From one paradise to another

Published: April 4th 2006
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buongiorno tutti,

it feels like it has been a lot longer than 2.5 weeks since I last wrote because of my extremely rich and full experience across the seas in the caribbean. I must admit that it was quite nice to be away from any form of contact for a while, so that I could put all of my energy into my experience on that wacky, magestic island. At the same time it is very nice to be back in a more familiar environment, where I can find out what I missed in the news, sports, and the life of my family and friends. Also being able to buy little things like sunblock, rootbeer, eat something other than rice and beans (though it ain't that much different here in Costa Rica) is all pretty nice.

I'm going to write about my trip on another site, for various reasons. So if interested you can ask my mother or email me to find out where. And on a different note look at Richard Harden's blog on this site... he's a friend who has got some cool photos, and interesting things to say too. 😊

Meanwhile I'm in San Jose. I arrived 2 days ago, where I've been recovering from an extreme lack of sleep, still trying to digest everything that I experienced recently, and once again trying to adjust to a new city and new culture.

SJ has got some nice parks, visited daily by parrots, and are a reminder that life outside the city is filled with tremendous natural beauty. It also has some pretty buildings, fairly good though expensive restaurants, wonderful smelling bakeries which tempt me left and right to eat wheat 😞 and then there are the streets, filled with music blasting, while people yell on loudspeakers, trying to lure you into their various tiendas, to buy the same teeshirts and shampoos sold everywhere else.

Though I'm sure it is a fine city once you get to know it, I'm anxious to travel on, and plan on doing so tomorrow. Probably back to the caribbean coast, where I will try and survive the heat, humidity, and rain... and best of all try and find a volunteer job for a week or so working with turtles (yay! Julie). I am very ready to escape city life and move on from my cultural studies, to now be immersed in nature, one of the main reasons I came down here.

I'll write a more interesting detailed blog soon, and hopefully have lots of great photos of the wildlife and natural beauty here.
take care all, go a's


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