Toucarie Bay and Reef - A snorkeling video

Published: October 28th 2010
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[youtube=_QtIEUKiDD8]This is a video of the underwater sights in Toucarie Bay. It was all taken snorkelling and free diving just a short swim from the beach using a very unsuitable camera (a 170° wide-angle GoPro Hero). Every day we swam we saw the volcanic bubbles and an abundance of grunts and surgeon fish, plus several angel fish, butterfly fish, rock beauties, parrot fish, trunk fish, damsel fish etc. But then there was always a surprise too - the reef squid, an eel, the big lump of a white spotted file fish, the elegant spotted drum, a blue tang straight from Finding Nemo, a sea horse, that bright orange frog fish or the wonderful sight of a turtle. We enjoyed them all and couldn't wait to swim out the next day. Who needs to go diving when you have this on your doorstep?


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