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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 30th 2016

8 months, 18 countries, 74 cities (and those are just the ones I stayed overnight in) and approximately 18,729km travelled and my journey through Latin America is complete. It is so far the longest trip I have yet undertaken and it's hard to believe that this is just partof a journey that is not even halfway through! Just like I did following my European sojourn in 2007 and my time living and travelling in London, I think it is appropriate that after a trip of such length, with so many different and unique experiences, that I should revisit and relive some of the highlights (lowlights) of the journey. Also as before, this will be done in a list form - lists of the best, the worst and my favourites... read more
Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil
Varadero Beach, Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 28th 2016

Hello all!!! I have big news for those who don’t already know, I’m heading to Jamaica in two months!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy employment!!!!!! I’m going to be living there for a year, working with a development organization as a gender advisor, and I look forward to exploring the island as well as other countries in the Caribbean. And blogging about it of course! Some readers have commented on my lack of finish of my Kyrgyzstan experience. Truth be told, I wasn’t having a ton of fun at the end of my time there, so it’s pretty hard to write the kind of blogs I like to write if I’m not feeling it. We won’t get into it… Anyways! To both make up for that and to gear up for Jamaica, I am going to publish my travel blogs ... read more
The Malecon, Havana
Fishing on the Malecon, Havana
Old Havana

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 28th 2016

Another day in Cuba and even more new things learned. I packed up from my casa and set forth for the omnibus station to try to purchase my boat ticket to the Isla de la Juventud where I plan to go at the end of my trip, again. I say again, since I was there yesterday for 2 hours, but then, classic, couldn't buy anything. The lady then told me to come back “tomorrow morning”, but alas did not tell me I wouldn't be able to buy a ticket today either since they only sell tickets ten days in advance of travel and I'm a startling 13 days prior. Mmmmhmmmm. Literally the first time in my life I have been an early bloomer. How did I understand all of this nuance, en Espangol, and not just ... read more
Havana scene
Old Havana Scene
View from the window

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 8th 2016

Cuba! The time had finally come. To be completely honest, during my last or three weeks in Central America, I was feeling pretty jaded about my experiences there – there was nothing that I saw that was especially exciting or that I hadn’t really seen before and my travels from Antigua onwards felt more like a means to an end…with the end being Cuba! Of my entire trip through Latin America, Cuba has been the place I have been looking forward to the most. A place of genuine difference and uniqueness – I wanted to see what likfe would have been like 50 years ago, by visiting a place that has hardly changed since. I’d never been to ‘communist’ country before so I wanted to see what it was like. It is the same reason that ... read more
Classic Cars
This Was Taken In Present Day?
Plaza Vieja

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 29th 2016

Back in Habana I find myself here a bit earlier than expected. Tattoo shop found and appointment made I am most definitely a happy camper. Had enough time and no plans to check out a cigar factory. Too bad I got there at about 3pm cuz they closed at 1:30. Not open sat, sun, or mon because of an observed holiday….blurg. But I did purchase a few stogies for the states to help me remember the great times I had in Cuba. Hopefully customs is cool about it! Its totally legal now, but who knows…anyways. There was a girl from Malaysia in the hostal and we went to Habana vieja to find the original bars of La Bodeguita del Medio and Floridita (the ones in Trinidad were franchised out and now there are a bunch of ... read more
Hemmingway haunt :)
the original Floridita (home of the daquari)

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 25th 2016

So Ive had some weird border crossings in my time. Places like Bolivia where they almost didn’t let me in just because my passport says “America” on it, Paraguay and Colombia where I accidentally walked past the guard booth and had to ask someone where to get my passport stamped, and Rwanda where there were I walked right on through and no one checked my anything and I got an exit and entrance stamp at the same little office, oh, plus I got my temperature taken to see if I had Ebola or something…WEIRD. But. Cuba takes the cake! I walked to the passport control booth in the airport and dude looked at my passport, looked at the tourist card (visa), and asked me if this was my only passport. I said yes and he said ... read more
fat and furious 8 set
che and two other dudes
old havana!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 27th 2016

Ola to all! I realize this blog has not been updated in a while, but apparently it's hosts have been busy going to school/working/saving the world (the last one may not be entirely accurate, but we're working on it). So please pardon the brief interruption, but travelling has commenced again, hence this blog will be updated! Peter, and his buddy Luke, both decided they wanted to see Cuba before it opened up to tourism so they managed to find a crazy seat sale and hopped on a plane to the sunny Caribbean. The plane arrived in Toronto in the middle of the night and, after been given directions by a very nice flight attendant (with the longest and pointiest fingers nails either of them had ever seen), Peter and Luke found a couple of nice benches ... read more
Habana Vieja
Centro Habana
The Malecon

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 2nd 2016

The next morning we woke to face a typically British problem. There were three bedrooms but only two tables for breakfast, both of which were already occupied. Would it be more rude to impose ourselves, or retreat to our room having already opened the door? We tried retreating, hoping that they'd finish soon, as this seemed least likely to provoke discomfort. However, time was ticking by and we were acutely aware that we didn't have time to waste. After a while we gingerly opened the door and went to sit down, whereupon one of the couples announced they had finished and departed. Crisis averted, we tucked into the strange breakfast of chopped banana and papaya along with a cheese and ham toasted sandwich, all served with exceptionally strong coffee. I don't think we've ever walked into ... read more
El Capitolio
"Ché Lives"
El Capitolio and Pink Lada

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana January 30th 2016

It didn't matter that there were no seat belts in the taxi because it turns out everyone in Cuba is really protective of their cars. In a country that was cut off from most of the rest of the world, keeping cars running despite all the odds has become a source of national pride. The cars on Havana's roads give a potted history of its last century: Around thirty percent of them reflect the legacy of their former close relations to the USA, huge pristine 1940's and 1950's Buicks, Chevvies and Cadillacs gleaming in all colours of paint. Around thirty percent are much smaller, more subdued, often rusting imports from the former Soviet Union, generally Ladas. The remainder are more modern imports, familiar across the world, which represent the recent thawing of diplomatic relations and resumption ... read more
His Pride and Joy
Old Tobacco Factory
Classic Car

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana January 11th 2016

Saturday 9thJanuary 2016 Today we had a free day to explore Havana and what’s more it was not raining! However before that we had to cope with waking up to a hotel without water. Apparently this happens quite often. Not too stressful and after breakfast it was back on. The Taylors and Woods decided to go their separate ways in the morning – not because we’ve squabbled but we wanted to do different things. This is a Wood take on the morning. First we visited the cathedral and went up the tower. Great views from the top but a bit tricky with crumbling masonry, not much protection at the edge and bare electrical wires everywhere. Outside the cathedral the enormous nativity scene was still there and a group of children sang Christmas carols (including jingle bells) ... read more

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