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Published: February 22nd 2010
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We're getting ready to goWe're getting ready to goWe're getting ready to go

This is our group at our B&B. Ready to take off on the ATVs.
Brad and Tara, the owners of these villas, asked if we would like to take a tour on ATVs. He would lead it and rent ATVs for us. Everyone wanted to go so we took off with 8 ATVs and 15 people (a few were children but big enough to ride along).

We left about 10 AM and hadn’t gone far when the police stopped us. Apparently, Brad was using a different rental place and found out that they didn’t have all of the ‘papers’ they were supposed to have. They then checked everyone for their driver’s license and passport documentation. Brad had forgotten to tell everyone to have passport information so some people didn’t. We had read at the airport in San Jose that it was fine to lock your passports in a safe and just carry a copy of the main page (which we had done at our place in San Jose) so we were fine but they let everyone go anyway. I noticed that the ATVs had stickers that said no passengers (Jim and Karen shared one) and not to take it onto a beach (why would you rent one if you didn’t want to drive it on a beach??).

While we were on a road and happened to be stopped to wait for everyone to catch up, I noticed a drip of liquid coming down from the tree above. It hit my arm and I tried to figure out if it was something from the tree or another creature. It didn’t seem to have any odor but then something else dropped out of the tree…part landed on my leg and the rest on the ATV—it definitely came from a mammal so I’m assuming it was monkey poop and now I know that the monkeys have it out for me!! I had Jim find a large leaf down the road so I could wipe it off.

We had a very dusty, fun adventure for about 4 hours driving on their highway (Hwy 160 which is a dirt road with lots of pot holes and gulleys to avoid). We went across a couple of rivers (this is the dry season so they weren’t very deep) and across some beautiful beaches. After a long, dusty ride, w ended up at a little restaurant on the beach that had wonderful things to eat. Jim and I had a filet of fish with a shrimp sauce on top—see photo. It was better than it even looks!! I shopped at their little souvenir shop and found some wooden necklaces that were nice. We all got on our ATVs and drove down the beach a little ways and went swimming. It was so nice to wash off some of the dust and swim in the surf for a while. None of us had towels but they were not necessary—the warm humid air dried us off and we were ready to go again.

We made it back to our place. Brad said he had to wash the ATVs off since they weren’t supposed to have been of the beach.

We have included a couple pictures of the roads into town. We drive this road to get to the grocery story and ATM at the bank -- restaurants want cash. Note the narrow bridge, just barely wide enough to get the SUV over. We had dinner two nights ago at an Argentinean steak house. They did not open until 6pm so, while we were waiting, we walked down to a beach bar to watch the sunset one more time. At
Our coacheOur coacheOur coache

This is proof that we really did this on the ATVs. It was fun!
the steak house, Jim had a steak and I had chicken grilled over an open flame. Very good eating! There are SO many restaurants!! We need to come back to sample some more. We’ve been eating out about every other night—other nights we have made simple things in our villa or just cheese/crackers and wine…

Last night, we had paella at the rancho fixed by two Spanish chefs. It was very good. See the pix!

I am including another picture of the pool. It has a shallow place for small children, a little ‘shelf’ where you can sit in the water and read and still be cool, and the kids love jumping off the artificial rock formation. It’s fun to watch them.

Additional photos below
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Our RestaurantOur Restaurant
Our Restaurant

It was even better than it looks!
Souvenirs on the beachSouvenirs on the beach
Souvenirs on the beach

This was part of the little resaurant where I found some nice little wooden necklaces.
Jim is dirty and thirstyJim is dirty and thirsty
Jim is dirty and thirsty

He thinks he should be a diet coke commercial.

Can you see them?
On the way downtownOn the way downtown
On the way downtown

The streets are narrow
Narrow bridgeNarrow bridge
Narrow bridge

Small to navigate an SUV over
The Beach BarThe Beach Bar
The Beach Bar

Jim is waiting for me to take his picture so he can go get a beer.
Surfing at SunsetSurfing at Sunset
Surfing at Sunset

Almost sunset and the surfers were taking the last waves

Do you every get tired of them? I don't.
Another sunsetAnother sunset
Another sunset

Are you getting tired of these? I'm not.
We really were there!We really were there!
We really were there!

Another beautiful one with the surfers still taking a wave.
Argentinean Steak HouseArgentinean Steak House
Argentinean Steak House

Delicious fire grilled steak and chicken.
Fire grilled foodFire grilled food
Fire grilled food

At the Argentinean Steak House
Our Paella DinnerOur Paella Dinner
Our Paella Dinner

It was as good as it looked!!

22nd February 2010

Great update. Glad to know you are getting good nurishment and libations! I just had a good laugh at the photo "The Beach Bar - Jim waiting on photo". I told Brad I could just hear Jim saying "I need a beer. Can you hurry up dear?" Keep the updates coming. Enjoy yourself because we are getting ice and snow tonight.
22nd February 2010

It looks beautiful. A little scary run in there- but what to do with a bunch of tourists?
22nd February 2010

Yet again another snow day in KC yesterday. It was on top of 1/4" of ice! Why did we not find a way to go with you!!!!!

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