First Full Day at the Yoga Farm

Published: May 7th 2009
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The day at the yoga farm starts at least by 6:30 am when the yoga class is held. It was actually light by 5 am and I got up shortly after that. I used the time to get unpacked somewhat and get a cup of coffee before class. Class was very good and just right for me. There were lots of breathing exercise and some challenging poses and I enjoyed it. I had awoken with a headache but after yoga it was gone and forgotten. The instructor's name is Barney and he is a real student of the eastern yoga philosophy and language. I do not know the names of all the vinyasas? but I might be able to learn them.

After breakfast I walked back down the steep hill and went to the beach. I was surprised how warm the ocean was. I was able to get in the water but the tide was really strong and I only stayed in long enough to get a handful of sand in my bathing suit bottom. I sat on the beach for a while and read a novel I brought until it started to rain. Then I headed back up the steep hill and got back just as the really heavy rain started.

Now as I am writing this on the yoga deck the ambiance is amazing. There is a beautiful soft and cool breeze and I can catch the fragrance of ylang ylang which is just incredle. I can see and hear the ocean and there are 4 others sitting on hte deck reading and enjoying it as well. No one is talking but everyone seems really content.

Today I sampled some tropical fruit that I haven't tasted since I lived in Naples. The first one is Jackfruit which is huge. It is very tasty but puts out this strange sticky substance that I had to use a scrub brush to remove from my fingers. I also tried a variety of mango that I had never had before. It has a yellow skin and it quite tasty, although a little more fibrous than others I had had. Barney, the yoga instructor found them on his morning walk to the beach.

The rest of the day I spent reading and typing and studying some Spanish. All meals are in the kitchen which is a good balancing act down the hill from the yoga studio. When we headed down for dinner I was reminded to bring down my flashlight. You certainly need it to find your way back up the path to the dorms and the studio. Had I not found some help to the yoga farm, it would have been impossible to find alone. After dinner we girls in the group played Scrabble in English on a Spanish board. We all turned in by 10 pm.


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