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Dear all! So, day 2 in Costa Rica, and I thought instead of a diary for my stay I'd give blogging a go, in order to make the amusement more widely available. It will be irregular and disordered and not comprehensive but hopefully enjoyable! After only 24 hours in Bath, I was off to Heathrow, for 15 hours of flights. The most interesting feature of doing so was the sheer sarcastic, depressed contemptuousness of the pilot and cabin crew of my flight from New York to San Jose. After the Continental flight into New York, such breaking of the rules of the forced-smile school of customer service seemed almost immoral. San Jose airport welcoms visitors with a banner 'welcome to the happiest country in the world' (a bit misleading because apparently it has the highest wellbeing ... read more

Welcome to the Dude’s most fabulous escape from fear-mongering-Goebbelsesque-terror-propaganda, and arsch-kalt Winter! So, four days prior to my departure for Central American Anarchy I was confronted with the usual gang of freedom haters trying to ruin my adventure... evidently, those enemies of democracy that hounded me on my Moroccan trip were up to their usual high jinks... You may be wondering what the hell I’m going on about(which would not be that unusual)... well, I’m talking about that Nigerian asshole who couldn’t even blow up a plane by lighting high powered explosives attached to his crotch and triggered by a syringe filled with a potent mixture of what I suspect to be cheese-wiz and used dish soap... obviously this Dude did not register for the full Al-Qaida terror course in Afghanistan but settled for the long ... read more

They say it takes about a week before you break out of your comfort zone and really get into your trip and they are right. I have to say I have not stayed at a funkier hostel then the Tranquilo backpackers hostel. This place is probably the best hostel I had ever stayed at. The vibe is just off the charts. I arrived from Caribe bus station and made my way here. The hostel use to be an old mansion but now they are all little dorm rooms. This place is like spring break meets bob marley meets jack johnson. It{s just so chill and the people here are so interesting. I met Keenen and Rob both from Winnipeg and we played Uno downstairs in one of the chill room and the two bottles of rum ... read more
typical dorm rooms

So I finally met up with Marianne and John and out of no where a full on marching band was in formation on the intersection. I guess it must of been some sort of school organized event because there were 20 to 30 something kids and a conductor leading them down the street. It was pretty fun watching the little kids dance to the local music. Soon after we went over to the bus station and paid the driver $8 for a 6 hour trip to San Jose. The bus ride was uneventful except when we got stopped by the policia and they were searching through bags and checking passports. We all go out of the bus and waited to be search and it hit me I was carrying a bottle of rum. I wasn't sure ... read more

After a light breakfast, a few quick emails, checking out of my hospedaje, 3 bus rides, one failed attempt at border crossing, one successful treck across the border, several lines, $7.50 in bus fares, a six dollar cab ride, and 12 hours I finally made it. I'll admit that this has been one of my most exhausting, warmest and coldest, but most of all longest day here so far. It was a great adventure though and I had many great encounters along the way. As I was leaving my hospedaje in the morning I returned the key to the woman who had checked me in. She rambles something off so quickly that I wasn't able to catch it all. Then she asked me if I had my passport. I though that she might needed to check ... read more
More Tranquillo
Tranquillo Dorm

Die Hauptstadt Noch vor dem Finsterwerden kommen wir in San Josè an und machen uns zu Fuß auf den Weg zum Hostel. Wir merken, dass schön langsam die Hauptsaison beginnt - das Hostel ist fast voll und wir bekommen nur noch einen Platz in einem 8ter Zimmer. Das Hostel ist aber ganz nett, mit Internet und Frühstück, wir sind müde vom frühen Aufstehen (4:15) und beschließen zu bleiben. Nach einem schnellen Abendessen (Fisch & Schrimps - unser fixer Speiseplan) chillen wir noch ein bisschen im Fernsehraum (seit Guatemala hatten wir keinen Fernseher mehr in unseren Unterkünften) mit Scrubs und fallen danach müde in unsere Stockbetten... Eigentlich haben wir uns vorgenommen auszuschlafen, doch irgendwie hat sich unser Organismus schon ans frühe Aufstehen gewöhnt und wir wachen um 7 Uhr auf (kaum zu glauben!!!) Das Hostel hält eine ... read more
Original costaricanischer Cafe
Die Cafemaschine

So I called Tranquilo Backpackers (which I see has been included in the location selector here even), and got myself a room reserved. Without any complaints, the hotel receptionist at this soulless place let me check out. I HAD to go and meet people. Here´s Tranquilo´s funky recep area: img= After my complementary pancakes, I met one man who proffered insights into the seedier, and well-hidden, side to Costa Rica. He cut a striking figure with his large belly, complemented as it was by a handsome head of curly grey hair and enormous silver eyes; his facial features were big in general and his mid-eastern look and accent reminded me of Omar Sharif (not that I can remember how Omar sounded). He talked in an easy-going way that was almost melancholic, e... read more

Following our five star experience in Tamarindo with friends, we were hurled back into the world of backpackerdom in route to San Jose. Gone were the nice beds, kitchen and fresh coffee and replaced with cold showers, bunk beds with two inch mattresses and day old coffee. The bonus was a complimentary wonderbread breakfast topped with something that resembled strawberry jam. Despite the attached photo with the clean and green sign surrounded by garbage, we found the city to be quite charming and clean. We managed to take in three city parks, the national costa rica museum, the university campus, the local mall and cinema, and city center with our few days there. Our plans to jump on the next Tica bus (luxury line) were foiled when we found out there was a 12 day ... read more
Costa Rica Street Games
War Statue
Gov Building

Hola Amigo's, commo estan??? I'm all good, well have had a hangover that lasted almost 40 hours but now that's passed am back on top form again! Well you'll be glad to know that i don't intend to write as much as i did last time, but then again, i never did last time so we'll see! We stayed in Granada for just 2 nights in the end and felt pretty much the same about it as we did Leon. That is, not that impressed. It was a really pretty town with loads of multicoloured houses and churches, but apart from walking down and around the streets we couldn't seem to find much else to do there. We visited it's tourismo area and that was absolutely deserted. It was on the lake of Lago de Nicaragua ... read more
Arriving at Isle de Omotepe
Bored on Isle de Omotepe!!
Stunning Scenery though!!

K folks jsut to let u know I"m still alive and well. Enjoying the relaxed prices (at least compared to where I've beem) and am enjoying tons of fresh fruit and dirt cheap fish (not to mention beer). So yeah things are alright. I hit up some canyoning yesterday which was a blast. Maybe not as hardcore as Switzerland but some serous repells. One was like 150 feet from a suspension bridge. It kicked ass. Not too shabby, and the fact that the waterfall went through a hardcore rainforest was amazing. Absoluely loved it. SO heading out to a horse farm tomorrow to relax and meet some people. Hopefully learn a little more spanish. Telling girls they look good won;t get me that far. LOL. Maybe once I gt back I'll attempt to laod some picks. ... read more

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