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Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Toucarie January 5th 2009

Lots of work still happening at the house and garden, and everything starting to take shape. We have taken a few days off and made the most of them. Our trip to Chaudiere Pool was fun although our timing was a bit out. It had rained constantly for 4 nights and the river was quite high. The ‘boiling pot’ which is normally great for swimming became quite tricky trying to suck you under. The hike up and down through the rain forest was stunning with all the lush vegetation - we even saw parrots. Managed to get the car stuck in the mud but with the help of a local we pushed it out and then set off for a nice lunch in Calabishie. Went to a wine tasting at Randy’s Bar in Wesley on the ... read more
View of Toucari bay from the road
There is one river to cross on the way to Chaudiere Pool
The bay road in Toucari

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Portsmouth December 14th 2008

New pictures: Hi, Everyone!! I hope this update finds everyone well! Just a quick note to say hi and to share some new pictures with you guys. I uploaded semester 2 powderpuff, our Thanksgiving Dominica style, and some pictures of Kootney and a recent scuba adventure. Hope you enjoy them! I'm in the middle of finals, so I will write again when I'm home. Home on the 20th (less than a week!)!! xoxo, Brooke... read more

Central America Caribbean » Dominica December 13th 2008

This last 3 weeks have just flown by, and one of the best things is that we just keep finding more and more lovely things about living here. The whole village seems to have taken us under their wing. Everyone is genuinely friendly and very proud that we love Dominica. Toucarie is a quiet spot and being on the Caribbean side of the island we avoid all the wild weather of the Atlantic side. The bay is just perfect even though the sand seems to have been replaced with pebbles during hurricane Omar. There are no nasty sea urchins - just lots of lovely colourful fish and coral so it’s really easy to swim in the bay. The week of tiling was a bit stressful - but all finished and looks great. The best bit was ... read more
A view over the roof to Toucarie bay
Overlookin the capital Roseau - it's cruise ship season
One of our banana trees

Central America Caribbean » Dominica November 26th 2008

We arrived from St Lucia by ferry at 10 p.m. and our hire car was nowhere to be seen. An hour and a half (and an expensive taxi ride) later we were at the house with no water and no electricity. It was Sunday night and the next 2 days were public holidays - 30th anniversary of independence - so no hope of going anywhere or getting anything done. Despite this, we walked the few miles into Portsmouth, got some shopping and survived on bread and jam. In the first week we got water and electricity, the second week a fridge, cooking gas, a hire car and a mobile phone and the third week broadband. Meanwhile we met the locals, explored our new world and started work renovating “Mango Lodge”. Cecil “Son” Douglas is our next-door ... read more
Toucarie bay from the road
Kate tastes the first coconut from our garden
The Son-made steps down to the house

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Portsmouth October 20th 2008

New pictures: New email: Hi, Everyone!! I hope this blog finds everyone well. I have uploaded some new pictures - they are from scuba diving, my 25th birthday, as well as some miscellaneous things. The scuba diving has been a lot of fun and some of the pictures are amazing - they were taken by one of the dive masters I dove with. These particular pictures are from a beach called Douglas Bay - the coral is beautiful there and it's brimming with small fish. I also had a great time celebrating my 25th birthday - my parents bought me a whole ice cream cake that I get to look forward to devouring when I get home, and I went out to a very nice dinner with a bunch of friends. Dinner was awesome, ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Portsmouth October 20th 2008

Hey, Everyone I posted a scuba diving video of me on Youtube. The link is: The video is wicked cool. You'll see three people diving, I am the only girl. Enjoy! ~Brooke... read more

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Portsmouth September 14th 2008

New pictures: Saturday, Sept 6 5:28am Location: Terminal B, Logan Airport Well well well… Break has come and gone and now it’s time to return to the island. DOH. I haven’t written for some time, so let’s take a trip to the past and relive some of what I’ve been up to. Hmmm… studying, studying, and… perhaps more studying?? Yeah, exciting, huh. The last two weeks of school were pretty trying - we had quite a few exams all in a row, not to mention the distracting excitement of returning home. I really didn’t do much of anything but study, eat, and sleep. And let me tell ya, that’s not a good combination for a beach body… I do have a bit of an exciting trip to talk about - the day before I returned ... read more

Hey Everyone Below you will find a link to the Powderpuff video on Youtube, where I debut as the right offensive lineswoman. There is some graphic music on here, so beware, and ENJOY!!! xoxo, Brooke... read more

Hi, Everyone I've just uploaded some new pictures from the Women's "Powderpuff" football game and a couple of the dubious gigantic spider that decided to take residence on the mosquito net over my bed. Here is the link:¬ag=1 Things are well here, just busy as usual. About three weeks left in the semester and we have four more exams to complete before I can head home! Today makes it the same month I'm going to come home, which is extremely exciting!!!! Oh, for those of you who haven't marked your calendars yet, I'll be home on the 20th. Alright, I am off to study. I hope everyone is well and I'll see you later in the month!! WOOO!!! Love, Brooke ... read more

Hii!! I've added some new pictures to share with everyone - you can find them at: Enjoy!! xoxo, Brooke... read more

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