Surfing it up

Published: June 17th 2010
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Well guys Ive been in tamarindo for about 3 days...3 days too long. This place is super crowded and congested. I did get to surf some 10ft swells yesterday and today...not a bad paddle out either. I surfed all day yesterday till the sun went down. A couple of guys let me use there boards. I caught one of the longest biggest waves I have ridden last night, the only down side is the thick line up of begginers, longboards, and Stand up paddle boarders all out there.

After surfing me and a few people I met headed up to sharkys for the NBA finals and some beer. Once the finals were over they had karaoke..yes I sang...threw down some offspring selfesteem. Had the whole joint, of about 100 people, jamming out. Today when I was surfing some of the local ticos knew me as the singer from the bar, they said that it was pretty badass.

Aside from that I took about a 3hr walk down the beach to a secluded area and chilled. Tomorrow I head back to monteverde to cut over to the south pacific coast again. spend my last few days in domincal and quepos area. Then home...but until then Ill keep ya updated if I can


21st June 2010

Lakers pulled it off, against all odds. They are not my team (Chicago is) but i was rooting for them. Congrats on the big ass wave, homie!! Untill next time...

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