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Another day, another Bahamian island. In less of a rush to go ashore today as the sun is out and I am eager to grab a couple of loungers, have an early breakfast and soak up some rays, as all my friends tell me the weather in Spain has taken a turn on the cold side. Did the 'German' thing and put our towels on the sunbeds and had the healthiest breakfast of the trip, no fried food and no bread, just fresh fruit, cold meats and cheeses and very enjoyable it was too. Alex stuck with tradition with a piled high plate! Lay in a sheltered spot out of the wind and worked on our tans until the tempation to explore the island Of Grand Bahama became too much and we hopped off the ship ... read more

Yep, Bahamas! Those of you who know us, know that we are not really resort kind of people. In fact, we very often speak critically of people who travel to another country only to never leave the resort and as a result, never experience the actual country. Resorts always seemed to us to be overcrowded, overcharged, overdone, and lacking in any real sense of history, culture, and authenticity. There is the argument that resort guests are offered daily excursions, activities, and tours which can provide the opportunity for history, culture, and all things authentic. Then, there is the counter argument that such excursions, tours, activities, and the like are limited and superficial. And so, the argument can continue indefinitely. We have always preferred to travel the road less travelled, to steer away from resorts and their ... read more
Groves Garden Shops
Common Area

Hello folks. When we started our trip in 2009 a good friend said something to the effect of, "Don't spend too much time reporting back home. Just enjoy yourselves." Guess we're there now. Sorry for neglecting our 'blogligations'. The first part of this year has slipped by in sunny, tropical way. Thanks to finding a peaceful marina at Bahama Bay by Xanadu Beach, we've been fully occupied with warm breezes, great beaches, fish fries and fine new friends. Our tentative plan when we arrived at Freeport, Grand Bahama Island was to zip around the corners of the Bahamas, like proper cruisers. But instead, we found an opportunity to do all the things that we love and staying was not a decision. Being able to participate in a vibrant community and to be included in day to ... read more
Economy on hold
Frank jamming on Sunday
Catch your own

In the Bahamas we just want to celebrate. What else can you do when the temperature hovers around 72F, the water's clear to the bottom and folks favour dance music and love songs on the radio? Granted, there is a national election coming so the local talk shows are extra spicy and informative too. You really don't want to ever call anyone a 'mud dragger' but that's another story. This is just a quick wave to let you know all's well with us. Guess we're like the kid's going off to college. If you don't hear from them it means they haven't run out of money yet and they might be studying, if they're not playing cards and socializing. Guilty! : ) Send money or come and see for yourself. Everyone is welcome because we plan ... read more
Stileet! Bahamian Party Music Pro
Is it real?
Arlene and Jim

The blog without words. Written twice. Wouldn't save. Third time lucky? We're great. Hope you are too. Later...... read more
Xanadu Sunrise
Howard Hughes monument
Bahamia Development

Spent most of the day relaxing around the apartment and getting ready for our departure early tomorrow at 0445. When we hired the car, we were advised that if we paid in cash we could have a 5% discount. As the office was not going to be open when we got back there in the morning, we had to go back to the airport to pay this. This was also a good opportunity for us to find out exactly how to get back to the airport. Managed to get everything cleaned and packed back into the three suitcases and ready for our departure. ... read more

We have been given details of a place called ‘Paradise Cove’. Apparently, from there you can snorkel out to a remote island which we thought would be something nice to see. There is apparently much wild life in the sea around this area. We managed to negotiate the 20 mile route from our apartment to Paradise Cove without getting lost too many times. Our route took us over many bridges that joined tiny islands together and through many native Bahamas villages. We felt like we had seen the real island here. When we got there, we were disappointed to find that this was another of their attractions that does not really do much out of season. We drove back to the International Bazaar to see if it was any more alive today than it was when ... read more
International Bazaar

From early laast night, all through the night and today, we have had heavy hurricane type wind and rain. It shows how well everything is constructed here, as there are no fallen trees or houses. Never seen anything like it. We had a quick venture out for some urgent supplies, but other than that we were confined to the apartment for the day. There was a lot of cleaning up of dead leaves that had been blown to the ground, plus there were some repair men out repairing fallen cables, but other than that, there were not a lot of people out and about. As we did not want to get caught in the wind in the dark, we bought food to cook in the apartment for dinner. It made a nice change from the spicy ... read more

Got up this morning to find that it had been raining all night long. Temperature was still in the late twenties though. Unsure what to do, we decided to try out the local ‘Garden of the Groves’ park. We packed up the car with towels, trainers, socks and swimming suits as we were really not sure what to expect and what the weather was to bring today. As we got to the park, the heavens literally opened again. The rain is amazingly warm and not unpleasant. We parked the car and contemplated what to do. Then another car, exactly the same as the one that we had hired, pulled up alongside us. The four Americans inside the care all looked at us and shrugged their shoulders as if to say, what do we do now. They ... read more
Sodden duck
Feeding the ducks in the rain

We had been given details of the International Bazaar, including the perfume factory, by the complex on which we are staying. The bazaar is just around the corner from the supermarket that we visited on the first night here, so we know roughly where it is. Whilst driving there, we spot the Grand Bahamas port marked on the map. As we both like boats, and this is not too far from the bazaar, we decided to take a quick detour to look around the boats. At first it looked like we were not going to be able to get very close. The first place we looked was on the wrong side of the estuary. We continued down the road and came across another road sign posted to the port. This took us right down to the ... read more
Bahamas ship
Cruise ship
Balcony over the sea

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