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The fear of expensive Cuban prices, the fear of expensive near-future European prices, the fear of getting ripped off by Cubans and my personal financial situation, all combined to make me try to do everything as cheaply as possible – to save money at any opportunity. Basically, I was petrified to spend money here. I’m not normally a scrooge abroad but needs must. Which was why I found myself waiting at my hostel in Havana for the four Dutch guys I’d been drinking with the previous night. They could possibly give me a free ride to Vinales, but it depended on the kind of rental car they could get and how big it was. Mindful of wanting to catch the last bus to Vinales however, I could wait no more and I shared a taxi to ... read more
Secadero, Vinales
Bahia de los Cochinos

Day 453 Sunday 6th January Up at 7 and finishing off our packing, before hoisting our bags and preparing to leave our Havana home. We checked out at 8 and it looked as if we had dragged poor Lisette out of bed. Yesterday she had done some laundry for us and we later discovered that Grandma had actually done it and by hand and when we checked out she wasn’t going to charge us for it….god if only all our accommodation had been this good. Of course we gave her some extra for this service, I mean poor Grandma has not only had to do laundry but also let us in at midnight, she deserved something. Our bus was leaving from the Seville hotel, which was a ten minute walk and with ... read more
Playa Giron
Playa Giron

Cuba is a place like no other, a place where time has stood still since the 1950s. Memories of the past are visible everywhere you look, ancient Spanish buildings from colonial times and the best collection of classic cars you will ever see – the streets of Havana literally a classic car museum of examples from the 1940s & 50’s. Cuba is now very special for us, the longer we stayed and the deeper our knowledge became of its past and the things that make it great, the more we learned to appreciate it for what it is. In Cuba, we learned how to live back in time. We learned to make use of whatever basic facilities were available which we found difficult in the beginning. Internet is scarce and expensive, as are International phone calls ... read more
Capitolio, Havana

The Bay of Pigs I Commit a Crime My Spanish lessons are over and I’m leaving Havana and joining an organised tour around Cuba. Things get off to a bad start. I move out of Mi Casa and check in at the Hotel Plaza in Havana expecting to meet the rest of the group and get to know some of the people at a meal in the evening. I arrive at the meeting point to find I am the only person there – no one else is there and there are no messages for me. I end up at a “group meal” of just one person but am re-assured that the trip hasn’t been cancelled when I return to my room and meet a naked man coming out of the shower. It’s Dave, my room-mate for ... read more
The Bay of Pigs Museum
Map Showing The Invasion Route

We have coverd a lot and found no internet along the south coast. Yesterday and today we have riden north from the carrabean to the gulf of mexico. We only have a few mins on this connection so will fill in the details tomorrow when we get rto a tourist area out of havana , we go to the airport Sat. We went along the coast to the bay of Pigs. A few crabs on the road but no big exodus. 2 nights at a hotel then 3 100km days . we went inland to a dirty little town call Australia ( from the days they had big sugar mills there.. pre revolution) ate crocodile in a hot little house. the best thing for me was that we hopped into town with 2 broken spokes on ... read more

Redescobrir um país fascinante, cheio de contrastes e de contradições. Ir como turista nada acidental, à procura do lugar, infinito e efémero, onde enterraram o mito e o cobriram de chavões. Mas que se lixe...Beber uns mojitos, saborear o pôr-do-sol e namorar são a grande revolução do mundo. E mais não escrevo porque me falta a inspiração. É tempo de fazer a lista de necessidades e partir para Cuba. Com Guronzan no bolso. ... read more

Nastává poslední ráno v Trinidadu. Balíme a scházíme dolů k autu. Na chodníku na nás čeká trumpetista, kterej nám hrál kazdej den k snídani ze svojí zahrady a nabízí nám svoje CD. Béda ho kupuje, rozloučíme se a jedeme pryč. Za rohem jsme objevili okýnko na ulici, kde se prodávají rozpečené housky se šunkou a šťáva ze třtiny rozlejvaná do uřezanejch spodků od skleněnejch lahví. Snídaně je daleko lepší nez na našem posledním ubytku a stojí míň nez desetinu, jelikoz se platí v cupech. Cestou na západ, směrem na Cienfuegos míjíme cyklistickej závod, nikam se nijak zvlášť nezenou, asi to bude tím vedrem tady. Cienfuegos je město pojmenované po stejnojmenném pirátovi a zároveň po dalším revolucionářovi Camilu Cienfuegovi. Ten posledně jmenovanej tu buď zil nebo působil či co, pomalu nám začali všichni ty komouši spl... read more
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