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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey July 11th 2018

Camaguey Wed-Thurs 11 & 12 July Day 6 & 7 After a rough night we started our drive towards Camaguey. The vehicle that they sent us was a station wagon with 2 fold down seats at the back making it a 7-seater. All the bags had to go on the roof rack. After some discussion we decided to accept the vehicle but under duress. Our first stop was only 30 minutes out of Trinidad, stopping at a large old sugar homestead in Sugarcane Valley. This was where the slaves were bought from different African countries to work the sugar cane fields. The men wore heavy balls and chains while they worked. There was a very tall tower built so that the whole property could we watched and guarded from above. Slavery was only banned 20 years ... read more
Ballet Acadamy of Camaguey (5)
Bronze statues in Plaza de Carmen Camaguey (2)
Ballet Acadamy of Camaguey (11)

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey December 1st 2015

Another chaotic bus terminal start to the day for our 5 hr trip to Camaquey. Once moving the outlook was a little more scenic with distant hills receding to more flat land with grazing & agriculture. Giant coconut palms thrived. Bus driver seemed to make unscheduled stops along the way to buy produce like peanuts & beans which will no doubt be onsold in smaller quantities for a fat profit in his home town. A learned tip that has worked well so far is to request our accommodation host to meet us at the bus terminal so as to avoid the stress of trying to find an address in an unknown city with heavy luggage & harassment from the waiting touts. We were unsure about visiting Camaquey as it is often bi-passed by tourists but we ... read more
Street art of Che

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey April 1st 2011

Camaguay Friday 1st April Camaguay is Cuba’s third largest city and one of the oldest settlements on the island but I suspect that that main reason that the organised tour stops here is to break the long journey as we head to the east coast of the island. We arrive here late in the afternoon in time to settle into the Hotel Plaza and head out for a meal at a local Paladar, a family home where they have been granted a licence to serve meals to visitors. On this occasion we get served a fairly standard Cuban menu but with the inclusion of goat meat, which I haven’t seen anywhere else in Cuba yet. The Hotel Plaza has probably seen better days but it seems to be where tour parties are taken as there are ... read more
Not Everyone Gets To Pose With Their Own Statue!
Che Watches Over The Bank Of Credit And Commerce

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey January 15th 2011

I assume many reading this will have some idea about Cuba and its system. Obviously, it's a Communist system, one of the few left. The economy, or at least the official one, is state run, and this creates an interesting set of circumstances, ones that you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else these days. I don't propose here to go into the pros and cons of such a system – this is supposed to be a travel blog, not an economics lesson after all, and having just finished my economics degree I've had just about enough of them for the time being (yeah, you heard – I actually finished something!) There are, however, some interesting quirks of the Cuban version of communism. Thus we heard the stories of people getting married in order to transfer property ... read more
Cienfuegos Malecon
Cienfuegos Mall
Soviet era Landcruiser Copy, Cienfuegos

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey November 12th 2009

Just like someone clapped their hands together, the humidity suddenly broke as we arrived into the city of Camaguey. Cool and breezy, I figured a nice stroll around the town to get my bearings before the sun dropped behind the buildings would be a good idea. I walked about three blocks before I realized, maybe not. As I was staring blankly at my trusty map trying to figure out the general direction of one of the town squares, a local man approached me smiling and said Camaguey was like taking a dinner plate and smashing it on the ground. He pointed at my map. See how the pieces look? All scattered? His toothy, well weathered grin, knowingly proud. This is Camaguey. He wishes me luck before limping away. Suddenly my map looks like a broken dinner ... read more
seeing the show
hanging out
cheap tropicanna

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey February 16th 2009

Valentinstag auf Cubanisch...ein Thema fuer sich. Den Valentinstag auf Cuba verbringt man nicht alleine. Jeder muss eine Freundin vorzuweisen haben, die dann auch grosszuegig mit Blumen beschenkt und chick zum essen ausgefuehrt werden kann. Wer also 1-2 Tage vor Valentinstag noch keine Partnerin hat muss sich ganz schnell eine suchen, auch wenn es nur fuer denn einen Tag ist, man kann danach ja wieder getrennte Wege gehen. Als alleinreisende Frau sind das keine einfachen Tage. Sonst schon mit viel Aufmerksamkeit beschenkt, haben diese Tage alles bisher erlebte in den Schatten gestellt. Ich hatte dann auch ein hochoffizielles Date (also ich habe es nicht ofiziell gemacht). War dann aber doch noch ein angenehmer Abend. Mein fiktiver Freund in der Schweiz hilft mir ueberigens nur maessig, weil di Monogamie hier ganz oeffentlich als nicht praktizierbar erklaert wird. Ich ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey November 8th 2008

Someone dug a whole in the ground and called it Camaguey. Well, not quiet that bad, but the place is a bit of a dump. Apparently I wouldn't feel that way if I could spend more time there - so I've been told. But on the 2 hours or so that I got to spend in the town, I have to say I wasn't that impressed with it. The city itself has some nice buildings that have been beautifully restored. It is also the place where many of Cuba´s artists reside. We visited a photographer´s studio, a sculptor´s place and also the home of two painters. None of the items struck any chords with me, so there were no purchases. We got hassled on the streets and in a bar for money, which is probably what ... read more
Participating in one of the local art displays.
An interesting bar we visited.

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey November 3rd 2008

Ráno jsme vyrazili rozpadlým zigulem nějakýho známýho naší hostitelky do půjčovny. Na výběr máme ze dvou aut. Seat Cordoba a automat od Samsungu. Zkoušíme oboje, Tonda reklamuje, ze se mu v Seatu vzadu nesedí pohodlně. Nikdo jinej ale problémy nemá, navíc se zjistilo, ze sebou nemáme dost peněz na ten automat, takze beztak není co řešit. Vzali jsme teda Seat. Tonda ale prohlásil, ze vpravo vzadu sedět nebude. Zpátky na byt jsme uz v našem autě kupodivu nezabloudili ani jednou. Nalozili jsme bágly a holky a vyrazili. Neujeli jsme ani deset metrů a přišel hlad, takze první cíl byl náš oblíbenej cupáckej stánek s kuřetem. Tentokrát bylo napečeno vše čerstvě, takze to chutnalo moc dobře. Jsme rádi, ze konečně dostáváme pořádnej poměr cena/výkon a vyrázíme z města ven. Jedinej drobnej problém je, ze nikdo přesně neví ... read more
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Autopista nacional
Autopista nacional

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