JASDIP (Just Another Sunny Day In Paradise)

Published: February 18th 2010
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We have really been enjoying taking things slowly. Sort of routine: Get up make some coffee and sit out on the patio. Sometime after 8:00, amble over to the Rancho to have breakfast. They always have fresh fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice, eggs to order, black beans and rice (the national food) and then something different each day like coffee cake, French toast, muffins, etc. It’s a nice place to chat with the other people that are here.

Then we take a walk down the beach. The sand is easy to walk on—very firm - somewhat like Daytona Beach but not as white. The water is easy to walk in — warm with no undertow. The bigger waves are quite a distance out from the very gently sloping (almost flat) beach. We can watch the surfers catch a wave and sit on top of the world (hear the Beach Boys or Venture playing in the background?).

Then we have to decide whether to sit in the shade of the trees near the water where there’s always a nice breeze or sit at the pool under an umbrella. We’ve been skipping lunch after that nice breakfast and eating

Where we have breakfast and meet with the other guests and the owners. The refrig has goodies and drinks in case we run out.
an early dinner -- we either fix for ourselves or drive into town to one of many local restaurants - nothing gourmet so far but good eating anyway. There are a huge number of restaurants within a 15 minute drive. It’s an interesting drive—narrow streets with lots of people walking or biking so we have to take it slowly - no sidewalks so everyone walks down the middle of the street (note singular - there is only one).

I was sitting under a tree on the beach reading a book while Jim was back at the Villa doing some work when I noticed things falling from the tree and hitting me. They didn’t seem to be falling around me—just hitting me. It didn’t hurt and I had to look several times up in the tree but I finally spotted a monkey. HA! The little rascal wanted his privacy I guess…

As you can see from the pixs, the sunsets are beautiful! We took some from our beach and some from a restaurant (we needed 4-wheel drive to get up the hill to the place). Nice sunset though the famous “green flash” failed to appear.

Tomorrow, we are

A nice spot to spend the day
off on an adventure with the other people here at the B&B. The owner has arranged for ATV’s and is guiding a tour - more later.

Additional photos below
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Beach pathBeach path
Beach path

On the way to the beach
Jim on the beachJim on the beach
Jim on the beach

Just trying to relax after a stressful morning of doing nothing
Lonely Surfer, rippling waterLonely Surfer, rippling water
Lonely Surfer, rippling water

Hear The Ventures playing?
Monkey TreeMonkey Tree
Monkey Tree

Karen saw it barely after it threw something down at her.
Pet IguanaPet Iguana
Pet Iguana

Just one of the friendly pets
Inside our villaInside our villa
Inside our villa

Stain glass windows and brick dome above the patio doors
Restaurant on the hillRestaurant on the hill
Restaurant on the hill

Up a steep narrow gravel road. Definitely required four wheel drive.
Still more flowersStill more flowers
Still more flowers

OK - Karen likes flower pictures
Petals on our walkPetals on our walk
Petals on our walk

It is fall (dry season) so trees are dropping things

Outside the owner's house

18th February 2010

Wow! gorgeous... I love the flowers too.. funny about the monkey.. take him some peanuts next time and maybe he won't throw things down on you :o) The sunset is unbelievable!! I know you are having fun. I'm still jealous :o) joy
19th February 2010

Love it!
Thanks for the update! Enjoy the sun, it is snowing the bigest, beautiful (although we are tired of them) snowflakes I have ever seen here today. Looks like you are having fun, keep sending updates because we are enjoying them. Those pine conish flowers are COOL! And the view from the restaurant reminds me of the view from the loft in your house at Stockton :) Have a cocktail for me today, it's Friday!! Stay safe and have fun friends, Britton
20th February 2010

Gorgeous photos! And your vacation sounds really dreamy to us - we can drive around now to most places we want to reach, but the snow's still very deep and makes things somewhat hazardous or unavailable - so we hope you keep enjoying your good times in the tropics! Am sure you're keeping up with Marsha and Ken - we are, too, and are glad he's home and mending. XOX - S. and B.
20th February 2010

Puntarenas!! What a beautiful country Costa Rica is! It is definitely next on my short list! There is a great surfing spot just south of Puntarenas by a town called Jaco that has some of the best all around surf you can find!! Jealous!!

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