Published: June 23rd 2017
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Cave entranceCave entranceCave entrance

we knew this would be like no other caving adventure when we had to start by swimming in.
Geo: 17.16, -89.06

What a magnificent day we had today. We started by waking in our new hotel run by the crazy, but very nice, old lady. Last night as I was laying on the bed looking at my phone, I here someone go on the balcony from the hallway. Next thing I know, the little old lady is looking in my window talking to me. Fortunately I was dressed, but decided I would flash her if she did it again. After waking, we loaded in a van for the ride to ATM cave, home of the famous crystal maiden. After swimming into the entrance of the cave, I soon saw why this cave was considered by the Mayans as a gateway to their heaven. The formations were beautiful. The guide saw we were a fit group so he took us on his favorite route. We climbed, swam, crawled and at times squeezed our way through. Some of the rooms were bigger than you can imagine and some were so small only my head was above water. The further we went, the more artifacts we saw along the way. The progression historically was the further in you went, the more serious the offering the Mayans presented to their gods. So, at the furthest point of our journey, we witnessed the crystal maidon. A complete skeleton of a person who was sscraficed and now calcified so the bones glittered in the light.Interestingly, they now know the maiden was actually a 17 year old boy. The photos I am using are taken from the internet as cameras were not allowed do to some knucklehead dropping his phone and crushing a skull.As we left the cave area we saw a huge owl take off with as fresh kill. What a way to end the day.

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The crystal maiden (now a boy)The crystal maiden (now a boy)
The crystal maiden (now a boy)

He died a violent death

19th June 2014

The water loos so clear and the experience must be unforgettable. Fantastic place!
19th June 2014

just noticed that your map shows Bolivia as your location FYI
19th June 2014

It is so beautifu! We miss you both and hope you are having the time of your life. Love, Mom
19th June 2014

What a great adventure. I would have been very nervous with so little head room. Hope you continue to have a great time.
19th June 2014

WOW!!!!! How beautiful!!! What a site to see..............
19th June 2014

That does look and sound amazing, I wish we would have done that instead of the cave tubing now!
20th June 2014

Was a little unnerving, but didn't have a choice once in there. Weird that cities have been coming up in Bolivia more than once.

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