Days 33-34, Juayua

Published: October 15th 2015
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Arriving in Juayua at about 5pm, in torrential rain (bringing the number of times rain has been annoying to the grand total of 2!) we made our way to Casa Mazeta to check in, and I instantly hopped into the shower to get the remaining gravel out of my arm.

After ending biking on a high, nothing hurt too bad, but bruising is out in force now, a couple of days later - I think I might be pretty stiff and achy for a few days. The cuts and grazes on my arm are now joined by an impressive rainbow of bruising all over one leg and shoulder, but still - maybe it will be a fun conversation starter!

It turns out that maybe Juayua might have been a better first stop, as at the weekend there is a food festival, but it is still a beautiful town, flowers everywhere, and a cash point that let's you withdraw more than $35 - which had been a bit tricky before.

We had a relaxed first evening, strolling around the town and buying some street food before a film and a pretty early night.

Yesterday we had a chilled morning (did I mention everything hurts?) before heading to Los Chorros in the afternooon. It's a local waterfall also used to generate power, and is very pretty!

Finally this morning we had a chocolate smoothie before catching our buses to our next location by the ocean - El Tunco!

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15th October 2015

Lovely pics Kirsty. Looks beautiful x

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