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Published: January 12th 2006
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South MountainSouth MountainSouth Mountain

A beautiful day for a hike in Phoenix.
We're almost there..... We close on the house a week from today, January 19, 2006. The date was pushed back from the original closing date of the 10th as the buyer’s agent wasn’t able to get his ducks in a row. The inspections and appraisal have all been completed. Now we wait for the title to record and pick up our check on the 19th. If things go without a hitch we’ll head for LA that afternoon or early the following morning to ship our belongings. From there it’s on to Scott’s in San Diego for a relaxing weekend before leaving the country.

The vehicles have both been sold. We’ll deliver mine to the buyer over the weekend & Bill will keep the truck until the day before we leave. The buyer is only a block away so delivery is easy.

The furniture has all been sold w/ the exception of our dining room table. Perhaps a charity will be interested in it. Our beds will be delivered to the buyer the day before we leave. Bill is concerned about getting as many good nights sleeps as possible. We had bad experiences with mattresses at some places we’ve stayed
Packing manly stuffPacking manly stuffPacking manly stuff

Bill sorting thru his tools.
in Costa Rica. The bed debate has been a big one. We’ve decided to take our chances and purchase in CR.

The packing and inventory are going well. I’m hoping to be finished today, perhaps tomorrow. Bill has plans to hike Saturday and play golf on Sunday this weekend. I want to finish my work so I can enjoy our last weekend in town as well. Cross your fingers for me. It was a very productive day with Bill helping out yesterday. I’m hoping to keep him engaged today as well.

Watch for a future blog on Bill’s recent 17 mile hike from Ahwatukee to Laveen on the National Trail at the South Mountain Preserves in Phoenix.

The only fly in the ointment so to speak is traveling with our beloved dog, Bear. There is some crazy embargo against animals and remains going into Costa Rica. Apparently, it’s a holiday embargo due to the mass numbers of people traveling to Costa Rica for the high season. There is no word on when the embargo will be lifted. I call daily to check. Historically, the holiday embargo has been lifted around the 15th so we are hopeful. We
Study timeStudy timeStudy time

Callista & Bill both doing their 'homework'.
found info on a Canadian airline website saying their embargo expected to be lifted on Jan 9th. We’re keeping our faith and hoping Bear will be able to fly out with us. The back-up plan, Bill stays in CA until the dog can fly. Callista and I will head on down to Costa Rica and start getting settled while waiting for the boys.

Callista is anxious to get on with things. She told me the other day that she is tired of people saying how hard this move will be on her. It has been bothering her. She asked if I would please tell everyone she is just “FINE” with the move. We’ll take things as they come. She just wants to get on with it. She and I are ready to begin our new life and the adventures that will come with it. Bill….well, he’ll be just fine.

More later…. Jennifer

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What things look like this morning.

14th January 2006

Pura Vida!
Got to your blog from ours. Best of luck heading to Costa Rica -- we love it. Don't worry, you should be able to find good mattresses.

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