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My husband and I have owned a vacation home in Casa de Campo, La Romana for the past ten years and we couldn't be happier! Both my husband and I are avid golfers so the Dominican Republic is like heaven to us. We plan on retiring here within the next 3 years. Casa de Campo has three golf courses, the most famous is teeth of dog which is my husbands favorite. Teeth of Dog is ranked the number one course in the Caribbean and 34th in the top 100 courses in the world by Golf Magazine. If you are a golf lover you should visit the Dominican Republic the golf here is year round and out of this world!! We also enjoy Cocotal Golf & Country Club in Bavaro, Punta Cana. Buying property in the Dominican ... read more
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When there is a new tour option that may begin being offered to guests on the ship, it needs to first be tested out. That's when the crew come in. Often somebody from shore excursions will just go on a "fam trip" but sometimes, an invitation will be extended to other staff, those of us who are "at the front lines" of working with the guests. I guess the idea is not only do we test out the tours, but if they're great, we'll recommend them to guests. So today's test tour: a catamaran, snorkel & beach break on one of the small islands across from La Romana, Dominican Republic. Somehow, we managed to get out of bed and ready for our crew tour only 4 hours after getting back from Club Onno's. Walking off the ... read more
The Entertainment Crew
Group Shot
The View From The Back of the Catamaran

It's a monumentous, exciting and bittersweet day. It's my birthday, but it's also my last day on the Destiny. Jody's too. Neither of us care to have a crazy party on our last night on the ship when we have immigration at 6am and a long day of travel the next day, so a party tonight just isn't really an option. Last night we had a big party in the crew bar - a combo birthday / goodbye party. There were tons of people in the crew bar. People there to say goodbye. Though many people seemed surprised to realize that I'm leaving; I think because so much focus was being put on my birthday and Jody is so vocal about leaving, focus was just lost there. The night before, I'd made a huge stash of ... read more
Birthday Girl
Jacques Sets Out The Jello
Adam Breaks Out The Tape To Decorate

This afternoon, Logan got off the ship with me, just for a couple hours, to go see La Romana, the town closest to the pier where we dock in the Dominican Republic. I figured it was time I saw some of this port besides the nightclub, and during the day for a change. Everyone talks about how sketchy La Romana is. But it’s just a busy small-city in a developing country. You need to be a smart and safe traveller. I wouldn’t go by myself at night or start wandering down random alleys, but really, that’s being logical. And I wouldn’t do that in Toronto. I enjoyed looking around the city centre with Logan. It’s good just to get out and see. And always, just to get some headspace away from the ship. And for once, ... read more
The Cathedral
Looking Down from the Cathedral's Steps
Vendors in La Romana's Central Park

Up until this week, we've spent Fridays in Antigua and Saturdays at sea. But with our new itinerary, we arrive Friday at 3pm in the Dominican Republic and stay overnight until 5pm on Saturday. Overnights with the big cruise lines are rare, so the crew on the Destiny have all been more than excited about this new itinerary. We dock in La Ramona which is on the South side of the Dominica Republic, about an hour and a half East of Santa Dominigo. We're really quite in the middle of nowhere on the island. I was working during the day, then getting random personal things done, then working again in the evening, so I didn't have a chance to get off to see much. But one of the shore excursion guys did some research for everyone. ... read more
In The Taxi
The Girls at the Club
Club Onno's

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