Way Too Hot!

Published: April 4th 2012
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Uvita is a small town on the Pacific coast that boasts some fine beaches and prime wildlife habitat. We stayed in a permaculture retreat on the side of a hill a couple of kilometres from town and enjoyed the sounds of the jungle as we melted in the heat. The retreat was set in a gorgeous tract of rainforest and all around us was lush green wilderness. There were nearby waterfalls with nice swimming holes to cool us off and a background chorus of insects and birds.

Interestingly, the guy who ran the retreat was from Spain and was a native speaker of Euskara (Basque), one of the oldest remaining European languages! What an awesome sounding language - totally peculiar!

The Marino Ballena National Park was gorgeous, with golden-sand beaches thickly lined with palms and mangroves rich in birdlife. However, the heat was super intense! Without any doubt, this is the hottest region we´ve experienced in many years - it is notoriously hot at the best of times, but during our brief visit it was almost unbearable. The nights did cool down quite a bit though and our lodge was half way up a hill, so it
Red-eyed frogRed-eyed frogRed-eyed frog

Agalychnis callidryas
made for a comfortable night. We found time to do some stream-splashes in the evenings, hiking up small streams donning our rubber boots and headlamps searching for reptiles and amphibians... It was very special...

On our morning of departure we were woken up by the beautiful and haunting sound of the gray-necked woodrail (whoop-WHOOP whoop-WHOOP whoop woop-woop-woo). One of our favourite bird calls! We would really appreciate it if all of our blog readers at this exact moment tried to imitate the call of the woodrail using the above sound-prop...!

Having explored a bit of Costa Rica's Pacific coast, we have came to the conclusion that sea level, March and Latitude 10N are not collectively compatible with comfortable travel... We proceded to seek out cool mountain air and shade under forest canopies... And with a bit of luck - get rained on...

We are always amazed at human mentality when it comes to hot countries - people go to a hot country and spend all day seeking shade and air conditioning - curious?

Hace mucho calor, salimos ahorita...

Los viajeros, T y D

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Another Red-eyed Frog Another Red-eyed Frog
Another Red-eyed Frog

The second one of the evening.
Cat-eyed SnakeCat-eyed Snake
Cat-eyed Snake

(Leptodeira septentrionalis)
Fun with the kittensFun with the kittens
Fun with the kittens

At Cascada Verde Lodge
Two kitties at the hostelTwo kitties at the hostel
Two kitties at the hostel

in Uvita, Costa Rica.
Second floor of the EcolodgeSecond floor of the Ecolodge
Second floor of the Ecolodge

Cascada Verde Ecolodge, Uvita, Costa Rica. In the corner, Theresa plays with the 2 kitties.
Howler MonkeysHowler Monkeys
Howler Monkeys

At the Ecolodge

At the Ecolodge
National ParkNational Park
National Park

Beaches and coastal rainforest in Uvita
Trek across the hot beachTrek across the hot beach
Trek across the hot beach

The sweaty hiker, Theresa. A nice cool coconut water (agua de coco) was our saviour that day, straight from the coconut.
Uvita BeachUvita Beach
Uvita Beach

Marino Ballena National Park.
By the streamBy the stream
By the stream

On our night walk, the eight legged creatures come out to prey.
Poison DartPoison Dart
Poison Dart

Not the greatest of pictures. But this was the only poison dart frog we found... It´s name eludes us right now.
A bromiliad plantA bromiliad plant
A bromiliad plant

aka Pineapple
Magnificent creaturesMagnificent creatures
Magnificent creatures

Black Vultures in the garbage. Such adaptable birds.

5th April 2012

way too hot?
We are having a snow storm! Too hot? NAAAHHHH..........impossible!
5th April 2012

Glad to hear with all that heat that you guys didn't croak...lol...
6th April 2012

Great stuff!
Beware the american crocodile in those swimming holes! I'm doing the Whoop Whoop now, and my co-workers are looking at me funny, is that normal? Keep up the posts, us armchair travelers are reveling in you albeit hot adventures! I believe you're not farm from one of the big banana research areas from the 40's, 50's, 60's...

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