Relaxing Day

Published: June 23rd 2017
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Beach barBeach barBeach bar

I love the colors of the bars here
Geo: 16.518, -88.3684

Huh? Relaxing day? On vacation? What is that? It was Alex's brilliant idea. Oh, by the way, regular flies bite here.
So, it was so relaxing, I forgot what we did. Oh wait, we went on a harrowing 2 hour golf cart adventure around the Placecia Peninsula. Ow! Flies are biting me right now. Obviously Alex's intentions were not to just sit there while I drove us around, so we switched places and he took us on a tour. We later found out you can legally drink alcohol here at 18, but you have to be 21 to legally drive a golf cart on the street. We drove past a landing strip that is so close to the road, cars have to yield to landing planes. Probably a good idea.
While out, we picked a couple mangos and I climbed the golf cart to reach a coconut. After the ride we went back to the hotel where we took a little nap and Alex caught up on his episodes of House. We stopped off at the local beach bar/rest and had smoothies and a drink then were off to a nice dinner of burgers and fries. Besides that, we really did nothing much the rest of the evening.
The plan for tomorrow is to finally see the famous barrier reef up close and personal.

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Smoothy drunkSmoothy drunk
Smoothy drunk

Rivaling only the Costa Rican smoothy's of long ago, these are by far better than any unnatural banana smoothy in the US.
Lord help meLord help me
Lord help me

This is not a very large town to have two hours to spend on a golf cart. The locals probably saw us go by 20 times and wondered what we were doing. We thought about playing taxi to try and recoup some of our expenses and started our business by giving a poor couple a pro bono ride to the airstrip. After they continues to try and take advantage of our generosity, we decided that was not the business for us and abandoned the idea.

11th June 2014

is that a banana shake?
12th June 2014

the nap was the only relaxing point of the day, looks like!
13th June 2014

Just the way I like it
16th June 2014

This looks like a place I would hang out at!
16th June 2014

Look it's Tims!
16th June 2014

That looks like one strong smoothie!
16th June 2014

This looks like a nice beach close enough to the bar to keep the cocktails coming!
16th June 2014

Did you see that place in the water that I sent you?

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