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Hello, Everyone It’s 3:20pm on Monday, July 14th and I have just returned from taking mini 2. I think it went okay, but we’ll see what the grades say. I’ve been extremely busy over these past couple of weeks, ESPECIALLY last week - it was filled with honors meetings, EMS call, Histology Lab exam, class, and then studying for mini 2 - it was a hellish week. But now it’s Monday at 3:20, which means that mini 2 is done, which means that I am FREEEEE until tomorrow morning at 8am when classes resume again… Freedom is bliss. And what shall I do with my freedom? Well, I will share with you the first thing that I did - got FOOD! What kind of food might you ask? Well, one hand I used to eat my ... read more

Going Home To Dominica…Chapter 3 I visited the land several times over the next few following days; bearing in mind the land measures just less than 7 acres. I wanted to really take in the views, allow it to penetrate my spirit and allocate the right position on which to build our home I brought my sister along to get her opinion, as she is very level headed and I trust her judgement completely. She too loved the land as much as I did, so with her stamp of approval confirmed, We got ourselves a Solicitor in the town of Portsmouth and instructed him to purchase the land for us. As a Dominican, I am entitled to purchase as much land as I wish (or that I can afford!) I had to produce a copy of ... read more

June 19, 2008, 10am Hey, Everyone! It's been a while, I know. My anatomy practical exam and mini 1 required my attention. So how did they go?? They went well. The anatomy practical was pretty hard and mini 1 wasn't too bad. What is mini 1? Well, it's basically the first exam of the semester where all of your subjects are tested. So instead of having five separate tests for five separate subjects, we have one BIG test on one day. YEAH... So I've basically been living in books and my notes. I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life. I am still working on my sleep recovery. How did I make it through? Wellll, I basically LIVED off of Monster energy drinks, no lie. Now, I kind of use this as a ... read more

Well, another week and a half or so has gone by and I have now been in Dominica for about a month. It's weird to think that a month has gone by already, but at the same time, my concept of time is lost. Yesterday feels like ten years ago. Soooo... what have I been up to? Needless to say, I have been extremely busy. I have been in class, at meetings, studying, playing soccer, and.... I think that's about it. Classes are going well and I did my first dissection this past week - my group dissected the suboccipital triangle in the back of the head. Essentially, if you feel the back of your head for a little bony structure and then move your fingers down to your spine, that's where we dissected. How was ... read more

I uploaded more pix - the link is the same for all of the albums, but I'll keep sending it when I upload more things. Enjoy! ... read more

White Coat pictures: Monday, May 19, 2008 6:20pm Well, it’s the first day of my second week of classes and I am taking a break from reading about back problems (although I should probably master this information for my Dad’s sake….). So, let me recap this past week, as it’s been a while. So I had a horrible day of classes last Wednesday (I believe), and updated you all with a pretty bleak blog. Sorry about that. That day was extremely stressful, but you all should know that things are getting better. Classes after that day seemed more manageable and I’ve had some extracurricular activities to take my mind off some of the classroom stress. Extracurricular activity #1: My parents came to visit!! They came from Wednesday until this morning (Monday), and we had an ... read more

Going Home to Dominica..… The search for our perfect plot of land begins, We began our search on the Internet, in order to research the current property market and grasp a realistic idea of what we could expect to get for our money. One thing we found rather frustrating was that all prices were displayed in United Sates Dollars, which meant we had to convert to British Sterling back to USD then into Eastern Caribbean Dollars every time we found something we liked (which is where “Google” came in handy!). However, something I found to be comfortingly familiar is the fact that Dominican Law is based upon British Law, which is something I am accustomed with due to my work with the British Youth Justice Board. I turned my back on my highly stressful job and ... read more

Hi, Everyone My White Coat ceremony is tomorrow at 2pm and the school has provided a live link of the event. I've pasted it below. Just incase anyone's interested.... xoxo, Brooke... read more

May 14, 2008 2:00pm It’s been a couple of days since I’ve written. It’s currently Wednesday and I have completed my third day of medical school. Things are going alright so far… let’s see if I can remember my classes: Gross Anatomy, Histology, Biochemistry, Doctor Patient Society, Physiology… I think that’s it but I can’t remember. Today’s classes were awful - we had biochemistry where the professor thought it was a good idea for us to teach each other without any lecture, which really just annoyed everyone. Then we had two anatomy lectures that were raced through and incredibly confusing. Now I am sitting in a session about studying which is a complete waste of my time. Yeah, school sucks. This past Saturday I went on an island tour that lasted the entire day. We left ... read more

Hey, All Here are some new pictures! I will write with updates later! ~Brooke... read more

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