New Year, new life preparations

Published: January 5th 2006
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Sesame St Sesame St Sesame St

We're leaving our house on Sesame Street.
Hello to everyone and thanks for reading our blog. We are the Sheridan Family, Bill, Jennifer, Callista and Bear. This blog is about our move to Costa Rica and everything involved with it. We are counting down the days now. We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventure and will share it with your family and friends. Leaving jobs, selling everything and moving to Costa Rica is not for everyone. Feel free to live the adventure thru us.

I, Jennifer, will be the primary contributor to the blog with guest entries from 9 yr old, Callista. The two of us will encourage Bill to write from time to time. We encourage you to send us questions or leave us comments.

Here's where we stand today with our move:

As of 9:47pm we are still not sure if the house will close on Jan 10th or on a later date. Due to the uncertainty of the closing date we aren't able to book our flights out. Having not heard anything from the buyers 5 days after the inspection we felt confident the original closing date of 1/10/06 was going to hold true. At noon we decided to go
Berlin propertyBerlin propertyBerlin property

This is where and why we are moving.
ahead and book the flights. I've got to give you a little more background info before I continue.

Another variable in our travel arrangements is our beloved Bear. Our 50 lb., black, hairy child is affected by an embargo currently in place. No animals or remains allowed into Costa Rica. Remains??? According to both Taca and American Airlines this embargo exists and there is no date listed as to when the embargo might be lifted. We've got to check every day to see if the embargo is lifted before we make our flight reservations.

Today was our lucky day, or was it? I called American and got the OK to make reservations, Bear could fly! Unfortunately, Bill & his wallet weren't home so I couldn't book the flight. He arrived home around noon and we decided since we hadn't heard otherwise from the realtor we'd assume everything was a go for the 10th and book the flights. I got the urge to call the airlines once again before I clicked on the 'send' button to book online tickets. This time I was told emphatically, NO DOGS FLYING TO COSTA RICA! Unreal! We decided to take a deep breath
Property from a distanceProperty from a distanceProperty from a distance

View of the property from Angel Valley Farm B&B.
and deal with things later.

Later came sooner than expected. The realtor called, she & Bill decided to recommend pushing the closing date back to the 19th. We're now waiting to hear back from the buyer on the recommendation. I'm glad I listened to my intuition and didn't buy the plane tickets. I'm also glad to have a few more days to pack.

Speaking of packing...I've got to get back to mine. I set goals each day to make sure I have everything done on time. Meeting the goals isn't really important. It's more of a mind exercise to keep my head from spinning with all that needs to be done.


9th January 2006

What's your secret
Are you going to work there? What area are you moving to? Are you going to put your kid in public, private, or home school? Are you buying, building or renting? I'm going to try to move with my family at the end of the year.
12th January 2006

Our Secret
Thanks for asking...Our initial work will be learning to live in a foreign country and building our house near San Ramon. My husband has a pension so we won't be looking to work. We'll rent until the house is built. At this time we believe our daughter will attend a local, private bilingual school. We have friends whose children attend. They're pleased so, we'll explore that possibility. We're also prepared to home school if that works better for our daughter.
12th January 2006

Best of luck!
Hey Jen! Best of luck with the blog! See you soon! -Andrew

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