Highlights of the Caribbean

Published: March 15th 2010
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For a couple of weeks, Richard and Jill joined us in the Lesser Antilles. They jumped ship for a few days in Guadeloupe but spent most of their time relaxing or adventuring with us. Here is what they said...

Highlights of the holiday (in no particular order) were:

Early morning tea with that fab view across coconut palms to the bay
Early evening pina coladas on the amazingly comfortable works of art that are the sofas, with a fab view across coconut palms, now gently swaying in the breeze, to the bay.
Beers at Angela's after a refreshing swim.
Home-made everything for breakfast - especially the yoghurt!
Jazz in the jungle - good food, wine, sounds of the river, live music and our very own Kate Preston on vocals.
Playing cards in pyjamas.
Having a shower with the shutters open, with the colour of the bougainvillea and the green of the trees, even without glasses!
Being warm at 10 o'clock at night.
Snorkelling in the bay - Richard
Being presented with treasures from snorkelling - Jill
Seeing how much you have achieved in so short a time.
Getting used to Caribbean chaos at immigration and customs - yes, really,
wouldn't have missed it for anything.
The ferry ride and viewing Dominica from the sea, and seeing Toucarie Bay from a different angle.
Swimming in Chaudiere Pool and at Spanny Falls.
Seeing the parrots at Syndicate.
Being presented with a Dominican driftwood work of art.
Weeding the vegie patch.
Shopping at Carrefour and Mr Bricolage.
The view from the fort back to Portsmouth (and the picnic lunch)
Lunch under the trees at Red Rock with that lizard for company

We had a lovely couple of weeks too. We did manage to make, paint and upholster another sofa while they were lazing in Guadeloupe. But the highlights were exactly as described - especially the Jaco Parrot flying straight past the windscreen as we drove up to Syndicate. So now we have a month before our next guests. What on earth will we do?...

Additional photos below
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Thirsty tree lizardThirsty tree lizard
Thirsty tree lizard

With no rainfall for 5 weeks, this little guy was thirsty. Richard let him lick the condensation from the outside of the bottle, I hate to think what would have happened if he had attempted to drink his beer!

16th March 2010

Ahhhh it brings it all back looking at the list.....seems so long ago already. Great news to hear that the yoghurt idea panned out! Missing you guys. xx

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