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Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau December 16th 2014

Tuesday December 16th, 2014. Dominica, Lesser Antilles, West Indies. We went for a posh breakfast before disembarking the ship. We had been to Dominica (pronounced Domineeka) before and it is M's favourite. Unfortunately we had docked at Woodbridge Bay about a mile out of town - the prime berth in the city of Roseau being occupied by a German vessel called Aida. Dominica sits between the Leeward and Windward Island groups in the Lesser Antilles. It is 29 miles from north to south and 16 miles from east to west (a land area of almost 300 sq miles) - about 2 x the size of the Isle of Wight. It is the most mountainous and forested island in the Caribbean and is known as the "Nature Island" - probably why it is M's favourite. It has ... read more
10. M on  D on Jacks Walk Trail
9. D on Jacks Walk Trail
11. Jacks Walk Trail Sign

Central America Caribbean » Dominica December 13th 2014

DOMINICA Ok we must be mad! Got up at 06.15am to do an hours walking around the deck and more importantly to try and spot the whales that live three miles off the coast of Dominica! Totally unsuccessful!! Not even a dolphin that apparently half of the cruise ship passengers appear to see on a regular basis!! Ah well!! We did, however, spot Jewel of the Seas heading towards Roseau! Now, coincidentally, a few days before we left UK, it transpired that Peter and Wendy, Chris’ cousin from the US were cruising the Caribbean the same time as us and that both our ships were in Dominica on the same day so we had the opportunity to meet up with them! Walked the mile or so to Cafe Coco Rico where we had arranged to meet ... read more
On Jacks Walk
Squashed bus!
View from the top of Jacks Walk

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Portsmouth November 29th 2014

This is the first entry of few more entries to come soon, spent on the seas in the Caribbean. I board for a week the Club Med 2, the biggest five masts sail boat in the world. I will speak a lot more in the coming entries about the cruise experience. But one thing for sure, due to the people I met, this week ended up being a wonderful one. I had been on the Club Med 2 fifteen years ago to cruise Turkey and Greece. That was a pretty cool trip too, way prior to my time on Travelblog. I wanted to come back, but never found the opportunity. There are few islands I wanted to see in the Caribbean, but most of them are only great for a day or two, and going from ... read more
Diving with Peter...
Our little sail boat...

St Pierre – Roseau (Dominica) 36nm quite rolly in the anchorage last night, left early in the morning 0630, but had to pull up our anchor by hand as the anchor winch really isn't working anymore. Arrived Roseau and were welcomed by a very nice boat boy. We took up a mooring right out the front of the Anchorage Hotel. Walked into town to clear in and got a very good feeling about the town. There are lots of markets set up for the cruise ships that come in on a regular basis. Clearing in was easy. Just have to clear with customs, and not immigration. We weren't sure of that so trudged up to immigration and after a short wait, were confirmed that they didn't want to stamp our passports and we were in fact ... read more
moored safely
sundowners...and excellent cocktail

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Portsmouth February 26th 2013

The Duncan’s Day Out On Dominica (Cameron & Daddy) On Wednesday we went on a tour around the island. To split the cost we did the tour with a Dutch family, their names are Hene and Nadine. Our guide was called Craig. His taxi, like all the taxis in Dominica, is a minivan. We started heading to Emerald Pool, which was our first stop. The walk from the where the taxi stopped was about 15 minutes, through the jungle. As we arrived we could see that the waterfall was right next to the fresh water pool. I have to admit it was very cold. Titou Gorge was stop number two. The walk was about 10 minutes and, apparently, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was partly filmed there. We got changed and headed into the ... read more
Emeral Pools before the tourists arrived en masse
Emerald Pool & Lisa
The boys enjoy Emeral Pool

Over the last 2 months we have celebrated both of our birthdays and our 20th wedding anniversary, we have completed 3 pretty big projects, been on a trip around the island and had guests to stay. Great times... For our anniversary we travelled to the opposite corner of the island and stayed at Jungle Bay. A lovely experience and an opportunity to explore an area we haven't been to. Our hike to Sari Sari falls was a real hi-light and quite an adventure. Between trips and other jobs we finally finished the kitchen with just one day to spare. We ripped out everything and built what we have wanted for the last 3 years. There are no fitted kitchens here, we designed and built it from timber, ply, tiles and paint. When Sue and Patricia came ... read more
sunset at de champ cocktail bar in Portsmouth
anniversary trip jungle bay bed
anniversary trip jungle bay pool

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau April 24th 2012

23.4.2012 BASTETERRE, STKITTS, WEST INDIES Captains dinner last night was a lot of fun, a few Americans, Puerto Rican couple and us (10 in all), didn’t have to pay for wine or any drinks, all on the house, way to go! Food was sensational too! To think out of 2000 people on board we were invited was just amazing, he does this twice only on the week long cruise. Docked as usual 8.00a.m. Very pretty island 35 sq miles, had a tour of the island which took about 3 hrs, took in all the local sites and the old Fort, a Batik factory and the touristy beach areas. There were loads of diamond merchants etc as they say people come on these cruises to buy jewellery as it is so much cheaper than in the US, ... read more

It's been 2 months since the last post and we have no excuses. Just having a good time! Although we have a house here, Dominica is usually an adventure, often a surprise and always beautiful. So that's why we continue the travel blog, because this is a different world... We have been getting on with a great deal of gardening (mostly Kate) and quite a bit of project work (mostly Andy). But it's the walks in the rainforest, the trip to Chaudiere pool, the evenings at Taco Tuesdays, the boat trips, the beach trips and the fun with friends that are the most memorable. Thanks to you all for making Dominica even more wonderful. The pictures below tell the story (well part of the story anyway)...... read more
chaudiere pool - Kate with John and Rob
Called a "Costal Wine Cruise" this was a great day out on Helen's boat
chaudiere pool - Andy with the pool to himself

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau March 25th 2012

Le 14 mars au matin, nous sommes debout à 05h30 afin d’être prêts pour le départ de la randonnée; Méridien V vient nous chercher en annexe et nous rejoignons les autres au quai de « SeaCat ». Ce boat boy contrôle plusieurs moorings ici, à Roseau, et organise des activités touristiques pour les équipages des bateaux. Les deux autobus partent à 6h30 et nous sommes tous les 16 (14 québécois et 2 français) au début du sentier à 7h10. Nous avons notre lunch et un litre d’eau par personne, un sac à dos chacun. J’ai mis un pantalon capri (genre legging), JP un short, et nous avons enfilé nos bottes de marche. Nous sommes prêts!!! Du moins on le pensait… La marche, pour nous, a duré 9h; nous sommes rentrés les derniers à 16h15. Les ... read more
Mon capitaine dans une eclaircie
Au bout d'une heure environ, premiere traversee de riviere.
Ca monte hein?

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau March 22nd 2012

Pour une fois les plans ont été suivis! Nous avons rejoint St-Pierre à partir de Fort-de-France mardi le 12 mars. Arrivés en fin d’après midi, les places étaient comptées devant le quai de St-Pierre. L’eau y est très profonde rapidement dès qu’on s’éloigne du rivage et, depuis notre dernier passage, des bouées ont été installées pour délimiter la zone d’ancrage. Il faut donc se faufiler à travers les bateaux déjà ancrés à la recherche d’un fond à moins de 45pi. Devant cet achalandage, nous allons sur une sortie de rivière, face au stade municipal; là, sur la carte, on indique un fond de 20 à 30 pi, formé par les alluvions de la rivière. Nous y ancrons solidement, et nous y sommes seuls!! Pas d’inquiétude pour heurter les autres. La nuit est calme mais nous installons ... read more
Le mouillage de St-Pierre vu de notre ancrage
Nous le voyons encore une fois
Notre arrivee a Roseau

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