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Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau January 24th 2012

1/23/12 I am currently 4 hours ahead of California and 3 hours ahead of Colorado. Since the Bahamas we have traveled 785 nautical miles. Waking up today there was much excitement throughout the ship to get off for the first time, at the first port and explore. I packed my towel, snorkel, mask, and underwater camera in my backpack. I grabbed a hat, my money belt and camera, put on some sunscreen and headed up stairs to meet up with Anna Sophia for breakfast and then to go exploring in Roseau. Where we were ported was beautiful! The view off the back deck of the ship was a steep green mountainside with all different colored houses and a steep road built into it. At the very top right hand side of this mountain was some sort ... read more
Bird at Sea
After Rain

Last I wrote was a while ago – we were in Bequia – I can’t remember when that was date-wise. I guess I’ve lost that sense of time on the ship now; people speak of time in regards to geographic places, like: “Remember the last time we ran naked with burning palm fronds?” – “When was that?” – “Mangareva.” So where have we been since Bequia . . . hm. Having left the Caribbean a couple days ago and the tropics yesterday (twas a sad day) the islands seem a blurr. After Bequia . . . oh! Dominica! We had a short stop in Dominica which requires MUCH more time to explore beyond the evening and day off I had during our stop there. Dominica is HUGE and LUSH – known for its ecotourism. We luckily ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau March 17th 2011

Our two-week cruise came to an end, if you ask me, way too early. Our last stop was the small island of Dominica. We decided to not do a tour today but just took the shuttle to the inner city of the capital, Roseau. We had enough time to walk around the city, did some last souvenirshopping and reached the harbour of the city, where a huge american cruiseship had arrived. This day was very hot and the small city started to be flooded with the tourists, so we decided to head back to the ship. The ship left a bit early and we said good-bye to our last stop. The next day was another passageday and on Saturday we arrived at the harbour of La Romana, Dominican Rep. again. In the afternoon we started our ... read more
All Saint's University in Roseau
In Roseau

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau March 9th 2011

We drove down the coast road to Roseau on Monday morning, checked into the Garroway hotel and parked our car in a position where we could drive out forwards (reverse gear is still not working – but that's another story). Then we just followed the sound of the music. At 11.30 the T-shirt bands were already pumping music through the streets. We grabbed a rum punch to kick off the day, found some lunch and then joined in the fun. It was great – we popped back to the hotel every so often to chill (and rest my knee) and then back again for another session in the streets. The huge articulated lorries carried the live bands, with speakers piled high on the back booming music to a stream of fans all dressed in the same ... read more
Costume bands
One more beer

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau January 18th 2011

This is my first official post from a port! We arrived in Dominica very early in the morning on the 16th and were cleared by 8 am. I remember looking out my window and seeing nothing but ocean, but soon I realized that my window on the ship didn’t actually face Dominica. I decided to get out to the balcony and see what was on the other side. It is really hard to explain to someone what coming into an island port feels like. You feel so small! You’re in this tiny ship in the middle of nothing but endless water and out of nowhere there is this huge landmass. I've got to admit it felt really good to see land after all the rocking and sea sickness in the past few days (even though now ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau June 12th 2010

Clem drove us to Dive Dominica today. We boarded a boat and went to Champagne Bay. After a couple of hours snorkeling at Champagne, we sailed west towards Martinique to go whale-watching. A guide swam with us in Champagne, pointing the various marine organisms. We saw a sea cucumber, swam over a wrecked British ship, and enjoyed the warm bubbles that give Champagne Bay its name. During our whale-watching trip, our captain would continuously stop the boat and place this device in the water used for listening to whales. He would then follow the direction of their sounds, until we finally saw a sperm whale breaching. We followed her for a while and caught glimpses of what was probably her calf. The first whale was almost 9 m long. Journal Entry 20: 06/13/10 Today was our ... read more
Largest Sea Fan I saw

Today was the day of the dreaded Boiling Lake hike. Clem took us as far as the road would permit, where we then had to get off of the bus and walk the rest of the way. We passed Titou Gorge, where a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest was filmed, at the start of the trail. In order to reach Boiling Lake, we had to climb Morne Nichols. This was by far the most rigorous hike I have ever been on. The trail was incredibly muddy and steep; the stair case leading the way seemed endless. At the top of Morne Nichols, we were rewarded with a gorgeous view, though we had to leave soon due to the threat of rain. Once past Morne Nichols, we had to cross two valleys of ... read more
Valley of Desolation
Hot Spring
Boiling Lake

Clem picked us up at 8:30 this morning and we went on about an hour’s drive to Freshwater Lake. The drive was amazing because we reached 2000 ft. in elevation and had great views of the island. Dr. Lacher pointed out the peak we will be climbing on Wednesday to reach Boiling Lake. We walked around Freshwater Lake for awhile before beginning our hike to Boeri Lake. The hike was pretty treacherous - the rocks were very slippery and the climb was pretty steep. It lasted about 45 min. and we finally reached Boeri Lake. The type of vegetation there was mountainous - we were at roughly 2800 ft. above sea level. There were several melastomes around Freshwater Lake ranging in sizes - one melastome was so small that we could not see the distinct venations ... read more
Boeri Lake
View from the Top!

Today was the day we were allowed to go to Roseau. Dr. Heyman drove the marine group and Clem took the rest of the students. I had a ton of fun shopping for souvenirs for my family and walking around Roseau. It was also great to sample fresh fruits and smell the different spices at the open market. I had a delicious mango and pineapple smoothie while there. For lunch, a big group of us went to Pearl’s Cuisine, though a few of us were taken for a wild-goose chase- we asked a local guy to take us to the restaurant and he took us all over Roseau. Another local approached Jamie and warned us that he was a thief. We finally gave him $5 EC and he left us alone. Our lunch was delicious ... read more

Today we visited the east coast of the island. Our first stop was at Castle Bruce, a beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. We then proceeded to Carib territory and eventually to Emerald Pool. Our tour guide at the Carib Territory was a member of the Carib tribe council. He showed us various aspects of Carib craftsmanship, including the area where they grow reeds used for basket-weaving. They demonstrated the entire process of basket-weaving and reed preparation to us, allowing us to partake in it as well. We also sampled pure cocoa and cocoa fruit. A few of the men showed us how cassava bread is made as well, and allowed us to sample some of it. Several people bought some to take back to the station with them. We went to Jules’s house, a Carib whose ... read more
Dug-out Canoes!
View from a Backyard

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