Day 3 in Paradise

Published: January 5th 2022
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Well another day in paradise (Phil Collins eat your heart out). It has been a quiet day today mainly by the beach. However, we did venture out for brunch which was a really nice meal. We also managed to change our PCR test to over the road instead of being over 30 miles away slo that was a win win for us to be honest.

Sue, Graham and Eric decided to go into Bridgetown for a change and now the story begins!!

When we got back to the room Sue and our key card did not work to get into the room so we had to investigate by Mike and Sue going down to reception whilst I waited upstairs with the shopping. Whilst they were at reception I noticed a lady cleaning rooms so I asked her if she would let me in which she kindly did. Anyway Mike and Sue came back it appeared that as we had booked the rooms in two goes i.e 2-4th and then 4th to 8th all due to flights being changed. They needed us to re fill the forms for the second leg. However we had to pay the bill for the 2 nights which wow was a tad expensive but hey ho we are on holiday. Anyway I am digressing the clogs went round in my head and I thought this would be a great wind up against Graham and Eric. Graham had booked the rooms so this was an opportunity to say we have been thrown out and our bags are in reception and the proof was our bill. However, as always a good plan does not always go to plan (so the say if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail - is crap in this instance) as I had planned meticulously but I suppose I did not plan the rain which scuppered the plan. I was so happy to wind up Graham and Mr Eric. Now I will tell you why I calling Eric, Mr Eric in a blog when we get on the Royal Clipper.

We have decided as our rooms are next to each other and have connecting doors on the balcony that we would order in a pizza. Well its good I am the young one as trying to order on line with this lot of renegades was a real hoot.

We are off to Bridgetown tomorrow morning and then having company in the evening - so watch out for the next blog I am sure it will be full of fun antics.


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