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Published: June 13th 2010
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so we woke up @ 8 this morning and headed toward la fortuna by taxi to get to the boat that was gonna take us across lake arenal, on of the largest lakes in costa rica...but on the way our taxi broke down, got a flat tire, and drove 2 miles an hour..making us late for the first boat. So we arrived in La fortuna about 2hrs after we anticipaited...but it was a fun trip. across the lake we were at the foothills of one of the 10 most active volcanos in the world peering up at is massiveness. There were clouds covering the peek and eagles circling the clouds...a bliss to say the least. On the way there we ran into to british girls that my roadmates were talking to the night before and trash started to get strewn across our proper boat ride(my british slang) after a cup o tea or two we started making bets on the world cup game today...US vs the Yanks...that was the basis of our conversation the whole boat ride comparing which country was better...nothing like some international trash talking.
After arriving in La Fortuna we were met with the only paved roads I have seen since I got here, except san jose, and some coconut milk sipped straight out of coconuts. found our hostel, which is like a 5star resort in the states but priced like an indonesian sweat shop, throw some nice Ticos on top and BAM our hostel...hotel, nice beds, pool, hot water, bar, dance floor, and the nicest view of the volcano.

We anticipated on going to the hotsprings today but were hit with a monsoon and got flooded in...either way it has been a nice night and easy travel...again pics to follow. Miss you guys


21st June 2010

Now you're talkin
5stars? Hell yeah! Sounds like a destination spot next year! Volcano sounds amazing for real tho!!!

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