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Unlike our previous trips, the Dominican Republic didn't offer much in the way of sight-seeing. While we were able to walk around New York to window shop or Europe to enjoy the historic alleys, this country didn't have the means for us to do that. Instead, this island provided natural beauty not found on its storefronts or cobbled roads. If you truly wanted to engulf yourself in this culture, you'd have to get your hands dirty and feet wet (literally). You'd have to ride in crowded minivans, barter your way through every sale, and sweat the pollution out your skin. If you didn't pack good shoes and a ton of hand sanitizer, you're S.O.L. But if you're indeed prepared, get ready for the most exotic landscape on this side of the Meridian because white-sand beaches are ... read more
Shore where locals took us by speedboat to the island
Feeding bread crumbs to the fish
Horseback riding at CountryWorld Park

When Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, he landed in Santo Domingo and established the first permanent settlement in the New World. This country is now home to 10 million people with influences from their Spanish colonizers, Haitian neighbors, Taino natives, and even American occupiers during the 1920s. While the cheapest route from the U.S. is usually flying into the capital of this island nation, we arrived at POP airport in Puerto Plata at the northern coast. We had originally planned to attend a friend's wedding in Samana a few hours east of Puerto Plata. However, the long drive on undeveloped roads with poor signage deterred us from going there, so we instead chose to stay in the city. We arrived in town around midday and rather than taking the shuttles from the airport ... read more
Castillo Mundo King
Casa Marina beach
27 Falls

Après un peu de repos, nous partons, ce 26 mars visiter la capitale de la République Dominicaine. Nous en profitons pour visiter le musée Christophe Colomb puis le centre de la vieille ville.... read more

Après quelques jours sur la plage, où nous voyons beaucoup de pratiquants de kite-surf. Nous partons ensuite faire une balade en mer à bord d'un catamaran. Le capitaine me laisse prendre la barre puis va se promener à l'autre bout de l'embarcation. Je ne suis pas fier car il y a quand même du monde à bord, mais tout se passe bien. Nous visitons ensuite la rhumerie Brugal en compagnie de l'héritier, qui en a depuis pris la direction. Ensuite, nous prenons l'avion du retour après ces 15 jours de superbes vacances... read more

Ce 28 mars, nous partons faire une excursion vers le centre de l'île. Il y a plus de pistes que de routes, mais elles sont très praticables. Nous en profitons pour visiter le ranch de monsieur et madame Brugal (les parents du marié)... read more

"The next day we went on a boat ride to see caves. It was a long ride but we saw birds and the beautiful view. The first cave we took tons of pictures. Sean lied and said there were bats but there wasn't. It was fun standing on rocks and posing for pictures. To get to the next cave my dad spotted a crab but I did not see it. Ahhh. We went to the second cave we stopped off at a little beach to eat our snacks and to put our feet in the water. We saw clams and tiny fish in the water. It was cool. After everyone agreed to go in the cave, we went into the cave. My dad gave me a little light so we could see. We went through different ... read more
Me, Luna, Iliana, and Tatiana
Cueva de la Linea
Small Beach near Samana

"On the first day we went on a plane to go to the Dominican Republic. It was a long flight. But then, the ride to get to the apartment was longer. When we were in the car it was such a long ride that I even counted the cars that passed by. I go all the way to 509. Whoa. Then when we got to the apartment I saw my friends - Luna, Tati, and Le-Le. We had bunk beds woo-hoo, I was on the top bunk. We mostly just played on the ipad that night. The next day we went to the beach. The salt hurt my eyes and throat. But then we went to the Rio Frio and it was cold but I liked it because I like being cold. It was not salt ... read more
Jumping with Tatiana
Swinging Playa Rincon
Jumpin with Iliana and Luna

Après avoir publié notre voyage sur la Route 66 (notre premier blog), les membres de la famille et certains de nos amis ayant aimé, nous avons décidé de publier nos vacances précédentes pour faire voyager tout le monde avec nous et montrer ce que nous avons vu. Tout commence en 2009 avec la République Dominicaine. Nous continuons avec, en 2010, notre périple à Miami, au Costa Rica et une croisière aux Bahamas. En 2011, nous partons voir Alan, le fils aîné de Socorro qui habite à Brisbane en Australie. Enfin, en 2012, nous allons voir la maman de Socorro à Cali, en Colombie, et en profitons pour faire un saut au Pérou pour voir le Macchu Picchu. En ce mois de mars 2009, nous partons pour la République Dominicaine passer des vacances au bord de la ... read more

Good morning everyone! I am going to try something new by posting a "weekly" review instead of the occasional daily post. I have some friends and family who don't use FB so I need to at least post for them. I will continue to post daily pictures on FB though. What a GREAT week! Highlighted of course by Yari's week long visit! It is always a pleasure having her company, although we do have our occasional "bumps" in the road lol! But for the most part we really enjoy each others company. Of course if one of us would learn the others language the "bumps" would be far and in between. Defining our relationship is best described by the Facebook status "its complicated" lol! We care for each other deeply and at some point we will ... read more
June 16 DR 002
DR Pix May 17th 005
DR Pix May 17th 013

Hello everyone! Well the pool construction has started! Having a construction background I find it very entertaining lol! Everything is done with just BASIC tools. No air, no generators, just good old fashion hard work! NO WONDER IT"S GONNA TAKE TWO MONTHS LOL!!!! But they seem to work hard and all day long. I notice most of the workers seem to know their individual jobs well. For sure this is a plus for speed. Anyway, it is underway and 6-8 weeks before I get to swim in it. I hear it is even going to have a waterfalls! Yari is arriving today for her second visit. I've missed the squirt lol! It will be fun having her back! I am in a full blown routine here with 10x more friends and social interaction then I have ... read more
New Pool Day 2 002
New Pool Day 2 005
New Pool Day 2 009

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