The Mountains of Chiriqui.

Published: April 10th 2012
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Taking Shelter.Taking Shelter.Taking Shelter.

Theresa´s new parasol-leaf hat

It is little wonder that the expression "As delightful as a border post" has never been coined...

The Costa Rica - Panama post of Paso Canoas was of course charmless and we had little reason to hang out there. We stayed only long enough to have a dashing glance at our passport stamps and to cherish the fact that this was the last overland border crossing of our trip...Ah! Hola Panama!

What a feeling of relief as we rocked up to Cerro Punta and it´s clean, fresh mountain air, beautiful farm land and friendly people. At 1800 metres above sea level, we had forgotten what it was like to feel the cold! Our long sleeves and toques got their use after weeks in the backpacks.

Shortly after arriving we heard a voice yelling from a bus. "David, David". Everyone everywhere was shouting "David". There is of course a fairly large place called David a couple of hours down the road, but at first we thought that someone somewhere knew Dave - which wouldn´t have surprised us really!?

We headed uphill to the village of Las Nubes and the entrance to Parque International de Amistad where
A Room with a ViewA Room with a ViewA Room with a View

The View from our room at the Cerro Punta Hotel. In Cerro Punta.
we enjoyed pristine cloud forests along the mountainside. The trails were steep but the cool air kept us from over-heating, as we trekked over 2500 metre passes. Our bodies were certainly in need of a good workout. We were the only people in the park and relished every moment. The air was invigoratingly fresh and the dampness of the forest smelled incredible! It was hard to leave after four days of incredible hiking!

Our next stop was Boquete. Cloud forests as well, and a bustling town of Canadian and American Ex-pats as well as many more travellers.

Continuaramos caminar en los bosques nubosos. Hasta la proxima.

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The Cloud ForestThe Cloud Forest
The Cloud Forest

Parque Internacional Amistad. (PIA)
Vistas del Parque.Vistas del Parque.
Vistas del Parque.

El Parque Internacional Amistad.
La CascadaLa Cascada
La Cascada

A 45 metre high waterfall after two hours of hiking.
Las Nubes.Las Nubes.
Las Nubes.

View from the community of Las Nubes
Dark CloudsDark Clouds
Dark Clouds

Over Cerro Punta.
Abandoned BuildingAbandoned Building
Abandoned Building

On the Pianist Trail near Boquete.
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That's right, we do not know the name of this one either. But we are certain that our birder friends will help us out!
Pretty CreekPretty Creek
Pretty Creek

Quebrada chiquita en Parque internacional de Amistad
Lush GreenLush Green
Lush Green

Volcan Baru National Park

One of our favourites.
Volcan BaruVolcan Baru
Volcan Baru

The nation´s highest peak.
Hiking BoqueteHiking Boquete
Hiking Boquete

Near Boquete.
Green honeycreeperGreen honeycreeper
Green honeycreeper

We think... feel free to correct us if this is wrong...
any ideas?any ideas?
any ideas?

Our birder friends, feel free to identify this one for us...
Blue-grey tanagerBlue-grey tanager
Blue-grey tanager

Thraupis episcopus

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