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For first time in a long time I was actually glad that the trip was coming to an end. My ear was hurting and my head was hurting in every dive. I felt like catching a cold but didn’t skip any dive. I couldn’t concentrate underwater with a headache. The last subject that I actually pulled tru my pain and tried to photograph was a blenny that lives under the private dock north of Something Special. This guy was a very special one because it lives inside orange cup soft coral that makes a colorful background. I didn’t have an amazing photo trip but it was nice to go somewhere. We chose to dive the same location over an over so we could go back to specific subjects and watch their behaviour. It was also nice ... read more
Playing on the other side of the camera
Chasing Pink Flamingos

Bon dive 16. Carl’s Beach (next to town pier). We went in the water around 1 pm. I checked the shallows and found 2 white mantis shrimp in holes and a falbellina. I turned some rocks around hoping to find cling fish, bumble bee shrimp or nudis. I didn’t find much and I moved on towards the reef. There was a mooring block on the way that looked interesting. Of course I saw steve’s fins poking out of there. He signaled me to 2 sponge bob’s of course I only saw one. It looked that I could get some negative space out of it so I plopped down and dedicated to it. In the meantime I saw redlip blennies sitting on fire coral, 2 very active Pederson cleaner shrimp claning small butterflies, damselfish and another type ... read more

Ebby told us about a pair of froggies one green and one yellow on a green sponge at 40ft off the dock of the dive friends location. We found the location but no froggies they must have mated and moved away. We searched the area for stuff happening. We saw butterflies mating, schools of snappers, a few cleaning stations… I photographed a white porcelain crab on a seaurchin one more time. I couldn’t see the eyes of the crab on my photos from the day before so I wanted another chance to better the shot. It was bright white on a dark yellow urchin very challenging to calibrate the proper exposure but it was fun. I watched Steve photographing the butterflies mating and then I gave it a go. He also photographed a secretary blenny inside ... read more
Butterfly Love Dance

Bonaire The island is much as I remember it. The buildings looked freshly painted and the streets are clean and almost graffiti free. I arrived at the meeting place at the end of the pier early and found I forgot my credit card. I fought my way against the tide up the gangway, rushed back to my room and returned to the meeting spot. It was great morning exercise. But wait there’s more to come. The boat was moored at the Divi Flamingo Hotel so off we went by foot. The hotel is not far, about ¼ mile but we all had our gear so it was a trek. Once on board we immediately headed to Klein Bonaire, a small islet offshore that is located in the middle of the Bonaire Marine Park. We began our ... read more

May 22nd thru May 29th. When Plan A of vacation fails, there's always Plan B. I was to go to Belize with GAP Adventures in May, but not enough people signed up. I rescheduled for June. That trip also fell through due to lack of interest. I called Crazy Scuba in Richardson, TX and they recommended Bonaire. It's a diver's paradise and well known for shore diving. I checked the airlines and found an incredible deal, actually, a STEAL! I booked the airfare and knew that I wanted to stay at Buddy Dive Resort. The flight down to Bonaire really sucks, it is as tho the airlines know you're excited about "getting there", so they slow down the process. I sat at Houston Intercontinental Airport for 7 hours. Finally, around midnight the flight took off. Arrived ... read more
Buddy Dive Bonaire
Buddy Dive Resort
Divers at Buddy Dive Bonaire

Just in case anyone thought I'd settled a little too comfortably into Calgary life, I'm writing to say Bon Dia (Good Day) from Bonaire. Bon - where? You ask. A tiny, laid-back island in the Dutch Antilles, I'd never heard of it either until a chance meeting with Joost, an elementary school teacher, during a visit with Koert in the Netherlands. When Joost revealed he was moving to this strange new place, I already knew it would be my next destination. Finally, after a winter of pining for sun, sand and vitamine D, I am enjoying tropical sounds, a cool breeze and the sight of sun-drenched fuschia flowers outside my window. Joost and his friend, Romy (here living her dream as a horseback tour guide) inducted me into their lives the moment I escaped the long, ... read more
Into the Setting Sun
Primadonna Iguana
Great Blue

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