out of the mountains into the beach

Published: June 15th 2010
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Its been a few days and I have already typed this up twice and this blasted pc, which is some thing out of weird science, keeps shutting down on me..so now you get the abreviated version.

After a night of salsa dancing and chilling with just about every one @the hostel we headed to bed preparing for our day coming. The next day we woke up wished Yolla fairwell and chilled poolside for some breakfast and cafe. Afterwards I convinced anthony not to be lazy and head to the falls with me. We also conned Elena and Sophie to ride with. Taxi fee 6dolla one way + Park entry fee 10 dolla = EXPENSIVE but worth it.

After about 2 minutes down the trail you get to the intial overlook of the falls. You peer down into a valley through the mist of clouds and light rain and there lies these 2 incredible falls breaking through the canopys and greenery of the forest. after pics we headed down the trail, which had multiple warings of the steepness, they didn't lie. On the way down people were broke off over the railing gasping for air and rubbing the legs, but we were headed down, so we offered some sarcastic words of encouragement and headed on our way...the first falls in on your right. Incredible not as powerful as the second one but still puts you in awl. we took some karate kid pictures and headed toward the second one. The second was just as incredible and even more powerfull. There is an area to climb down, which Im not sure how safe it was, but I did it anyways...layed on a log next to the falls, then headed down the path to the actuall designated swimming hole...after a while we headed back to town to prep for the springs that afternoon. Sophie and Elena paid for a volcano hike and springs. Me and Anthony being cheap payed for just the springs and hike ourselves into town for cervesas..while we were in town we got to see the town mayor intiate some firefighters into the crew...they stood infront of the firetruck while he hosed them down..then there was some traditional dancing from the ninos.
On the way back to the hostel the clouds cleared up for us giving full view to the volcano which we have only been able to see half of. We instantly whipped out the cameras and took pics. About 2 seconds after the clouds cleared the volcano erupted, pillars of ash shot to the sky for what had to be 30 minutes. I personally had never seen that, it was definently jaw dropping. Relaxing a little more by the pool our ride to the hotsprings shows up and takes us 27 dollas for the springs and a dinner...not to bad considering the other one was 98 dollas.

The entrance of the springs was a statue of an overweight mermaid, so of course we took lewd pictures. once inside there are several levels of pools, they start cold and end up scorching. We headed to the one where they built a waterslide. played there for a little then wandered through the botanical gardens heading up to the hottest one. That was where we chilled for about an hour or so until we got dinner....at which point we stuffed ourselves, what is was a buffet. After dinner we were gonna leave but ran into britts again so we kicked it with them for a few until me and anthony headed out. The day was great. Company was good. Food was amazing. And of course pictures were taken.

The next day I woke up, said goodbye to anthony and the other folks I met and headed on my way to tamarindo...too bad the others had to go back home...suuuccckaas.

Now tamarindo, hmmmm how do I describe it....well lets see...dirty, congested, drugs, surfers, tourist, expensive, and nice waves...so after sorting through the many expensive hostels I bunked down @ a surf shop for the night rented a board and headed to the waves. I was only there for a night then I was meeting up with some dudes from texas at another hostel. This morning I woke up and walked to playa grande to check the waves, had to swim across a river, and walk through a mosquito infested forest with out bug spray but I reached it. I also found this quaint little hostel that you could stay in tree houses, but it was out of my budget, waves sucked...lowtide=rocks. I headed back to town, reswam across the river again and packed up. I am now at a hostel called something leche...basically its tucked away. Cow themed and peaceful. I am meeting up with some dudes from COCO beach who are letting me borrow a board tonight for a hightide surf sesh...swells suppose to be about 8ft. we will see what happens.


21st June 2010

Sounds like my type of town, dirty and expensive! Mark that on my list of places to never visit.

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