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Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » Juayúa January 21st 2018

Unfortunately, our hostel is at the very edge of town, like we overlook nothingness on one side and the last property on the street on the other side. Unfortunately, unfortunately the town also doesn't seem that great, safety wise. Our long walk here was through the market and then past corner shops that serve through the metal door and houses covered with fences and barbwire on the rooftops, not exactly giving us the feeling that we were in the right spot. Too late now. Oh, and its up a big hill, probably not that bad but we both still have Acatenango muscles so its quite the bitch. Despite only being two hostels in town and it being the weekend (when the famous food festival is on) there was only one other person in the hostel. We ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » Juayúa January 10th 2017

Our next stop was Juayua (confusingly pronounced why-oo-a). This is the first town along the route of flowers, and is famous for its gastronomical market every weekend. Juayua is also famous for its nearby waterfalls. As soon as we got in to town we headed out to the waterfalls. We were told that we need a guide here as there have been a few robberies lately, but as there were 5 of us we instead opted to not take any valuables and risk it! The waterfalls were beautiful, and the only locals there were very friendly. The next day we headed to the famous culinary market. This was rather disappointing! We were expecting a range of foods to try, but instead there are just stalls selling fairly large plates for $6 each. Quite pricy when you ... read more
View from the Ferris wheel
On the Ferris wheel

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » Juayúa October 14th 2015

Arriving in Juayua at about 5pm, in torrential rain (bringing the number of times rain has been annoying to the grand total of 2!) we made our way to Casa Mazeta to check in, and I instantly hopped into the shower to get the remaining gravel out of my arm. After ending biking on a high, nothing hurt too bad, but bruising is out in force now, a couple of days later - I think I might be pretty stiff and achy for a few days. The cuts and grazes on my arm are now joined by an impressive rainbow of bruising all over one leg and shoulder, but still - maybe it will be a fun conversation starter! It turns out that maybe Juayua might have been a better first stop, as at the weekend ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » Juayúa February 17th 2015

It was time to leave Guatemala and head over to El Salvador. Many travellers skip over El Salvador and Honduras and jump straight to Nicaragua, however there is a lot of beauty and kindness in El Salvador. I didn't want to take a chicken bus so I booked a minibus to Guatemala City and then a proper pimped out bus to San Salvador the capital. I had no intention of going to San Salvador as I'm not a fan of cities and you don't get to see the beauty of a place staying in capital cities ... however it was easier to take this route and hop off early than to try getting across on multiple local buses and be stranded somewhere random (which would be a great adventure, yet I was unfortunately running out of ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » Juayúa February 7th 2014

We had a few options for crossing into El Salvador from Guatemala but most involved returning to Antigua and were subsequently more expensive. The cheap option was to do what the locals do and take a lancha through the Mangroves to Avellana. We opted for this, it was cheaper and somewhat more comfortable than the tourist shuttle we could have taken from Antigua. At Avellana we were met by a local bus which took us halfway to Taxisco where we changed buses, we eventually arrived at the border after about two hours or so of travelling. The boat journey was fine and quite picturesque although at that time of the day there was little shelter from the sun. The buses on the other hand were quite another story. The local buses throughout Central America are affectionately ... read more
Feria gastronomica
A local football match
Chameleon love

"When I went to San Salvador, it was so pretty. We went to the ruins and it was really big. At the first one, I chased my brother. It was hard to run in the grass.We went through a museum and it was pretty. The second ruins we climbed up steep steps. At the food place, I had some awesome steak, that was not really chewy but really good. And some good rice. We were at the painting place that had a little road, it was funny when I looked like I was on the road. It was really pretty." - Sofia This trip was crazy. It was Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend and after daddy talked to his friend, Sean, on what to do, one thing led to another and daddy decided to get the ... read more
"I am part of the painting"
Me and Vitor at Tazumal

Juayua Thursday 26th August Juayua is a small town in the coffee growing area in the hills of Northern El Salvador. It's a single bus ride from Santa Ana that shouldn't take too long. But, as is becoming the pattern for this trip, we have transport problems as the pick-up taking us the short distance from our hotel to the bus station gets stuck on top of a speed hump! The longest part of the bus ride from Santa Ana to Juayua is actually the start of the journey as the bus tries to negotiate its way through the obstacle course that is Santa Ana market while belching thick black diesel fumes over any fresh produce for sale and we are raided by boarding parties of market traders. I've previously described the joys of shopping on ... read more
Traditional Weaving Skills And Equipment
Ataco Coffee Mill
Our Room At Hotel Juayua

Hola again from Juayua! Its been an exciting few days for me. I´ve seen lots of new things and had all sorts of new experiences. We walked with a guide, Duglas, through coffee plantations to Los Chorros de la Callera - local swimming pools that are actually part of a hydroelectric power operation. There were a number of waterfalls and beautiful cool water in the pools. Keith was very keen to swim through the tunnels in the water, but we weren´t totally sure he would come out in the next one! We all had a lovely swim and Duglas showed us all sorts of things along the way, including some toxic fruit and ants to run past. We saw lots of different coloured butterflies and of course Tessa attempted to take lots of photos of them. ... read more
Feria gastronomica
Hmmm, what are those?
A fellow reptile amigo

Hola, Gorf here again, this time from Juayua, El Salvador! It was a bit of a drawn out trip to get here, which might be a drag if you were in a hurry, but we´re not! We were able to meet some interesting people and watch life go by here. The plan was to catch a public bus from El Zonte, hoping for one of the two daily that would take us almost all the way to our destination. Great plan, but didn´t quite fit with the way the buses really run here. While we waited for the bus we watched some local guys playing a game called ´dama´. Like draughts, but their setup was using a board painted on a concrete table on the side of the road, with beer bottle tops for counters. One ... read more
Locals playing dama
An old peoples home

After spending two weeks in Guatemala we had limited time left to explore the rest of Central America, and with a little help from the Lonely Planet, we decided to skip Honduras and go through the much smaller El Salvador instead. As always, the journey across the border proved to be more interesting, and less peaceful, than we had expected. Things got off to a bad start when the minibus that was to collect us from our host family in Antigua turned up half an hour late with an angry driver who claimed I had given him the wrong address. Said minibus proceeded to break down about 20 minutes into the journey, thus making our faux pas irrelevant as we waited on the side of the Guatemalan motorway for another bus to come and pick us ... read more

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