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Well... our adventure started off... not quite like the adventure we had planned. When you live in Canada, travelling in February is a great idea - you want to get away from the cold and the snow, get a little vitamin D and come back with a nice glow that will make everyone jealous. That was our plan at least. Unfortunately, the Canadian winter (which was really non existent in Penticton until recently) decided to show its ugly face as we were literally departing on our trip. After one slight delay, we were in the car driving to the airport to get the notice our flight had been cancelled. Not because of snow in Penctiton but because of snow in Vancouver that’s the downside of flying out of a small airport! With highway 97 closed due ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » San José December 15th 2018

Nach Panama ging es ins nächste weiterentwickelte, fortschrittliche Land in Mittelamerika: Costa Rica. Nach einem ultrakurzen Flug von Panama war ich dann auch schon in der Hauptstadt namens San Jose, gemäss unserem Reiseleiter eine der hässlichsten Städte in Mittelamerika. Darum triffts es sich gut dass ich nichts unternommen habe und mich vom Flug in den frühen Morgenstunden erholt habe. Schnell ging es dann am nächsten Tag von San Jose in Richtung La Fortuna. Um nicht die ganze Fahrt im Bus zurücklegen zu müssen, sind wir dazwischen auf ein Boot umgestiegen. Aber nicht irgendein Boot, sondern ein Schlauchboot in welchem wir im Wildwasserfluss geraftet sind. Schlussendlich sind wir alle sicher in La Fortuna angekommen. In La Fortuna besuchten wir einen Wasserfall in welchem man auch baden kann. Das ganze war zwar schön anzusehen, das Wasser aber zu ... read more

Fri 30 Nov-Sat 1 December - Day 35 to 36 - San José The capital city of Costa Rica, San José, is nestled in a fertile valley among coffee and sugar-cane farms. There is not much left of the colonial era architecture, due to the damage done by earthquakes, but it was certainly worth seeing the National Theatre, built in 1897. We arrived at our accommodation Hotel LaRosa del Paseo after a 40 minute drive from the airport. It was dark by the time we checked in at around 5.30pm. We went to an Argentinian restaurant for dinner and as you would expect, the meal was cooked to perfection. Our first full day in this capital city was spent walking along its many pedestrian streets and seeing the main sites of the town. This included visiting ... read more
San Jose Costa Rica - National Theatre (9)
San Jose Costa Rica at night (2)
San Jose Costa Rica - National Park (1)

For us the answer to this question is via Volaris, a Mexican budget airline, this being the cheapest way to make the short journey from San Salvador to the Costa Rican capital. Despite a few glitches with their booking website and it taking a couple of goes before we successfully managed to check-in on line, generally everything with the Volaris flight goes smoothly. As we don’t have access to a printer I download the boarding passes to my tablet which works fine for all the baggage, security and boarding checks. The bag drop turns out to be one of the simplest I’ve encountered and there is zero queue, immigration is also strangely deserted, which means we are early for the flight departure. The plane departs on time and arrives early. San Jose airport is only 20km ... read more

Well this may have been the final week, but there was no slacking!! My mornings started with a lovely breakfast of fruit, yogurt, granola and fresh juice courtesy of my hosts each morning, served in the garden with the scent of jasmine around me - not a bad start to the day! Then Maricela would pick me up on her way, and we spent each day at Sam’s place working away. We started out reviewing the new processes and forms for the visitor centre that I had implemented my last week in Islita so they’d have a full understanding of how things should work there. We spent time reviewing and reconciling all the data that had been entered into their new accounting system. We interviewed 3 potential candidates for their year-end accounting and taxes. We also ... read more

What’s the downside of visiting one of the best tourist destinations in the world? Everything else pales in comparison, or at least initially. The spectacle of Machu Picchu was still afresh when we landed in Costa Rica. The bar had been raised and expectations were soaring, albeit unconsciously! The weather in April was warm and balmy and San Jose’s airport was more than welcoming. Here, people greeted one another saying “Pura Vida”, meaning “have a pure life” and this wellness greeting was heavier on the scales than greetings for a good day or part of a day that we were so accustomed to. Perhaps there was some intrinsic quality in the people and their attitude towards life that led to Costa Rica topping the world’s Happiness index, three times in a row :) :) :) With ... read more
overlook view
a treat for sore eyes
camouflaged iguana

As though I haven't learned the lesson enough times- the Universe reminded me again that I should really stop planning my travels so much. I had just sent my detailed itinerary to my parents when I got he update that my PHL- FLL flight had been delayed. At least I could slow down eating the meal Orion had cooked me before driving me to the airport. Got to the airport to find out the flight was now delayed by 2 hours, meaning I'd miss my connecting flight in FLL. Spirit was super easy about rebooking me onto an American Airlines flight that would get me to my connection on time. Win! Then that flight got delayed. I had found Jacob, a fellow yoga teacher that is also going to Envision and we killed time at the ... read more

Today we took an excellent walking tour around San Jose. We started in front of the Teatro Nacional and our excellent guide led us to various points of interest throughout the city. We passed through some absolutely beautiful parks, heard the stories behind some fantastic statues and historical buildings. My favourite thing our guide did was stop and ask locals what a particular statue meant to them, or who does this painting remind you of... so very cool. Everything was interesting but my highlights were: the story of the uprising of girls from a local high school to essentially call bullshizzle on their then president (they *may* have burned a building down...oops), the present day political goings on (we are here on Election Day!) and an encounter with a type of eucalyptus tree that has leaves ... read more
Lunch at La Tortillera
SJ map
Coat of arms for Costa Rica

Woo hoo! I was super excited for this trip but holy crisp was I ever down to the wire to get packed and ready. I had to be up at 4:00am and went to bed at 1:30am. Urgh. I’m usually freakishly organized, but this is my first trip post-new puppy and I didn’t account for all the extra stuff I’d have to do to get things ready for him. Plus, since I had a wonderful friend staying with my wee nugget while I was gone I wanted to leave him a clean house. I barely made it. I didn’t get around to cleaning my baseboards and ended up shoving piles of clean laundry in some random drawers. It also meant that, even though I made a packing list, I was sure when we left for the ... read more
My wee nugget
hydrangeas in bloom

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