Juayua, El Salvador

Published: June 28th 2010
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Los Chorros de la CalleraLos Chorros de la CalleraLos Chorros de la Callera

Keith in heaven again
Hola again from Juayua! Its been an exciting few days for me. I´ve seen lots of new things and had all sorts of new experiences.

We walked with a guide, Duglas, through coffee plantations to Los Chorros de la Callera - local swimming pools that are actually part of a hydroelectric power operation. There were a number of waterfalls and beautiful cool water in the pools. Keith was very keen to swim through the tunnels in the water, but we weren´t totally sure he would come out in the next one!

We all had a lovely swim and Duglas showed us all sorts of things along the way, including some toxic fruit and ants to run past.

We saw lots of different coloured butterflies and of course Tessa attempted to take lots of photos of them. She seems to have lots of photos of soil and leaves instead, which I really like, but she doesn´t seem so keen on them.

Then, of course, what we´ve all been waiting for... Juayua´s famous weekend feria gastronomica!

Its a big deal. The buses get pushed out about 3 blocks from the square and the streets all around us and
Feria gastronomicaFeria gastronomicaFeria gastronomica

Heaps of food stalls
the Parque Central get closed to traffic and heaps of tents are erected for the variety of stalls. They sell all sorts of things from shoes and y-fronts to jewellery and local crafts.

And then there´s the food. So many choices. Seafood, chinese food, lots of different meats (some I couldn´t quite identify), served with various combinations of tortillas, casamiento (beans mixed with rice), salsas, pinchos (kebabs), ensaladas... And the desserts - all sorts of yummy cakes and sweets.

It seems really well organised, like the local council is well behind it. All the food stall chefs have matching chef´s outfits and there are plenty of general helpful staff around (in matching t-shirts) clearing tables, taking drinks orders, gently encouraging people selling goods to move away if they loiter for too long. It all seems very efficient and again the people have been lovely!

And I met some lovely animals too. A boa constrictor snake who was very friendly, and another creature I couldn´t work out. Nice bright colours, but looked like a caterpillar that had spent far too many weekends at the faria gastronomica!

I also met some friendly women who were having an embroidery
Hmmm, what are those?Hmmm, what are those?Hmmm, what are those?

The shape looks familiar
gathering. More bright colours and welcoming (if a little bemused) faces!

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A fellow reptile amigoA fellow reptile amigo
A fellow reptile amigo

She´s a boa constrictor
Do frogs eat those?Do frogs eat those?
Do frogs eat those?

And what exactly is it?
Embroidery ninasEmbroidery ninas
Embroidery ninas

More new amigos

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