Preparing for Guatemala

Published: June 6th 2006
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the desks are oldthe desks are oldthe desks are old

The desks are in the school near the junkyard.
Noblesse oblige = we're going on a mission trip to Guatemala. We're going on this mission trip, because we're good Presbyterians, and it's our obligation to be honorable and generous. Don't you love an obligation that gets you excited, and energized?

We support the Utatlan Christian School and the Chulumal School in the Quiche Department near Santa Cruz in the Guatemalan highlands. We have a work project in a school in Guatemala City, Francisco Coll, located near a city dump. The desks in the school need to be sanded and painted. Apparently, many or most of the parents work at picking trash for recycling or selling. This trip will be rewarding and spiritually satisfying. Our work is really needed. We won't be superfluous. I'm attaching some of the pictures of the desks and students.

I'm from Atlanta, GA, but the majority of the group are from Royersford, PA, north of Philadelphia. My sister goes to the Presbyterian church sponsoring the trip. When I told her I was retiring, she emailed me, inviting me to join the group. I'll be flying to Phila. early to meet everyone; then I'll stay for a week after we return to help with summarizing
lots of children and deskslots of children and deskslots of children and desks

The desks are in the school near the junkyard.
the trip and the work we did. This is called a mission trip. Although I'm active in my congregation; I'm an elder; I haven't participated in a program like this before. My blog will include references to the Bible and other spiritual and some religious material; but I'm not going to evangelize. We not only help others (noblesse oblige) with mission trips, but we grow and expand our own faith during the journey.

This is going to be a wonderful trip. I'm definitely taking some old clothes for the painting jobs. That's all for tonight.

Additional photos below
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his desk is in bad shapehis desk is in bad shape
his desk is in bad shape

His desk is in bad shape.

6th June 2006

checking out the blog
Susie, I'm glad you're blogging. I'm really interested in the full trip. Can you add music to the site? Cheers.
9th June 2006

Have Fun!
Hi Susan, I hope you enjoy your mission trip to Guatemala. We will miss you here in Atlanta. See you on July 28th. Sekayi
11th June 2006

This is wonderful!
An excellent "retirement" -- Jimmy Carter style. Thanks for what you're doing, Susan. Have a great trip. I look forward to your updates. -- bw
11th June 2006

Hey, GoodSue! Looks good! Sounds interesting! Have a great trip and do the good work!

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