do most of the talking..hehe

anyways i better get going were hangen out watching a movie...again! i think that will be a nightly ritual..lol peter pan is tomrow..lol

ok bye for now

lots of love



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