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So we packed up our bags again and boarded a small boat. This would be our home for the next 3 days. We had booked on the Raggamuffin island cruise. In total there was 17 of us on the boat and 3 crew. We came from the Uk, America and Australia. We set sail for our first full day of sailing not knowing what to expect and what the weather would do as more storms are due! The first day we sailed, caught barracuda off the back of the boat and went for a snorkel along the way. The reef was pretty and we saw barracuda, loads of different reef fish and a few small rays. As usual I got burnt! When ever I snorkel I manage to burn! That evening we docked at our island ... read more

“The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it” – Rudyard Kipling I am currently sitting in a mall (urgh) in the deeply depressing town of La Ceiba on the coast of Northern Honduras waiting until we can take the Utila Princess (fondly known as the Vomit Comet) out across the choppy waters of the Bay of Honduras to Islas de la Bahia – the country’s top destination and apparently the best place in the Western hemisphere for diving.I’m trying to keep my expectations down but whale sharks (largest fish in the world) have made an appearance here some two months early in their feeding , mating and migration cycles and I am hoping beyond hope that I get the opportunity to dive with these behemoths of the sub-aqua world. Since my last ... read more

Dana and I next wanted to go to Southern Belize to Placencia and to get there we got on the Regga-King Sail boat and took a 3 day trip through the Belizean keys. At night we camped on islands smaller than my condo with only palm trees. Our captain was also an amazing cook and would make us whatever we caught that day. Dana was a good provider and caught the biggest barracuda! Another guy caught a barracuda and as he reeled it in a shark bit off the back half of it! Waste not so we still ate the rest of it for dinner. We made frequent snorkeling stops with our wildlife specialist as our guide educating us on the names and mating patterns of various sea life. I was alone in an area of ... read more

What more is there to say. After the trials and tribulations of getting out of Cuba and into Mexico, what a welcome relief Belize was! I have to admit that my brief time in Mexico was great - the people as always, and as I experienced when we were all trying to get out of Cuba were brilliant. Great hospitality, without expecting a financial gain from it - a nice change from Cuba! I booked an internal flight from Mexico City to Chetumal by the Belize border, with no time allowed to be spent in Chetumal at all, but when I landed at night a really nice guy paid for my taxi into the centre - at 110 pesos, around A$9, this was a such a nice act of generosity. I didn't expect it so of ... read more
Me as always hamming it!
Half Moon Caye

My life is definitely ruled by the seas these days...each choose your own adventure ends with me, the reefs, the fish, and the beach. As the Pohlman’s and I settled into our life and apartment in Placencia, the walls were slowly filled with maps and lists. There were maps of the world, the Caribbean, and of course our new home country, Belize. And there were lists of the World Capitals, important sayings and numbers in multiple languages, and the always referenced List of Cool Stuff We Want to do in this Amazing Country! The next destination calling to us from that adventure checklist was Tobacco Caye! Our good friends Anne and Steve had just spent ten days there, observing spotted eagle rays from their hammocks and snorkeling the days away. Their matching grins and great tans ... read more
The first Tropical Medical Mystery
Aly's reward for Medical Mystery Solved
Arrival at what was to be our Caye

After an incredible few days in the Belize interior we raced back to the coast to link up with a sailing charter heading south. The 46ft ketch Raga Queen would be home and transport for the next three days, along with an eclectic group including two couples from the UK about our age and a handful more from the US and Canada a little older. Belize, at this time of year, may well be the perfect sailing destination. For three days we sailed under cloudless skies, pushed south by a constant 10 to 15 knots of north-east wind. We sailed inside the reef which runs along the entire coastline and so had perfectly flat water. Every two hours or so we would stop for some snorkelling or something eat, or to perhaps pull in a fish. ... read more

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