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South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail August 28th 2013

4am came very quickly. We collected our bags and walked through town to the meeting place in one of the squares in Cusco. The Llama path team had Coca tea ready for us. This is meant to help with the altitude. When all 16 of us had arrived we jumped on the bus for 1.5hours till we reached a village. Here we stopped and had a big buffet breakfast. We all filled up on eggs, bread, pancakes and fruit, ready for our long day ahead of walking the first part of the Inca trail. We started to introduce ourselves. We have 10 Americans, 2 Portueguse, 2 Norwegians, me and Phill. After buying last minute supplies of water and ponchos, we jumped on the bus for another hour to the start of our Inca trail at kilometre ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco August 28th 2013

So after another VIP night bus with Cruz del sur, we arrived in the city of Cusco. The bus journey was fine and we got a taxi to our hostel for the next 3 nights while we acclimatise to the altitude before our Inca trek. The first day we took a slow walk around the town, it seems very nice. We seem to both be coping ok with the altitude, just a little out of breath when walking up a hill. For dinner we headed to an Indian restaurant called 'Korma sutra' very enjoyable. We had curried alpaca which was cooked very nicely, very tender but unfortunately they had run out of tandoori guinea pig. Day two we went round the markets and had lunch at the food market. Here we had potato soup, which was ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa August 22nd 2013

So after a 12 hour night bus from Ica we arrived in Arequipa. We travelled VIP with Cruz del sur, and this made the journey very easy. The seats were big leather recliners, with a telly each and steward. Would defiantly recommend. We checked into our accommodation a Casa called Casa de Avila. It was nice all the rooms are round a central garden that has a pet turtle. We chilled out as the night bus had been long. We then explored the town getting some food. Exploring the food market which was interesting, and seeing all the old buildings. Day two was spent relaxing and shopping for winter woollies for our trek which is fast approaching. Day three we awoke early and were collected by our tour guide Olivia, along with 3 other people we ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina August 16th 2013

We woke up and packed up. Today we board a coach for 5 hours to a dessert Oasis called Huacachina. We picked cheap tickets with a company called Cruz del sur. The seats were great, and it felt more like boarding a plane with passport control, luggage tickets, and on board stewards with food and drinks served. We arrived in Huachina and booked into our hotel called Mossone. The rooms are all round a courtyard which has 2 pet tortoise, budgies and a fish pond. It's warm during the day here but chills down in the evening. We went for a walk round town which only takes 15mins round the Lagoon, it's tiny. We then trekked up one of the smaller sand dunes overlooking town to see the sunset. This was much harder to walk up ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores August 16th 2013

We started early again, getting a taxi at 4am to take us to Quito airport to fly to Peru. This will be our 7th country on our journey. The flight was very quick and we landed in Lima at9am. We got a taxi to our hostel which is called Miraflores house. We were greeted by a lovely man called Francis who was very helpful showing us were everything was. Lima is very grey and not pretty. There is a thick white fog over the city which makes everything damp. But we didn't come to Lima for the views, we came for the food. Day one we headed out for a late lunch/early dinner as it being Sunday places shut early. We headed to a lovely bistro called Merced. We started with a local dish of black ... read more

We awoke early and headed to breakfast for 4am. We met up with the other 14 people that would be going on this adventure to the Galapagos Islands with us. I am so excited, I've always wanted to go here to see all the animals. We boarded a mini bus and headed to the airport. Here we checked in and flew to Santa Cruz Island. We were met by our guide Dannielle. The 16 of us then boarded another bus, boat, bus then dingy to take us to our boat. This would be home for the next 4 days of our cruise around the islands. After a lovely lunch we headed back to Santa cruise to see the Galapagos giant land Turtles. They were huge and we all spent time taking many photos. We even got ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 16th 2013

So after a 5 hour Mini bus ride to the airport, a flight to Colombia then a flight to Ecuador we arrived in Quito at 2am. Very tired and worn out from the travel day. We were collected from the airport by our taxi who took us the hour journey to our Hilton hotel. We crashed out for a few hours in a lovely massive bed, then awoke to explore the old town. We walked through the park, saw the lovely church and headed for the food market. We then spent some time walking around the local food market, looking at all the fresh veg, fruits and meats.We then stopped at a stall for a plate of lunch, egg, potato, avocado, salad and chorizo. It was yummy. We had this with the local drink of fresh ... read more

So after a 4 hour mini bus journey from Monteverde we arrived in the small beach town of Samara. Here we had booked into a new hostal called El Cactus. We are staying in our own bungalow as we plan to cook all our food ourselves here. The plan is to relax and chill out for 4 days, catch up on reading and take walks along the beach. The beach is nice, dark sand and long cresent shaped bay. We walked along it and played in the waves which are great fun to jump. Some are very big and take you completely off your feet which is fun. The afternoons are spent swinging in a hammock and reading. Eating homemade Guacamali as the avacadoes are lovely here, plus we have a garden with fresh chillis growing ... read more

So we had booked the jeep-boat-jeep to get us from LaFortuna to Monteverde Cloud forest as we had been told the road is terrible and this way cuts out a big section of the road. Anyway it is not a jeep but a minibus that takes you the first hour down a very bumpy, pothole filled dirt track to the lake. At the lake we jumped on a boat and sailed for 1 hour to the other side of the lake. We then got in our next minibus to take us the last 3hours to Monteverde in the Cloud forest. We arrived after a very very bumpy journey the roads are the worst ive been on. We checked into our next hostel called Cabinas El Pueblo. Very nice. As we are in the jungle and it ... read more

So after a ferry, taxi, coach, 2 flights and another taxi we arrived very tired into La Fortuna, Costa Rica. It was midnight and raining and the road we had just been on was full of pot holes and very foggy. We checked into our hostel and fell straight to sleep. On the first day we awoke early and explored the small town. Not alot to see, mainly tourist shops and adventure shops with a few restaurants chucked in here and there. We decided to take a taxi up to one of the local hotels that has 16 hot spring pools on sight called the Spring resort. We spent the day chilling out in the pools, resting, watching the monkeys in the trees and at last seeing the volcano as the cloud cleared. This was wonderfull ... read more

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