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We were sad to leave Golfito. We really enjoyed our time there. We had a beautiful and comfortable accommodation with a million dollar view, lovely meals, quiet and extra sleep! We had breakfast the day we left for the second time at a nice spot on the Main Street called cafe Mercadito; run by an American woman who had lived in Costa Rica for about 10 years, 8 in Golfito. She had a black 3 legged dog that was the sweetest thing. They made good breakfast and good coffee. Top priorities for a long travel day. We left Golfito a little later than ideal. We made a stop at a brewery in a small beach side town called Dominical. The Fuego brewery was excellent. Housed in a very nicely and well constructed building (rare in Costa ... read more
Driving through the clouds
Cartago traffic
Cartago church

What is the ideal climate? It depends on everyone's preferences and metabolism! For me that enjoys animals of all kinds and plants a lot, I like a place that is green all year round. This is in the tropics mainly, but not a sea level. an altitude of about 1000 meters in the tropics, is perfect. It's like normal days of summer but with no extremes. That's what you have in all of central valley Costa Rica, but some places have the wow factor, like Atenas in the West, but also the very beautiful Orosi valley , South-East of Cartago. The Orosi valley is surrounded by little mountains that grow coffee on the slopes. The city of Orosi it not too big, and nature is very close on all sides. In same region, we visited the ... read more
Orchid lankaster gardens

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Cartago » Cartago January 28th 2017

Automatka maalle. Lähdettiin autolla klo 10 itään. Ensimmäinen kohde oli Orosin vanha kirkko. Ajettiin katsomaan kymmeniä vuosia vanhaa patoa. Vehreää maastoa ja kapeita teitä. Sitten Ujirrasin kirkon rauniot. Lounas paluumatkalla Cartagossa. Ajettiin sen tulivuoren ohi jonka purkauksesta leviää tätä nykyään tuhkaa myös San Joséhen. Aloin juoda hanavettä ihan kokonaan.... read more

Photos of ruins of Iglesia de la Parroquia ...... read more
Iglesia de la Parroquia, Cartago
Iglesia de la Parroquia, Cartago
Iglesia de la Parroquia, Cartago

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Cartago » Cartago November 30th 2011

Now that December is here, the season for holiday foods has truly arrived. From lollipops to latkes, every holiday and region has its own traditions. In many Latin American countries, tamales are the stars of the show. These delicious creations are made from masa – a traditional corn dough – and some sort of filling. Popular choices are chicken, chilies, and pork. Many are familiar with the traditional Mexican tamal, which is wrapped in cornhusks and then steamed. In Costa Rica, however, the masa is wrapped in banana or plantain leaves. And the variations don’t stop there. Tamales, which are thought to have originated with the Ancient Mayans in Mesoamerica as far back as 8000 BCE, have an amazingly long and diverse history. For instance, they were originally designed as portable... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Cartago » Cartago September 22nd 2011

Tropical Adventures works hard to keep its costs and fees as low as possible. Still, for several people it can be unclear why they have to pay for volunteer programs. I´ve heard several opinions that it is unethical and so on, therefore I consider as a must to provide a proper explanation on how it actually works. I cannot speak for other organizations, but I can give you a perspective from our sight. We have made several analyzes of certain impoverished areas of the country. This comprises difficult travel and meeting with untold numbers of communities and individuals. We want to know what real needs are present and how we can be of assistance. The truth is, not all communities are even ready to accept volunteer help. It was a tough job narrowing down to just ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Cartago » Cartago September 2nd 2009

When you are a young European, about to leave your country to spend a couple of months in Central America, you feel anxious, overwhelmed and uncomfortable. After spending 3 months here, the feeling which predominates is sadness. Indeed, Costa Rica is a pleasant country where you can easily think about not going back home! There are too many attractive aspects to Costa Rican lifestyle to ignore them, even if you are deeply attached to your native country. To take the bus from a point A to a point B is just like sightseeing. Every landscape you see is just amazing. Every person you meet is a new testimonial of happiness. During my time here, I had the chance to travel around Costa Rica thanks to Tropical Adventures and because of a craving in discovering a new ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Cartago » Cartago August 26th 2009

Hello everyone, this blog will be dedicated to our past volunteers, who we have a great news for! Indeed, Tropical Adventures has decided to offer a special discounts for all of you who came to visit us, at least once. Yes, we miss you so much that we want to see all you again at any price! Thus, we offer a 35% discount for all our regular one week projects, you should jump on it now! People concerned by this discount and interested in coming back just get in touch with our office at Hope to see you very soon! Tropical Adventures ... read more

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