Exploring the Pacific Coast.

Published: April 2nd 2012
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Looking down at usLooking down at usLooking down at us

Three-toed sloth. Bradypus variegatus.

Costa Rica surprised us in that there was a lot less garbage on the highways and in towns and cities, which is a good thing! We did notice many more car dealers here as well and this might help explain why our bus from the border was half empty as opposed to crammed with people. We also noticed that prices are higher and you do not get the same value for what you pay compared to the other countries in Central America. We do hope that some of this money funnels down to better wages for locals and more protection of the national parks and environment.

We chose to explore the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, a fairly tourist trodden area but beautiful nonetheless. It is extremely rich in wildlife diversity and we are dedicating the majority of the remainder of our trip to our planet´s amazing nature.

We headed to the Coastal town of Quepos, where we stayed a few nights and used it as a base to explore some of the gorgeous coast, its palm-fringed beaches and abundant wildlife. There was also a farmers market in town (or rather an ex-pat market) where we feasted
Hanging out...Hanging out...Hanging out...

Staring at the Gringo Tourists...
on some excellent organic, fresh fruit and veggies, and even some homemade hummus - a very welcome treat!

A few miles from Quepos is Manuel Antonio National Park. We knew that there would be hoards of people there so we made it to the gate the minute they opened in order to avoid the crowds and to see the wildlife before it retreated deeper into the forest for the day. We were pleasantly surprised with our experience! Lizards, snakes, iguanas, agoutis, coatis, deer and squirrel monkeys... And our first ever sloth! We spent time watching this lovely creature and observed it for a while. Then it actually moved! Haha. We pretty much had the park to ourselves for the first couple of hours but by 9 am the entourage came sweeping in, most people hit the beaches, but the trails were starting to get a little clogged.

The hot, humid air was so intense that Theresa experienced her first beard made from sweat rolling down her face and Dave´s sweat was dripping from his face and splashing his knees as he walked...! We both drank about 5 litres in about 4 hours of fun and frolick in the
Un PerezosoUn PerezosoUn Perezoso

The markings on the back indicate a male. Isn´t he just so handsome.
hot temps.

Hasta la proxima, T y D

Additional photos below
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A rare sight to behold...A rare sight to behold...
A rare sight to behold...

A sloth on the move.
Nice claws...Nice claws...
Nice claws...

Male Three -Toed Sloth
White-tailed DeerWhite-tailed Deer
White-tailed Deer

This deer walked right by us as we started our trek into the national park.
View of the Coastal RainforestView of the Coastal Rainforest
View of the Coastal Rainforest

Manuel Antonio National Park
You look crabby today.You look crabby today.
You look crabby today.

Ghost Crab, Manuel Antonio National Park
White-nosed CoatiWhite-nosed Coati
White-nosed Coati

On the beach at Manuel Antonio
Black IguanaBlack Iguana
Black Iguana

Ctenosaura similis.
I´m too sexy for my skinI´m too sexy for my skin
I´m too sexy for my skin

We just loved all of the lizards and iguanas in Manuel Antonio National Park
View from the RainforestView from the Rainforest
View from the Rainforest

Manuel Antonio National Park
heyyy, heeeyheyyy, heeey
heyyy, heeey

Flashback from the movie Finding Nemo
Red-eyed Tree FrogRed-eyed Tree Frog
Red-eyed Tree Frog

Agalychnis callidryas. We love phibos...
Rio secoRio seco
Rio seco

Dried up riverbed in Manuel Antonio National Park. It will fill up when rainy season comes along.
We love reptilesWe love reptiles
We love reptiles

Just one more photo of these lovely creatures...

2nd April 2012

love your trip
Thanks for all the pictures, I feel warmer....... - 17 this morning
3rd April 2012

Hi to both, I haven't commented on most blogs cause I'm in awe!!! What beautiful places, wildlife, etc that you are experiencing!!! How wonderful for the 2 of you to be living THE life!!! My hat's off to you. Enjoy! Hugs
3rd April 2012

travelling man.....
llove your new title dave...international man of travel......lovely pics once again. the sloth reminds me of someone....someone from the fleece likely......

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