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St Lucia 20 January – 6 February The journey from when we left the ship in Puerto Rico on the 17 January until reaching St Lucia on the 20th was unhurried but long. We had first to return to Miami before flying to Port of Spain in Trinidad and then on to St Lucia. It sounds a weird way of trying to reach St Lucia but the reason being that by doing it this way it meant we booked two return flights, from Miami to Trinidad and Trinidad to St Lucia which was by far the cheapest strategy to get us where we wanted to go, and back again. Finally we arrived in Castries, the capital of St Lucia, by plane and waited to be collected. Eventually Jason arrived from Sea Wind Cottages and took us ... read more
Gros Islet beach
Returning to Soufriere with view of Pitons
Close up, we stayed behind the one on right

Saturday July 29 - I got up at 7am and finished packing for the hike today. Breakfast was late, so we left 15 minutes late to get into town to meet Rob. He met us at Le Petit Paris around 9:15 and we got on our way by 9:30am. At 10:00 we arrived at the trail, swapped our water shoes for boots and started the hike. It was far more challenging than I'd expected. It started out with really slippery stones, and progressed through never-ending uphill portions, downhill portions and flat parts that were a combination of roots, stones and logs to walk on. I moved much slower than Meagan at the uphill portions, but was slightly quicker going downhill, though I could feel both in my knees. There was a river to cross, and the ... read more
Rob, the vulcanologist and our tour guide for the day
Titou gorge
Not intimidating

Wednesday July 26 - Terrible sleep last night, and I woke up feeling like I was getting a cold - sneezy, stuffy nose. Though in hindsight, it could have been allergies. I don't have any known allergies, but it's a new place. After breakfast, I headed out to Champagne Reef with Holly, Emma, Josh and Clive. Clive was looking for an orange butterfly that students had photographed the day before, but didn't have any luck. He searched while the rest of us were in the water. Josh was helping the girls collect data, which required diving down along a transect to take photos of what is present. It's a lot of work. I snorkeled nearby. The reason why the location is called Champagne is because it is a volcanic area, and carbon dioxide bubbles are released ... read more
Squad of squid
Science under the sea

Monday July 23 - Meagan's been having pain in her tooth, and it has been getting worse. She thinks she needs a root canal, and at least wants to get it looked at while here and get it sorted out enough that she can fly home next week. Charlotte arranged for her to go into town to see a dentist today, and I tagged along to get some wifi for a change. Jackie drove us, Kersel and Shelly into town, and our first stop was the rental car shop, where all of our vehicles come from. They must regret ever renting us cars, as the tires are always flat and there are multiple other car problems associated which I'm sure our driving has caused. We stayed there for a while before moving onto the tire shop. ... read more

Sunday July 22 - I saw whales! It was a great start to the day. After breakfast we crossed the river and filled up the buses. I got on a bus with one of the groups of students who had been fun during the week, and took Clive with me, and Lisa and Erin got on the other bus. I chatted a bit with the driver about Dominica, and what it was like before the storm. It's hard to imagine how different it looks now compared to before the storm finished with it, but the stories help me to picture it a little better. When we arrived at the dive site, we got on the boat and the captain introduced himself and gave us a safety introduction. I used the bathroom after that, and the door ... read more
From the bus
Damage in Roseau from Hurricane Maria

Saturday July 21 - I got out of bed around 8:30am and headed down to breakfast. Shelly and Ben were there, which was nice to see. I had a huge bowl of porridge, labeled with my name for the first time, but labeled as Jenni, which I hate. I picked up my laundry and then got ready to go into town, a bit later than expected, which in itself, is expected. We were supposed to go to Boiling Lake today, but Rob canceled that so he could go to the doctor, so the new place was to go to town. As we walked to the river, Jackie got a call from Charlotte, and all of a sudden we were not going to town. Only Jackie and Shelly could go. We continued to the river to tell ... read more
Emerald Pool

Monday July 16 - Sleep was crap, as always. Jackie moved into our room last night and I heard her get up this morning. I tried to stay in bed, but it did not last long. In the meantime, Jackie came back and woke up Lisa to ask her if they could take out all her bat equipment and use the car today. After that I did get up. Breakfast was porridge, but someone dropped a watermelon, so that was available to eat as well. I spent the morning talking to Shelly and Ben, and in the late morning I met Gary, the donkey on site. He didn't seem to like me, or he liked me too much. Either way, I think I am done with Gary. But he had stepped in a coconut shell that ... read more
Gary's foot stuck in a coconut
Gary has five limbs?

Sunday July 15 - Today is Sam's last day, and everyone is heading out of camp to hang out. He's one of the marine team that is based in camp here. We left around 10am, but it was delayed due to a tire change of a flat tire on one of the three vehicles. Always expect the unexpected. But Andrew and Clive changed the tire quickly and then we were on our way. I drove with the bat girls and pretty much hated the music choice the whole way. The others all drove together in the van. Our first stop was the bat cave. It is along the ocean cliffs, and you have to swim around to it, which lent some excitement. We made our way there, and everyone could pretty much stand on the inside ... read more
Swimming out to cave
Cave entrance
Fishing bat

Tuesday July 10 - I slept ok last night, and woke up at 5:28, two minutes before my alarm. Just like in real life. I finished my packing and sat down to finish my yogurt for breakfast and make use of the wifi, but my computer would not connect. I was so disappointed. I tried a pathetic amount of times, but it never worked. I admit I may have an addiction. At 6:15 I left to walk over to the ferry terminal. It took less than ten minutes, and there was already a line of people waiting to check in. They opened for business at 6:30am and processed us through. I paid my $33 departure tax (it's $13 in USD), got my passport stamped, and headed to security. I had to take everything out of my ... read more
Birthday cheesecake, accidental and one day early
My kitchen chickens
How I want to feel

Saturday July 14 - Today is technically a day off for the bat teams, but Lisa wanted to scout an area near Soufriere, and we all joined. Not much in it for me but a time to leave camp and hopefully a smoothie and some wifi, so I went. I talked to Charlotte about trying to find a time to do the two field trips - whale watching and the vulcanology trip - as well as the Boiling Lake trip on the side with Rob acting as the guide. We would need at least two of us for him to take us up, but he is giving us a good price. It's quite a special part of the island, so I'd love to be able to work in the trip. Charlotte is going to ask if ... read more
Dominica by car
Megan and her icepop

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