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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 21st 2017

Cuba! Oh Cuba how I love you. I had a fantastic time traveling throughout the western half of the island of Cuba with my friend Barb and 14 other travelers on a guided tour. Many of you may be confused as to why I would choose a guided tour and it really came down to concerns over changing diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US, my poor Spanish skills (I can buy a beer and find the bathroom, but not make reservations or take care of business), and just time pressures. We booked our tour with Cuba Adventures and we met our fellow travelers in Havana before heading out on the road. We completed a brief walking tour of old Havana, which included a look into the various squares, churches and the sweet ass Cadillacs so ... read more
Church building material; coral
Coral church
Fort around Habana (Havana)

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 20th 2017

I was a bit excited for my collectivo to Havana this morning. It meant my time in Cuba was ending and I’ve never wanted to both stay and leave a country so much; perhaps leave for a week then come back? Cuba is great, don’t get me wrong but things like lack of internet and the ridiculous tourist tax really get unbearable after a certain point. Carlos had organised for me to stay with one of his neighbours, I knew a lot were meant to crappy (most people I stayed with spent at least one night elsewhere cos he was fully booked) so I was apprehensive but due to the internet thing I couldn’t book anywhere else. I was not however expecting to go up a flight of stairs and nearly choke to death from the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 11th 2017

My entire dorm ended up clearing out last night which meant I had no friends to go out with... except an old Bosnian guy who had just arrived but I was gonna pass on that one! The streets are so full of life, where we would sit on the couch at home they sit in the doorway here, the streets are their backyards and their neighbours their friends. Windows are used to sell everything from ice cream to cookies to shampoo. The houses and cars are all brightly painted and always being worked on. I get the feeling here that they aren’t brought up believing that colours have genders, there’s no shame for a man to live in a pink house or even walk around in a pink shirt (one even saying “worlds best mum”, but ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana October 9th 2017

Forgive Me, O Travel Gods, For I Have Sinned... ...I am traveling on a package tour. My first since I was a teenager. I realized early on that I preferred to make my own decisions and what to do and where to go, and that I liked figuring how to get around. My resolve to avoid package tourism was reinforced in 2014 when I took advantage of Incheon Airport’s free stopover tours of Seoul. I regretted that decision because I didn’t feel like I made a connection with the place. So, how did I end up on a tour? Jeff’s parents - Jeff Sr. and Peggy - very kindly sponsored a family trip for the four of us to Cuba. We all wanted to experience Cuba before it truly emerges from isolation and American brands saturate ... read more
Committee For The Defense of the Revolution
Old Square
Revolution Square

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana June 29th 2017

Last year on May, I went with some friends to a Psychology Congress in Havana-Cuba, I had never traveled outside my country, but I´m feel very lucky that Cuba was my first destination, it was like stepping back in time, a journey to the 1950s years. Because cars, buildings and people's clothes are mostly old, there is a few contact with technology. Cuba is strange but charmy. I actually like Cuban music, cars of many colors and Varadero´s beach, but I didn´t like the treatment of some people. Cuba is a counting country. I loved this experience.... read more
2017-06-29 10.28.58
2017-06-29 10.27.50

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana June 6th 2017

I want to share more photos of my Cuba trip. I shared some right after my return in March, but did not have time to share more. I now have a few days of down time, so I will attempt to share more. I hope that you enjoy... read more
Hemmingway's Farm
 Hemingway's farm
Hemingway & I in the bar

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana June 6th 2017

We visited the University of Havana and had the opportunity to tour with a law class from Loyola in Chicago. Afterwards two professors at the university took us on a tour of Castro's haunts when he was at the university.... read more
Law building
Law student photo
Cuba Libre

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana June 6th 2017

We were blessed to sit in on a 2 hour briefing with Bruce Kleiner, Chief of Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Havana Cuba and with Julio C. Llopiz, Deputy of Public Affairs, Asst Public Affairs officer. The meeting included 70 persons. There were lots of questions afterwards. He did discuss the fact that there is still a U.S. embargo against Cuba (I did not know this) and that U.S. citizens are not allowed to travel to Cuba as tourists ( our group leader did tell us this.) There are currently 12 categories allowed for our travel, such as education, religious, etc. The future of U.S. relations was still unknown at that point. Interesting! We were only allowed to take photos outside of the U.S. Embassy. Not much to see so I included some miscellaneous photos with captions. ... read more
Outside Embassy after the briefing
Back to hotel after Embassy visit
In the market where the ships dock

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 29th 2017

Day 3 started out just like day 2; scrambled eggs and toast with fresh fruit and juice. Edinson and Michael were right on time at 8:30 to take us to the mountains for a swim. Mountains is a generous term for Cuba’s hilly area. We were definitely in a different part of the country that was filled with trees, cattle and open roads. Outside of Havana there is very little traffic. Our guide told us that very few people own cars in the city. The government controls EVERYTHING. Edinson said that Huyndis are the most expensive car that a citizen can buy, and a new one is $35,000, for a small one. We learned a lot from our guides on just how controlled the country is. What was supposed to only be about an hour’s drive, ... read more
Waiting to get in and cool off
Food dumb waiter
Pork anyone

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 27th 2017

Travel day to Havana, Cuba, was an uneventful day. Kirsten’s niece and her best friend flew down from Omaha in the morning. Kirsten specifically told Tracey and the girls to NOT check their bags. But what did they do? They checked their bags. Chester and Kirsten flew in late Friday night. The girls met us at our hotel and slept for a few hours before our 1 pm flight to Havana as they had a 5:30 AM flight. Of course our shuttle to the airport is packed and we are the first ones on and the last ones off. We get to the airport and check in and get our visas for Cuba! We were pretty much the only group that did not have a woman in a one-piece romper. Kirsten and Chester were very happy ... read more
Airport Taxi
Riding in Style
Dinner and drinks

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