Bear CAN fly !!!

Published: January 12th 2006
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Whooo Hoooo! Hooray! Yippee! Words cannot describe our excitement! I just got off the phone with American Airlines. Bear, our beloved four legged son is set to fly out with us on Jan 23rd to San Jose, Costa Rica. Now life is good & everything is OK!

We’ve been on a daily roller coaster ride waiting for word he’d be able to fly. I’ve dealt with several airlines both in reservations and cargo. Until today the word was, Bear was not be able to fly due to an embargo on live animals and remains being allowed into Costa Rica

For those who don't know about Bear, he is an 11 year old chow/giant schnauzer mix. He was rescued from a broken home where the human parents separated, each taking ‘their dog’ while leaving puppies to die in a shed. We adopted him at about 5 wks old from a relative who rescued the pups and hand fed them. He was a gift to my son. As it turned out, Bear raised my son much like the dog in the movie “My Dog Skip”. Bear raised our son to adulthood and continues to raise our daughter, Callista as well

Bear playing with Craig & Callista
as Bill & I.

Leaving Bear behind has never been an option. We need him as much or more than he needs us. With the stress of the unknown for him we’ve done a great deal of thinking about what he means to us. We can see a part of each member of the family in him. He’s picked up both good and bad traits from each of us. Our Bear is so much more than a pet, he is part of us.

News that Bear is set on the flight with us is indeed reason to CELEBRATE!

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Our BearOur Bear
Our Bear

Bear with a favorite buddy, Scooby Doo
At Pet's MartAt Pet's Mart
At Pet's Mart

Shopping with Callista

12th January 2006

It all sounds like so much see the pictures of CR again make me wonder what the hell I am still doing in Phoenix?@#$! I wish all four of you the best of luck and a safe journey! We love you and we look forward to a visit soon. Nalii and the DeLap Family
13th January 2006

Great News
Jen, so happy to know things worked out with Bear. I know what you were going through. Glad things are progressing well for you. Can't believe how big Cali is!! Think there might be a chance I can see you before you go? Lona
14th January 2006

Hey LONA!!!
I'm so glad you checked out the blog. Our last night in town is Wednesday. Best bet, call ahead and stop by the house. Give me a call! I'll be taking care of little details until the bitter end. :)

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