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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 6th 2005

I thought that the mango juice I had in Peru was great, but had some pretty good freshly squeezed juice for breakfast. Again, excellent coffee. After breakfast walked from the casa along a long street from Vedado through Central Havana and China Town to the Capitolio. Only saw one Chinese looking person in and only a little bit of Chinese looking writing in China Town, but have to admit only stuck to the main road, so maybe there would be more elsewhere. Along the road the buildings were pretty run down, and the narrow footpath was pretty broken up. Heaps of people on the street just sitting around, others waiting at food shops or for buses or for who knows what. Get to the Capitolio, sweating so wipe my face with a tissue, bits of dirt ... read more
Another Street
Looking up to the Capitolio

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 5th 2005

Breakfast in the casa. Fresh squeezed papaya juice, and really good coffee. Not really a fan of papaya juice or coffee, but these were so good I could probably drink them everyday. (Better than the juice and coffee in the hotel.) Feeling good, so decided to walk from Vedado along the Malecon to old Havana. Not really that much happening on the Malecon, no one launching a boat bound for Florida, only a few people fishing. From old Havana walked up to the Museum of the Revolution, which was a Presidential Palace up until 1965. Displays and information on various revolutions since colonial times, heaps on the 1959 revolution and its triumphs - health, education, Cuban astronaut... Display on Che, his last letter to Fidel. Out the back of the museum is Granma, bigger than expected, ... read more
Museum of the Revolution
Inside Museum of the Revolution
Old Car

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 4th 2005

Decided to take an early morning walk around old Havana. Basically walked down one street from my hotel to old Havana. Lots of people on way to work, walking or waiting for crowded buses. People waiting outside workplaces. In old Havana people walking on the streets because the footpaths too narrow or too broken up. One armed man sold me yesterday´s copy of Granma. People pushing trolleys with their stalls to tourist art market or to the old bookstalls at the Plaza de Armas. Walked back to hotel in time to check out. 10 minute taxi ride to the Casa Particular (a bit like an English B&B) in Vedado. The casa was on the 3 floor of a 3 floor apartment building. Double bed, ensuite bathroom, mini bar! better than the hotel room, and about a ... read more
Morning in the Plaza de Armas
Plaza of the Revolution

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 3rd 2005

My hotel room had a balcony overlooking the Prado and Parque Central. Which is great for the view and people and traffic watching, but not so good if you want to get some sleep, two reasons, noise and the smell of petrol or diesel wafting into the room, either through the shuttered and curtained windows or via the air conditioning unit. Woke up late so missed the tour that I had booked to go on. Still had breakfast though, usual buffet, fruit, cereal, orange juice, bread, but also had some stuff that looked like pasta, and also food you migh have for afternoon tea, little cakes ... Managed to reschedule city tour for the afternoon, at no extra cost, and only a little wait for the travel agent lady with a desk in the hotel to ... read more
Narrow Street in Old Havana
Havana Cathedral
Cuba Street

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 2nd 2005

Well arrived in Cuba after uneventful flight, no problems with customs or immigration person spoke English better than I could speak Spanish, or the health check desk, I just said that I did not speak Spanish and they let me pass. First thing I noticed stepping out of the airport was the humidity. Start sweating almost immediately. Taxi from the airport to central Havana 25CUC, about half an hour. The area between the airport and hotel was mostly countryside. When we got to the city was quite surprised as there was no transition from rural to suburban to city areas, but perhaps that was just the route from the airport ot the hotel. Saw signs in support of the revolution, and some celebrating Cuba's sporting success, but not much else. Hotel Inglaterra. Think it was built ... read more
Hotel Inglaterra
Hotel Inglaterra at night.

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 12th 2000

This blog entry will cover the Hel & Scott’s adventures in Cuba, part of the 2000 trip, and while it will include the story of the red pig, the mojito fuelled elements of the trip have by necessity been censored… This page is under construction.... read more
Running Repairs
School Girls
Cuban Beach

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