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In 2015 while exploring a small town in central Costa Rica called Monteverde, I stumbled into a tour guide establishment and grabbed several of the brochures that were advertising some of the most popular excursions in the country. In 2015 I was a newly graduated professional and in search of new adventures. One of the brochures was on the Volcan Irazu crater which looked amazing. This volcano crater was something new which I had to discover for myself. During a study abroad trip with University of South Florida in 2014 we visited Arenal Volcano which was amazing, although Irazu national park provided the opportunity for observers to hike up the face of the mountain and observe the volcano crater. Inside the Volcan Irazu crater there is a lake that changes color from aqua blue to blood ... read more

While the majority of our MacServe group headed out early for a day tour to Tortuguero, Renata and I decided to go on a guided half day tour to Irazu Volcano and Cartago City with Gray Line Costa Rica. We had an exceptionally clear day, so we had a great view of the Irazu Volcano in the distance. We also saw the massive craters that were made from the Irazu volcano eruption in the 1960’s. After our time at Irazu Volcano National Park, we headed over to Cartago. I thought that we would get a tour of the city, but we were only there for about 15 minutes before we left to go back to San Jose. There was this interesting farmers and artisan market that I wanted to check out. Instead we were dropped off ... read more
Irazu National Park
On the way to Cartago

Having finally made it to the right start point hotel (I got a taxi with a German couple I met from my group, Markus and Franziska, who were also at the wrong hotel) I finally get to meet Brian our Costa Rican tour guide (he looks like a football pro!) and the rest of my group. There's three more from the UK (another couple, Miles and Catherine and solo traveller Ben), Dan an Ozzie who's living in the US, Marian and Doug two Canadians also living in the US and one bonafide American Stu. We get to know each other better over a meal in the evening and they turn out to be a fun and friendly set of people so it's looking like being a great trip. We meet the final two people, Jane and ... read more
Entrance to the ruined temple at Cartago
Bringing Jesus on a donkey!
Football match

It took forever to get back on to the ‘main’ road (ever upwards with steep drops each side) and we were already missing the tranquility and comfort of Trogon Lodge. Luis, our driver had a couple of words of English - more than we had of Spanish and we got by with sign language for most of the two hour journey to the Orosi Valley. He showed us a map of the route and it was quite funny as the ‘legend’ showed, main roads, secondary roads, tracks and dangerous roads and guess which one we were on! We finally drove through the city of Cartago and the town of Paraiso before stopping at the top of the valley where Luis pointed out where we were. It was such a lovely view and we could see the ... read more
overlooking Orosi village
our local store
Iglesia de San Jose Orosi

This one will be more about pictures and less about writing. On Friday night the girls came over to go out dancing. YES! We finally went out to a local club Pepper’s and danced. FOR REAL! There were guys who could dance, there was a life band that played cool songs and the place that could support it all. We danced till 2:30am and left with a satisfied soul full alegria. Why does dancing make me so happy??? The girls spent the night in the house. In the morning we had coffee and bread with sour cream. Why sour cream? Because I thought I was buying Cheese Cream but accidently bought Sour Cream. The cream it was! Than we took a bus to Teatro National to take another one from there to Irazu at 8am. That ... read more
Casi en el cucurucho
Crater of Irazu
Who was there first? :)

The Irazú Volcano (Spanish: Volcán Irazú) belongs to places that rank among places worthy to see when you are in Costa Rica. Today I would like to share with you our recent experience with one day trip to this interesting Volcano. Let´s start with some basic information. It is Costa Rica´s highest volcano with the height of 3,432 meters. It is also one of the most active, with a history of frequent eruptions. The last noticeable activity came in 1996, and since then Irazú has been a quiet giant. The volcano has several craters, two of which are the principal attractions. The smaller crater, Diego de la Haya, has a beautiful unusual lake with bright greenish yellow coloring that is caused by rainfall dissolving the minerals along craters walls. I believe this lake really contributes to ... read more
Beautiful lake in the crater

Today was an early start. After checking out of the rooms, we loaded the bus with our bags and settled in for journey through dappled sunlight towards the former capital of Costa Rica - Cartago. The traffic was busy and chaotic, 4x4s jostled with commuter buses to occupy the same space on the road as light goods vehicles, whilst mopeds darted in and out like hummingbirds visiting flower after flower. Like San Jose, earthquakes have taken their toll on the glamorous buildings of yesteryear to the extend that none survive. The town is a dreadful blend of modern single storey buildings. Heading through Cartago, we made our way up winding roads towards Irazu. This smoking volcano sits within a national park and apparently towers above the town. However, today, with low clouds, nothing was towering over ... read more
Coming back from seeing nothing!
The view of the crater
White-nosed Coati

Hi everyone, I hope all is well. I forgot to post some pictures of a coati that we saw at the volcano 2 weekends ago. Not too much else is going on, I'm home for a little break and then I have to go back and teach tonight. I'm going to Panama on the 14th with Courtney so we have been trying to save money. Please keep in touch, I haven't heard from some of you in awhile. Cheers!... read more

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!! Today, Sabrina, Fabian and I went up to the Irazu Volcano. It was really cold and foggy, so we only got to see a little bit of it. Then we went down to the town of Cartago and stopped off at their church and hung out in the plaza for a little while, just to soak up the sun! What a difference a few thousand feet makes! The volcano is at 11,000 and there are 2 different craters. One was yellowish green and the other was black, it looked like tar. Hope everyone is doing alright. I will talk to you later! Enjoy my pics!... read more
Irazu Volcano
Irazu Volcano
Irazu Volcano

English speakers, you know where to find the English version... ------- Il ne faut jamais crier victoire trop tot, je sais, mais victooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!!! Deja 4 jours seule, et je ne me suis pas encore perdue! Jeudi je me suis un peu baladee dans San Jose, surtout pour m'acheter un guide plus detaille du Costa Rica- le Lonely Planet que j'ai achete avant de partir couvre toute l'Amerique Centrale, et aussi pratique que cela m'ait paru il y a quelques mois, j'en vois maintenant les desavantages... Comme ne pas avoir de carte des petites villes, ou assez de details sur les bus, etc. Malheureusement, je n'ai pas trouve de Lonely Planet, donc devrai me contenter du Rough Guide, que je n'aime pas autant. Apres mon petit tour dans San Jose, j'ai pris le bus direction Cartago, a ... read more
Basilica Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles
Las Ruinas
Le marche aux fruits - fruit market

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