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I leave rising from the plains burning dry heat a landscaped apron of mango trees stretched drum tight under smoking volcano Fuego his sister Agua their brother Acatenango west wind raising a loose horsetail of pumice dust from Acatenango’s flank rust colored against turquoise the gouged once molten rivered mountainside is etched deep trampled glowing red they lied when they told us who is buried here was it 200 hundred no senor it was certainly 2000 mas mas they lie to us here but we know who did not come home that night never came home that morning the truth is washed away when they spray the cobbled streets with precious water while people here are waterless the cane fields burn behind me the armless man waits and I shake his stump and say good morning ... read more
Woman and yellow wall
garage door and red wall
Man walking between colors

She spills the black tea leaves dry and mounded on the battered metal scale the canella and the ambered incense the brown bark wrapped in burlap and the chilied nuts and the manzanilla flowers where eternal sons of leathered mothers pull handcarts loaded groaning under mountains of yuccas to be laid displayed atop complicated vibrant weavings abuela woven dyed deep soaked remolacha red and dried beneath volcanoes history deep a blink a breath a beat a step a whisper the tap of a finger the tender swipe of a baby’s brow to settle her while you make pyramids from shining red tomatoes and braid garlic for your brother who then slings them over his shoulder walks off yelling gravelly voiced ajo ajo ajo ajo mira momnita then you chop tops off the purple yucca expose the ... read more
Garlic seller
Arriving at the Market
Old market entrance

Antigua is quite close to Lake Atitlan. To arrive to Antigua isn’t easy though but we tried to take the easiest way; a small travel package: boat to Panadol and a shuttle mini bus to Antigua. We had to cross the mountains, there I experienced some of the most uphill maybe at 25% incline and crazy ‘tornanti’, sharp elbow curves. The first 50 km the driver just used the first two gear. A big lorry carrying new cheap pieces of furniture crashed into the side of the road and turned over on its side blocking both ways of transit. We lost another hour of sun and we gain 1 hour to our transport time to Antigua. On Airbnb we had found a room in a house, reasonable price, photos looked good, just good reviews. We got ... read more
Marco’s chaise longue
Making PASTA!
Walking sticks from the kids for the volcano trek

Arrived to Panadol (Panachel) we followed Claudio, he went already different time to Lake Atitlan and he knows where the boats depart for San Marco la Laguna. He’s going as well. 25 Quetzals to go on the other side of the lake, we had to get used to the new currency. 11 Queztal are 1 Pound, more less. 35min boat ride on a calm water to arrive to a little wooden pier where at night the water it looked to us similar to cement screed. There were guys ready to offer us tuk tuk type of transportation, they call it taxi, we skip that and continue following Claudio, he said that his hostel it’s just near our one. Literally 5 mins later walking Claudio indicate with his index finger a wooden gate, that’s your hostel. Daria, ... read more
Lake’s favourite transportation
Drums ceremony
Ready for the workshop

As a kid we often drove from France into Italy, Spain and even the UK, so since a young age I have had an affinity with border crossings. Being half Russian, half Italian also feeds this interest for borders, cultures and heritage. Having never crossed a border by land in Latin America, I was especially excited by the long and bumpy journey that lay ahead of us as we left my beloved Mexico for pastures new. I’d never been to Guatemala either and I was excited to see what lay across the border line. We boarded the mini van at 7am and spent the next hour picking up the other passengers at their hotels. On board was Claudio; an Argentinian who had done this journey many times and who we then hung out with and cooked ... read more
Luxury travel
Guatemala Guat’s up!

Hola chicos Nogle fede dage i Flores og Peten er overstået Peten er lig Maya civilisationen. Det var her det hele startede, her de største og vigtigste templer ligger - der ligger mange Maya templer og ruiner i Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua osv. Men det startede i Peten ca 5000 fkr og havde deres storhedstid til ca 1200 ekf da kristendommen for alvor tog over. Men hvad skete der så med dem? Såmænd ikke noget, mayaerne trives stadig i Guatemala og en stor del af befolkningen er Maya. Når man lærer ansigtstrækkene at kende, ser man tydelig forskel. De er lavere har lidt skæve øjne og høje kindben. Central Americas kinesere kan vi kalde dem ;) Vi besluttede at lave en plan der hed: se nogle små mayaruiner, derefter noget stort - Tikal, og slut af med ... read more
Streetfood når det er bedst. 4 tacos med masser dyppelse.
Hytten ved floden i Waka El Peru
Nydelige omgivelser

Hola gringos! Efter en sløv start har vi nu fået lidt af Guatemala under huden! Vi startede med at være et par dage i Antigua, den gamle kulturelle hovedstad. En fin, by med farverige bygninger der bærer præg af tiden fra de spanske "Conquistadores". Godt jetlagget, skulle de første dage bruges på at få hovedet med herover så der blev slappet lidt ved poolen, slendret rundt og bare suge folkene og stedet ind. Antigua ligger på vestkysten, i et vulkanfyldt område, samme kæde der starter Andesbjergene længere sydpå. Jeg har set billeder fra nogen af vulkanerne hvor man kan komme op og se "floder" af rød lava - det lyder jo ret spændende, så der måtte vi op. Tidligt afsted om morgen - og endelig med fødderne i støvlerne - gik turen op af på vulkanen ... read more
"Guams" flag på tagtoppe i Antigua
Mange spisesteder og butikker ligger i fine baggårde
Udsigten på hotellet

Central America Caribbean » Guatemala September 17th 2019

Meine weitere Reise führte mich schließlich über Honduras nach El Salvador. Hier musste ich zweimal die Grenze überqueren, was wieder völlig problem- und diesmal auch kostenlos funktionierte. Grenzüberquerungen werden langsam zur Normalität für mich. Von El Salvador habe ich leider nur den Surferort El Tunco gesehen, da ich mich dort wirklich nur einige Tage aufgehalten habe. Es ist ein lebendiges Surfer-Örtchen, welches sich gut für ein paar Tage Zwischenstopp eignet. Für Schwimmer oder Sonnenanbeter ist es aufgrund der starken Strömung, der großen Wellen und des steilen, steinigen Strandes allerdings nicht so sehr geeignet. Für mich sollte es sowie bald weiter nach Guatemala gehen, wo ich dann auch wenige Tage später in Antigua ankam. Antigua hat mich von Anfang an überzeugt. Es ist eine wunderschöne, koloniale Altstadt, welche schon seit den 70er Jahren zum UNES... read more

Lonely Planet's introduction to Guatemala states: "Travel here - once fraught with danger and discomfort - is now characterized by ease; you can do pretty much whatever you want, and your experience will only be limited by your imagination and time". To which Ali chirped up "and your wallet" because shock/horror Guatemala is not quite the economico destination it once was... This initiated a novel thought: could I possibly write a blog without my incessant carping about costs; could I pen something without my wearying unwearying usage of "prices", "expensive", "cheap", "budget", etc..? I am going to try... However, with repetitious limited vocabularies in mind, I conceived this playful sentence that incorporates all twenty of the obvious individual's most commonly employed words/phrases (they being in capitals)... I, your DANGEROUSly STUPID, WEAK LOSER of a POLITICALLY INCORRECT, ... read more
San Marcus
Semuc Champay from the mirador
Ladies in procession

Central America Caribbean » Guatemala January 14th 2019

Yesterday was really our last day in Guatemala, spending most of it exploring and learning about Tikal. Our excellent guide, Ivania, has led us through five days here in Guatemala, visiting the top three places tourists generally go: Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and, finally for us, Tikal. Having only five days in this country we didn't have enough time in Antigua, as our whole little group of six on this OAT pretrip all chose to spend one of the two days scheduled for Antigua travelling to and playing on and near Lake Atitlan. But all three main tourist spots are gorgeous places, very much worth visiting. In this short time I have enjoyed Guatemala very much! We are an interesting group, two couples and two solo travellers. I am one of the singles, and Yasmin is the ... read more

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