Karen Carlet


Karen Carlet

Jim and I will be traveling to Florida, Panama and Costa Rica from Feb. 3--March 7.

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco February 22nd 2012

Here is a collection of pictures about stuff we've noticed about coming to Costa Rica.... read more
Another sunset
Beach in the morning for our hour+ walk
Weather and Temperature in F

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco February 15th 2012

Be sure to look at the pictures below the ads—the ads in the middle of the blog/pictures seems to be new this year—so if you don’t know better you’d only see 3 or 4 pictures instead of 15 or 20 (or more today) that I usually include. On Sunday we drove into Jaco again. This was Michele and Gerry’s first time there. After another fish taco at our favorite place, we found a place to book a waterfall tour that we all thought would be fun. Joe (from Denver) told us that Monday tours were booked but when we said we were in Bejuco, he said that Mike (who is from Chicago), who also works there, lives there too and he could not only do the tour but he could pick us up at our house ... read more
Termites - Yummy
First Land Rover incident
Human Cell tower

We drove to Manuel Antonia Park which is about a 40 minute drive. It's a relatively small park but one that I'd heard a lot about and a place we shouldn't miss. We hired a guide to help us see more animals and take us through the park. She brought along a telescope to see some of the things up close. We saw monkeys, sloths, a poisonous snake, some red eyed frogs (although the one I looked at through her scope just looked like a green blob on the underside of a leaf), and a type of racoon called a kudamonday. We don't have any good monkey photos from this trip...they're very fast and up in the trees. I got a lot of trees but hard to see the monkeys in the pictures I took. We ... read more
Ken and Marsha at the park sign
Our tour guide with telescope
Poisonous snake

Central America Caribbean February 8th 2012

We're glad to find that Costa Rica is just as wonderful as we found it to be the last two years. We left home Friday, January 27 in below freezing weather and drove to Jim's parent’s house in IL. The next morning we were on the road with our car and theirs (again it was below freezing) and made it to Birmingham, AL where we stayed with Jim's cousin. After a nice visit, we left the next morning (again below freezing) and drove to Fort Walton Beach, FL. We stayed in a motel but had dinner at friend's house (Karen and Jack)--another nice visit. We left the next morning and yes, it was still below freezing but by the time we stopped for lunch (heading to Orange City--north of Orlando) we were able to leave jackets ... read more
Living area and eating table
Living area
Jim in the kitchen

It happened again...our Bocas blog got published while we were editing but not sent to anyone. Click on previous entry to see it. We're coming home today!!... read more

Bocas del Toro, Panama March 7th—14th After driving back to San Jose, we spent two nights in the Margarita’s B&B where we have stayed before (a very cute, inexpensive place where we meet the most interesting people from all over—lots of Canadians, some Americans, and Brits ), turned in our car and got a taxi to the small airport in the city. We flew on a small airplane - Nature Air airlines. If every seat on the plane were full, it would hold 21 people. We were lucky the day we flew, there was only one other passenger besides us (and the two pilots). (To get it off the ground, they first have to wind up the rubber bands that spin the two props.) It did have GPS so they could find Bocas easily. The other ... read more
San Jose from the plane
Inside of Guari Guari
Jim outside Guari Guari

We wrote a blog about our Quad tour but somehow it got published without sending out emails to everyone---it's still a mystery why but this is a quick update and hopefully you'll be able to 'see previous entry' titled Quad tour and the beach if you want to read it and see pictures. Tomorrow we leave this beach and drive and ferry up to San Jose where we'll stay in the same B&B we've been before. We'll then fly from there (in a little airplane which I'm not too excited about) to Bocas del Toro, Panama where we will stay for a week. Sometime while we're there, we'll post one more time before heading back on March 15.... read more

Last Friday, everyone in our resort (a family with 2 kids, and 2 other couples and us) went on a 4-wheeling 'quad' tour. Brad and Tara (from Canada) own the resort and Brad loves to take people out on the quad tour. He arranges for the quads to be delivered here and depending on the tide, he takes groups out. We did it last year and enjoyed it so much we wanted to do it again but when we first arrived in early Feb. he was taking a group out the next day and since low tide was early, they had to leave at 7:00 AM and even then had to take the 'high' road back. We said we'd wait until the next time we were here so last Friday we were able to leave at ... read more
We're getting ready to leave
Driving down the beach
Down dusty roads

Six days in the mountains (Santa Elena and Monteverde). Now we're back at the beach and happy as clams...but we did have an interesting tour of an organic coffee plantation that we would like to share. There are quite a few coffee plantation tours apparently (most brand name..for their..coffee) but the owner of our Santa Elena B&B place suggested we visit an organic coffee farm where he said we would have a more personal experience and learn about how they did coffee. We were picked up at the Rustic Ranch motel about 8 am by a driver that didn't speak English but down the hill in the town of Santa Elana we picked up Jesus who was our interpreter for the tour. That morning the storm clouds seemed to be overhead and it looked like we ... read more
The coffee bean sprouting
These sprouts are ready to go into the ground
Cherries are the berries of the coffee plant

After crossing the ferry to Puntareanas again we started our drive up the mountain to Monteverde. We'd been told that the road was one of the worst in Costa Rica and we were questioning just how it COULD get worse when we were pleasantly surprised to find the first half of our drive to be on one of the best roads so far. Then we took the turn to Monteverde and finished the paved road and began our trek averaging 10 mph on the dirt, rocky, winding road (this doesn't begin to explain how bad it really was). After about an hour, we arrived and found our motel called Rustic Lodge. The town is down the hill from us but then everything is on a hill so you're either going up or down to someplace. We've ... read more
jungle bridges
jungle bridges
begonias in bloom at the Selatura park

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