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Trip to the Dominican Republic Day One- Saturday Feb. 20th We left Rob’s folks house early in the morning to catch the flight out of Knoxville. The flight went surprisingly smooth and so did the trip through immigration and customs in the D.R. We followed a bell hop to our transfer service, Blue travel. They got us right on and soon we were on our way to the Majestic Elegance. When we got to the Majestic we were greeted with cool towels to wipe our faces with and a delicious refreshing drink. We had to wait a bit for our drink so we took the time to eat lunch and book our dive trips. We also lined up dinner at the French restaurant for Sunday night. Then we followed a bell hop to our room. Our ... read more

My little travelblog has just reached the 200,000 hits. So let me first thank all of you who have followed our adventures over the last few years. I know I should upgrade my profile page! Fun to see that our little travelblog adventures are already 9 years old. And little change of program on my side, South Africa will be coming earlier than early as the start of 2017....can't wait for all that diving, golfing, great wine and amazing views from our terrace! So what Am I doing in Punta Cana? Let say I had some miles left, and few points to use on Starwood too, so it was less than expensive. And there is some kind of diving in Punta Cana. I also have to admit that it's always fun to click another country ... read more
Punta Cana beach....
Yes, there was not much to speak about for the diving here...
Beach at the Westin...

It is currently freezing rain outside - but I'm going to bask in the sweet Dominican sun for a few minutes while I take you back to our family vacation in October. To state the nitty gritty details - we book our DR (Dominican Republic) vacations -we've been a few times now, most recently when Greyson was 6months old- through Apple Vacations and they always do an excellent job. We book all-inclusive trips through Apple (airfare, hotel, in-country transportation, all you can drink and eat) and they take care of everything. This year we stayed at Iberostar Dominicana and we had a great experience with booking, transportation, hotel accommodations, and service - as usual. We always enjoy ourselves when we visit Punta Cana and we were anticipating how much more fun it would be this year ... read more

img= This is me horseback riding in Dominican Republic. This is Dreams Resort I did in DOminican Republic I enjoyed it a lot.... read more

Aged 12, I was offered the holiday of a lifetime, to venture into the Caribbean with my family, on an experience in which will remain in my memory for the rest of my life. The sheer excitement of boarding an aircraft, and listening to the engines roar from London Gatwick- Punta Cana, truly established a true interest to me. Since this experience i embrace cultures and love to gain an understanding in the way us in the UK take many things for granted. As we glided down to Punta Cana airport, the collaboration of fear and excitement penetrated my body as the wheels of the aircraft touched the runway. The one memory of this moment was that exhilarating moment when the airhostess opens the cabin door, and that gush of moist warm air, swarms past your ... read more
The warm carribean sea
Gatwick to Punta Cana
Food shack

Hey everyone, these are the pics from Dominican... Dad could not actually go because of the heart surgery... but we found a way to bring him along anyways.. my mom only came for the one week... but our friend Andrew came for a week and we met up with our other friend Brody and his girlfriend Nicole. It was VERY VERY hot and we had a great time... even though we missed my daddy! Love ya, Randi and Quinn... read more
Home and Dominican 2011 370
Home and Dominican 2011 372
Home and Dominican 2011 374

That is really one of the best paradise places I've ever been to! Nowhere in the world you are met by the ladies in national costumes who take pictures and musicians! Nowhere in the world I saw happy and hospital personnel that sings and dances while cleaning your room, making coctails, or taking order in the restaurant! We came there on Friday noon and had all day free! Luckily, the sun was hiding behind the clouds so we didn't get the sunburn in the first day) We lived in Cataloniya Royal, adults only section. That was perfect! We could either spend time on our private beach or go to the public one, we had a huge choice of restaurants to go and we had magnificent service) One day we went to Hard Rock Cafe to get ... read more
Getting caribbean hairdo done
David Lynch guitar

Located on the eastern shores of the province "La Altagracia", Punta Cana is the most booked and visited vacation spot. Its bright clear blue beaches, and its beautifully diverse population makes the trip a memorable one. Unfortunatly their democracy and lack of decent wages, makes the foreigner really appreciate their hard work. They are the working class. They are the people that make your vacation a plesant experiance. Here is a little something about my vacation... We landed around 5pm eastern time. It was hot! I was amazed at how carribean it felt at the airport. The airport was a replaca of any resort out there. Their roofs were covered in palm fronds. Amazing! As entering the international airport of Punta Cana, DR, my company and I were greeted by 2 gorgeous women who were dressed ... read more

For more of my photos, or to buy my book, please visit Jen and Dean's Wedding in the Dominican Republic images by Marissa Puff and Nicholas Kembel don't forget to see pages 2 and 3 of this blog for more pictures! So after some complications and a canceled wedding in Mexico thanks to a little swine flu scare, Jen and Dean still managed to find a tropical paradise at the last minute which was willing to host their wedding. The new venue was Punta Cana, a stretch of white sand beaches on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. Aside from this initial minor obstacle, the week itself was smooth, and no less than perfect. All of those present were able to indulge in 24 hour all you can eat and all you can ... read more
Que Romantico!
Kembel Family Rules!
Jen and Leanne

Last weekend I had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic as part of a (complimentary!) leadership retreat for my local chapter of MPI. We stayed at the Moon Palace Casino, Golf & Spa Resort, a brand new property which is still in the process of being finished and just had its soft opening a few weeks ago. This was my first time to the Dominican Republic and though I had heard various reviews from friends and clients, I always try to travel with an open mind to create my own impression of a new destination. After temperatures in the high teens and low 20’s here in Philadelphia, arriving at the open air grass-hut-looking airport in Punta Cana where the temperature probably hovered around 85 degrees was a wonderful way to ... read more
Mountain Region
School Children

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