A nice valley to live -- Orosi and Lankaster Gardens

Published: July 3rd 2018
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Orosi valley

What is the ideal climate? It depends on everyone's preferences and metabolism! For me that enjoys animals of all kinds and plants a lot, I like a place that is green all year round. This is in the tropics mainly, but not a sea level. an altitude of about 1000 meters in the tropics, is perfect. It's like normal days of summer but with no extremes. That's what you have in all of central valley Costa Rica, but some places have the wow factor, like Atenas in the West, but also the very beautiful Orosi valley , South-East of Cartago. The Orosi valley is surrounded by little mountains that grow coffee on the slopes. The city of Orosi it not too big, and nature is very close on all sides.

In same region, we visited the Lankaster Botanical gardens. This is a very beautiful place, with orchid garden, theme gardens and more.

Took time to film leaf cutter ants from the ground:

We did a round trip of the Lago de Cachi. That's a place to take your time and enjoy the views!

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