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This is our last day at the Villa on the beach until we come back in 6 days. It's been a very relaxing week and we really haven't done anything very exciting. After reading the Internet news in the morning (yes we even read the Kansas City Star), we have breakfast, take a walk on the beach and then decide whether to sit under the trees and watch the ocean (while reading a book) or go to the pool (and read a book). Either way we stay in the shade so although we have gotten a little color, we're being careful and haven't gotten burned. We are only eating two meals--a late breakfast and an early dinner. We're usually the first ones at a restaurant and are back 'home' when all of the younger surfers hit ... read more
Flowers that look like pinecones.
Flowers in the Rancho
Mr. Iguana posing for me.

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Malpais February 10th 2011

Hola from Costa Rica! Our trip was delayed by 3 days because Continental cancelled our flight on Friday, Feb. 4th. We were due to arrive in Houston about 10:30 that morning but they cancelled all flights into Houston until noon that day. Instead of delaying the flight, we had to wait until Monday, Feb. 7th to fly out. Fortunately we plan to be out of the country for more than a month so we still have a lot to look forward to. So sorry the midwest is having such cold weather right now... We arrived in San Jose about 3:00 in the afternoon, went through customs, etc. and waited for the people from the car rental, signed papers for that and arrived at our B&B about 5:30. This is the same B&B we stayed in last ... read more
Mountains taken from the car
Here comes the ferry.
The dusty road to our villa

Wednesday: We drove along a road from Mal Pais to Cabuya C.R. that is only for those with 4 wheel drive. It skirted the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. We had to go across a couple of rivers (don’t do this during the rainy season!), went up and down some very steep inclines and sharp curves, but the dirt road had been recently graded and didn’t have huge pot holes and ruts. Also, we weren’t dodging people walking and biking, or avoiding ATV’s and cars passing at daredevil speeds. We were glad we took that way to get across the peninsula. We went first to another wildlife sanctuary called Rainsong. In this place, animals were rescued when they either were injured or had been people’s pets and couldn’t be released into the wild. We saw some birds, ... read more
A friendly Iguana
Aunty the anteater
Baby Monkey

Monday's Adventure We drove for almost 90 minutes (over asphalt roads with mucho grande potholes (many were about 8 inches deep or more - the rest were washboard gravel). We arrived in Curu at the Curu Wildlife Refuge. A guide took us on a tour of the area jungle. He explained that they manage the area by planting some areas with food for the animals (bananas for example). We learned about many of the native trees and animals but didn’t really see very many animals except for monkeys. There were white faced monkeys both in the jungle and a whole family of them around the area where we waited for our boat ride. I took a bunch of pictures and a video that I’ll try to upload. I apologize that parts are a little shaky. We ... read more
White faced monkey
Banana Plant
Termite nest

Brad and Tara, the owners of these villas, asked if we would like to take a tour on ATVs. He would lead it and rent ATVs for us. Everyone wanted to go so we took off with 8 ATVs and 15 people (a few were children but big enough to ride along). We left about 10 AM and hadn’t gone far when the police stopped us. Apparently, Brad was using a different rental place and found out that they didn’t have all of the ‘papers’ they were supposed to have. They then checked everyone for their driver’s license and passport documentation. Brad had forgotten to tell everyone to have passport information so some people didn’t. We had read at the airport in San Jose that it was fine to lock your passports in a safe and ... read more
And We're Off!!
On the beach
Our coache

We have really been enjoying taking things slowly. Sort of routine: Get up make some coffee and sit out on the patio. Sometime after 8:00, amble over to the Rancho to have breakfast. They always have fresh fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice, eggs to order, black beans and rice (the national food) and then something different each day like coffee cake, French toast, muffins, etc. It’s a nice place to chat with the other people that are here. Then we take a walk down the beach. The sand is easy to walk on—very firm - somewhat like Daytona Beach but not as white. The water is easy to walk in — warm with no undertow. The bigger waves are quite a distance out from the very gently sloping (almost flat) beach. We can watch the ... read more
Beach path

We wrote the last blog while we were getting ready to leave the B&B in San Jose early in the AM and noticed I had quite a few typos. I’ll try and proof better but we were in a hurry to leave… I can now report that the roads from there to where we were going on the Pacific have some good news and some bad news… Good news is that there is a NEW toll road that is wonderful and it just opened 2 weeks ago!! I’ll include a pix from that. For Costa Rica roads….this was heaven!! But after we got off of it we found out what the real roads are like…giant pot holes and drivers that will pass on a curvy mountain road while big trucks, etc. are coming down the other ... read more
Here comes our Ferry
The Master Bedroom
The other bedroom

Early Saturday morning: We flew from Panama City to San Jose—just a one hour flight. I thought I’d take a minute and let you know about the accommodations that we’ve had so far. Our room in Panama City was minimal but clean. It had a queen size bed and private bathroom. It had in room A/C. The bed was made up with a colorful sheet for the top sheet/bedspread. There were a couple of common areas where you could sit and chat with others, a couple of balconies where we could watch the birds, monkeys, squirrels, and a sloth. These were also the areas where we ate breakfast in the morning. They had made to order eggs or pancakes and then buffet style fruit, juice, coffee, yogurt, cereal, etc. The B&B itself was on Ancon Hill, ... read more
B&B in San Jose
Our patio

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City February 11th 2010

Last night we had dinner at the Balboa Yacht Club. We decided it is a perfect place to have beer and snacks on a sunny afternoon but no place for dinner although the wine was good. Today we took a tour to the Embera indian village. Interesting trip with a jungle tour and indian dancing. The pictures tell a better story than I can. Glad I wasn't driving because the roads outside the city are not the best. The boat we rode in was also a little unstable as it was hewn from a single log. Seats and back were added (to accomodate their 30hp motor.) The lake/river was stable so the boat ride was not too scarey. We'll be leaving our B&B, La Estancia, tomorrow morning to catch our plane to Costa Rica. It's been ... read more
Hiking up the river
Me and our boat driver
Our Car Drive etc

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City February 10th 2010

Last night we had a decent (not great) dinner at Bucaneros. Wine was good at $16 a bottle. This morning, we had a sweaty walk up Ancon Hill to the top. A giant Panamanian flag now flies where a giant US flag used to fly back in the days. We walked back down which was a lot easier task. Later we went over to the Miraflores locks for their tour which was very well done. Watched a cruise ship work its way through the lock - it was slow - like watching paint dry. We turned our car back to the vultures at AVIS - our $15/day average rate magically ended up at about $80/day for the two days we had the car - $11 of that was the GPS which was the only deal. I ... read more
Top of Ancon
Ancon Hill Flag
Karen at the canal

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