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Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau January 25th 2017

Geo: 15.3, -61.39We knew that our dear EYC friends, Andy and Elva, were going to be in Dominica, and through email we had tried to pinpoint a time and place to find them. We didn't know it was going to be as easy as bumping into them when we went into downtown Roseau to check in! I was sitting at an outdoor cafe waiting for Tony to finish at Customs and Immigration, and spotted Andy walking into the cafe! What a fabulous coincidence! We didn't stay in Dominica for very long on this visit, but we did enjoy three days in Roseau, and then a few days in Portsmouth before we jumped up to Les Saintes to pick up our next guest. ... read more
Although we knew they were in Dominica...
...we didn't expect to bump into them downtown!
Dinner at the Old Stone Mill.

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau December 26th 2015

12-12-16 Dominica Dao Dominica duoc kham pha boii Christopher Columbus ngay Chu Nhat nam 11-3-1493 va dat ten cho dao nay la Dominica (ngay Chu Nhat trong tieng Latin)Thu do lo Roseau. Noi tieng Anh. Da so la dan da den. Doc lap tu Anh nam 1978. Voi 76,000 dan. Trung binh moi nguoi kiem duoc 18,000/nam. Nguoi Tay ban Nha kham pha ra dao nay sau do tro thanh thuoc dia cua Phap cuoi cung bi Anh chiem dong. Day la vung dat co nhieu doi nui. World 2nd largest Hot spring and Boiling lake. Sisserou parrot la loai chim chi co o Dominica va duoc coi la national duoc de trong la co quoc gia. Vi la vung dat rat nhieu nui nen co nhieu song trong vung dat nho nay, co den ... read more
Dominica  12-1-2015

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau December 16th 2014

Tuesday December 16th, 2014. Dominica, Lesser Antilles, West Indies. We went for a posh breakfast before disembarking the ship. We had been to Dominica (pronounced Domineeka) before and it is M's favourite. Unfortunately we had docked at Woodbridge Bay about a mile out of town - the prime berth in the city of Roseau being occupied by a German vessel called Aida. Dominica sits between the Leeward and Windward Island groups in the Lesser Antilles. It is 29 miles from north to south and 16 miles from east to west (a land area of almost 300 sq miles) - about 2 x the size of the Isle of Wight. It is the most mountainous and forested island in the Caribbean and is known as the "Nature Island" - probably why it is M's favourite. It has ... read more
10. M on  D on Jacks Walk Trail
9. D on Jacks Walk Trail
11. Jacks Walk Trail Sign

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau March 23rd 2014

Geo: 15.3, -61.39Sunday, March 23rdDominicaLast night we sailed south of Saba Bank and on through the Caribbean. We passed the Leeward Islands of Montserrat and Guadeloupe before docking in Roseau.The lore and lure of pirates is alive in Dominica; in fact, two of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies were filmed here.Dominica is a volcanic island and it is the effects of those volcanoes we're hoping to experience today as we hire a taxi driver, Julia, to take us to Champagne Reef. Jeff had emailed the department of tourism in Dominica before we left home asking the best way to get to the reef and they said to hire a taxi driver to take you, to stay until you were finished and to take you back, so that's what we did.When we get to Champagne Reef, ... read more
Bubbles from volcanic steam
Amazing corals and sponges
Good fish life as well

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau March 4th 2013

Geo: 15.3, -61.39DH (where the 'D' stands for Delectable Depp) has had an enormous crush on Johnny Depp ever since the opening scenes of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Somewhat surprisingly it's the feminine, prancing pirate character, Captain Jack Sparrow, that really seems to make her weak in the knees. When she found out that we were heading to Dominica, the Caribbean island on which most of the Pirates movies were filmed, she suggested that I start wearing an eye-patch and buy a parrot. In reality Dominica was home to many pirates and their legendary treasure.Outside of being DHs favourite film location, this little bit of paradise has always been something of an afterthought; Christopher Columbus didn't even put much effort into the naming of the island- apparently he first saw it on a ... read more
Waterfront Properties
Bullet Holes In The Sign??

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau April 24th 2012

23.4.2012 BASTETERRE, STKITTS, WEST INDIES Captains dinner last night was a lot of fun, a few Americans, Puerto Rican couple and us (10 in all), didn’t have to pay for wine or any drinks, all on the house, way to go! Food was sensational too! To think out of 2000 people on board we were invited was just amazing, he does this twice only on the week long cruise. Docked as usual 8.00a.m. Very pretty island 35 sq miles, had a tour of the island which took about 3 hrs, took in all the local sites and the old Fort, a Batik factory and the touristy beach areas. There were loads of diamond merchants etc as they say people come on these cruises to buy jewellery as it is so much cheaper than in the US, ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau March 25th 2012

Le 14 mars au matin, nous sommes debout à 05h30 afin d’être prêts pour le départ de la randonnée; Méridien V vient nous chercher en annexe et nous rejoignons les autres au quai de « SeaCat ». Ce boat boy contrôle plusieurs moorings ici, à Roseau, et organise des activités touristiques pour les équipages des bateaux. Les deux autobus partent à 6h30 et nous sommes tous les 16 (14 québécois et 2 français) au début du sentier à 7h10. Nous avons notre lunch et un litre d’eau par personne, un sac à dos chacun. J’ai mis un pantalon capri (genre legging), JP un short, et nous avons enfilé nos bottes de marche. Nous sommes prêts!!! Du moins on le pensait… La marche, pour nous, a duré 9h; nous sommes rentrés les derniers à 16h15. Les ... read more
Mon capitaine dans une eclaircie
Au bout d'une heure environ, premiere traversee de riviere.
Ca monte hein?

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau March 22nd 2012

Pour une fois les plans ont été suivis! Nous avons rejoint St-Pierre à partir de Fort-de-France mardi le 12 mars. Arrivés en fin d’après midi, les places étaient comptées devant le quai de St-Pierre. L’eau y est très profonde rapidement dès qu’on s’éloigne du rivage et, depuis notre dernier passage, des bouées ont été installées pour délimiter la zone d’ancrage. Il faut donc se faufiler à travers les bateaux déjà ancrés à la recherche d’un fond à moins de 45pi. Devant cet achalandage, nous allons sur une sortie de rivière, face au stade municipal; là, sur la carte, on indique un fond de 20 à 30 pi, formé par les alluvions de la rivière. Nous y ancrons solidement, et nous y sommes seuls!! Pas d’inquiétude pour heurter les autres. La nuit est calme mais nous installons ... read more
Le mouillage de St-Pierre vu de notre ancrage
Nous le voyons encore une fois
Notre arrivee a Roseau

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Roseau January 31st 2012

Waiti-kubuli, “Tall is her body” in Carib (the indigenous peoples of the land), was renamed Dominica when “discovered” by Columbus… surprisingly enough, on a Sunday. Luckily its geography prevented it, for the most part, from the fate of many of the other islands in the Caribbean. With an active volcano and mountainous terrain, the conditions were not conducive to slave-dependent sugar cane crops. And while this island was not completely immune to the woes of colonization, the peoples of Waiti-kubuli were fortunate enough that the rugged mountainous terrain insulated them from many of the all too common woes faced by the tribes of the islands around them. With areas of this small island averaging over 200 inches of rain a year, the landscape is peppered with tremendous waterfalls and 365 rivers winding their way across the ... read more
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