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1st March 2012

Sand Dollars
I loved the story about the Sand Dollars, if you have room to bring an extra one back, I've loved to have one. I'm enjoying reading about your adventure and feeling like I'm there too.
27th February 2012

The pictures are beautiful of the beach and sunsets. Interesting about the exchange rate for money. We've had one of the mildest winters that I can remember, but 89 degrees beats even what we've had this winter.
27th February 2012

Pretty money
So is the money in the picture worth about $34 US?
28th February 2012

Colones to dollars
25th February 2012

cool pics
Iggy is kind of cute, he wouldn't want to live up north with us however, I'm sure he would give me a dirty look...do they talk?...love the shells they look interesting, color that is....fruit looks delicious...:)
21st February 2012

Even with all the mishaps, it looked like you both had a great time! The termites might have tasted minty but I'm with Jim, I couldn't get past they thought they are bugs.
17th February 2012

Great pics!
Love the waterfall pics! Looks like you are all having a great time. Thanks for the updates, have sure enjoyed them. See you soon.
16th February 2012

looks like a lot of fun and thanks for including us in your travels!!! ENJOY!
16th February 2012

Great Pics
Love it, love it, love it. Wished I was there!
14th February 2012

All looks like fun and great adventure. Not having the best of luck with tires this trip are you?! See you soon.
14th February 2012

keep pictures coming
fun to see the pictures of your trip....very interesting...slough maybe...poisonious snake not so much!!!!
13th February 2012

Looks like a wonderful time so far !!
Thanks for the update and pictures. Looks like you are really enjoying yourselves. I know you are enjoying the nice warm weather !!! Take care and will look forward to more updates and pictures when you send them. Don't get toooo spoiled :o)
14th February 2012

Thanks Joy
We really are enjoying everything....especially the weather and having friends here to share it with.
13th February 2012

Costa Rica
It really looks beautiful were you're staying. The fish tacos sound great!
13th February 2012

Looks like fun!
Enjoyed the update! Supposed to snow here tomorrow so Jim's snowblower is not doing it's job :-) See you soon, have fun!
25th February 2011

Really enjoyed the tour pictures of the coffee bea n sprouts and the whole process. Mary z
25th February 2011

sounds like you all are having the time of your life.. I would have loved the coffee plantation and sampled all the coffee if they had them :o) Beautiful scenery and pictures as always. Continue to have fun and stay well..
24th February 2011

Sounds fun!
Hi Jim & Karen - I just got the chance to sit down and read all your blogs and of course you are having a great time!! We are living vicariously through your post and photos. See you soon and miss you! -Britton & Brad
21st February 2011

As always some awesome pictures and love the story on all that you are doing and seeing.. would love to walk all the places you've walked. Maybe next year :o) continue to have fun and stay safe!!
16th February 2011

So sorry you got sick.. hope it goes away soon so you can enjoy your time in the mountains... Love all the pictures. the flowers are all so beautiful.. take care and stay well.. will wait for the next blog posting :o)
11th February 2011

Have a wonderful time. Still frigid here but supposed to be better this weekend. Don't worry, I'll be fine!
11th February 2011

Well it looks like you all are settling in right where you left off last year :o) Enjoy and forget there is a place called Mission, Ks !!
11th February 2011
Jim at the restaurant

As you can see, I really need a beer.
11th February 2011

Dusty Road
The road to our place does not show how really bad it is in the photos.
10th February 2011

white sands?
yeah, so friggin what? we got white stuff to walk on too!

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