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February 3rd 2008
Published: February 3rd 2008
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alrighty so fri alison was feeling a bit ill still so i only took a couple kids in the toddler house. and man was that interesting they were kinda hyped up and one of my girls denise was pciking on her brother 😞.
after that i whent down to the main house and hung out with some of my babies. my twin boys are hilarious i think they jsut figured out they look alike cause they will stare at eachother for a bit then jsut crack up laughing its really cute!!, for the lsat hour of the work day on fridays we clean up the balcony and every single toy gets wiped down!! but it actaully only took like 20 mins cause there was so many of supper was hot dogs!! and french fries!!! .

Fri after supper a few of us whent to the grocery store in petionville and got some snacks...i got some sheetos i was so pumped! but tere diff here there not even cheesey!! i was so disapointed! lol

Today Saterday. i woke up really sick and then found out we were gonnabe going into petionville to a resort to swim! so i sucked it up and whent cause that will be the only time we go swimming probably. we ate luncha t the resort their..but seeing as im sick i only had ice was soo then we whent for a swim, layed under the sun for a while, then i was sick again 😞 not fun!!. but we came back to our house i slept for a couple hours and weve been wachting movies ever thrid one of the day! lol there was no supper tonight..well unless we had goen down to the main house and if i wasnt sick i would ahvebecause they had brownies and a bunch of good stuff!!! and i missed out 😞 lol

Not sure of what plans are tomrow hopefully i can sleep in and get some rest.
ohya so the windows here are just open with some plastic curtains thigns you can flip closed to keep sun out but ya the kids are up at like 630 outside singing and playing ..its like trying to sleep in the middle of a playground!! lol


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